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(2001 . 2011) 







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Hook, line and sinker 

We love our technology, don't 
we? I mean we really, really 
love it to the point of insanity... 
at times. This month, I was 
a little taken aback to read about Indonesians 
trampling over one another to get their hands 
on the new BlackBerry 9790. This was not 
because the vendor was offering the 9790 for 
a mere 4.7 million Indonesian Rupiah, but 
because he used the oldest trick in the book - 
offer the first thousand pieces for a 50 per cent 
discount. That's a saving of about 2.35 million 
Rupiah (or a little over 11,000 of our Rupees). 

Now I'm more used to reading about news 
stories about long queues and all-night vigils for 
technology - games, products, whatever - from 
the West. I never expected Indonesians to go 
that beserk over a new phone model. Perhaps 
they're even crazier bargain hunters than us 
Indians; who knows. Sadly, hundreds were 
injured in the melee, and of course many phones 
were sold... What was the major problem? 
Authorities, obviously not used to such crazi- 
ness, mistakenly placed the people who had 
arrived the previous night behind those that 
arrived early morning, and scuffles broke out. 

Anyway, that's Indonesia, where people 
literally pay in millions for phones... that 
would never happen here, right? I'm not so 
sure anymore! The same day all the craziness 
unfolded in Indonesia, and people rushed to 
save millions of Rupiahs, quite a few Indians 
were awake at midnight, and outside Aircel 
and Airtel shops, itching to spend thousands 
of Rupees, looking to buy an iPhone 4S. 

Obviously Apple phones in India are 
popular, and you would expect quite a few 
people to put in orders for the new iPhone, and 
all the hype around Siri, Apple's new natural 
language interface. Were there discounts in the 
offing, as in Indonesia? Not at all. This is a pre- 
mium product being sold at a premium price... 

So, in a country where the most common 
question about cars is, "Mileage kitna deti hat?", 
and everyone from old aunties to little kids 
are used to bargaining with the local trader 
for everything, there was actually a line 
(regardless of how small or big), for a rather 
expensive product? Actually, let me rephrase 
that... I said "rather expensive", I really meant 
"ridiculously overpriced" - the phones cost 
Rs. 44,500, Rs. 50,900 and 57,500 for the 
16GB, 32GB and 64GB models respectively! 

Of course the numbers are small here. 

and there's no pushing and shoving involved, 
because they're expensive models- or as one 
witty person put it on Facebook, "About half a 
Tata Nano!". And yes, there's a marketing gim- 
mick thrown in about recovering half the cost in 
2 years because of plan discounts, and the likes, 
but it's still pretty obvious that only a minority 
(rich, or fanatical), can afford to buy it. However, 
with over a billion people, this number isn't as 
small as you and I would like to believe. Thanks 
to the sheer size of our population and increas- 
ingly disposable income, a lot of us are looking 
to spend a little more than we really should. 

I'm no different, I have to admit. I've bought 
guitar equipment that I cannot really afford, 
and a speaker system that isn't officially 
available in India, and thus costs more than 
double than the US price. Why? Because there 
are just some things you like and want, no 
matter what. Of course, I justify this by telling 
myself that they are purchases that will last 
a lifetime - I'm not going to be buying new 
guitar rigs and speakers for at least the better 
part of a decade. "Hey, be thankful you're 
not addicted to new phones!" I tell myself 

So what is it about technology that has us 
stretching our budgets so easily? How do com- 
panies get us to stay addicted to their offerings? 

Consumerism, geeks inheriting the earth, 
or other reasons I've written about in this 
space before, does it really matter? We've 
got credit cards, and products drool-worthy 
enough to make us want to use them. 

Plus, the very nature of technology is to 
renew and refresh, to throw up excitingly new 
things to fiddle with and try out. Everything is 
faster today than it was yesterday, everything 
is more seamlessly connected than last year, 
and of course, everything is more expensive 
as well. Of course, salaries are going up, and 
likewise our expectations. As long as we don't 
go the sub -prime way, we ought to be fine... 
or is that just another case of justifying the 
need to scratch that technology buying itch? 

Whatever the case, we've been cap- 
tured, hook, line and sinker, and we're 
not complaining. Are we? H 

•♦ ■' 

Robert Sovereign-Smith 

Executive Editor 

"Thanks to the 
sheer size of 
our population 
and increasingly 
inconne, a lot of 
us are looking 
to spend a little 
nnore than we 
really should" 

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of Trust survey, and teLL the 
brands what you think of 
their products, and services: 

V . 

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Digit I December 2011 1 

December 2011 • Volume 11 • Issue 12 



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Printer and Publisher Kanak Ghosh 
Publishing Director Asheesh Gupta 


Executive Editor Robert Sovereign-Smith 
Copy Editor Infancia Cardozo 
Multimedia Co-ordinator Sambhav Daffu 
Writers Anirudh Regidi, Jait Dixit, 
Aniruddh Subramanian 

Test Centre 

Assistant Manager Jayesh Shinde 
Reviewers Nimish Sawant, Vishal Mathur 
Product Co-ordinator Shweta Mali 
Assistant Vikas Patil 

Online Editor Soham Raninga 

Writer Abhinav Lai & Custom Publishing 
Asst. Editor Nash David 


Senior Creative Director: Jayan K Narayanan 

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Associate Art Director: PC Anoop 

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Chander Dange 

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Raj Verma, Prince Antony, Binu MP & Peterson 

Chief Photographer: Subhojit Paul 

Sr Photographer: Jiten Gandhi 


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Kshitij Sobti, Kapil Rustagi, 

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A team of researchers at U.C. Santa Barbara are working on the 
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^ I've been reading Digit for a long time 
now. My vote is for 2 Fast tracks and 1 
DVD. You should try and experiment 
with some interesting topics just for a 
change. Perhaps something like digital 
photography which you included in the 
November issue, I really loved that. 

Sivkan Puri 

El You guys Lost that vote, 60 per cent to 
40 per cent, unfortunately. The Fast Track 
to AI this nnonth ought to interest you. 


^ I've been a great fan of your maga- 
zine from my school days and highly 
appreciate the content and new reviews 
that are published in your magazine. 
Well, I bought the Diwali version of 
your magazine and I'm really satisfied 
by the content of your magazine being a 
hardcore reader of magazines of any kind. 
Digit takes priority when I have a little 
money and have to decide what magazine 
to buy this month :-) Thanks for making 
me feel really happy by bringing out your 
magazine. It's a great resource of gaining 
knowledge about various products and 
technology. Once again, thanks for pro- 
viding such a magazine to our INDIAN 
student community. 

I want to bring to your notice an issue 
I came across because of my habit of col- 
lecting my favorite magazine and Digit is 
such a magazine for me. This time when I 
bought the Diwali issue, I found difficulty 
in unpacking the books. I mean the cel- 
lotape used to keep the books in position 
in the package was so stiff that the cover 
page of my fast track and Digit got torn. 
I wish you could prefer some other idea 
to keep the book in position when it's 
packed. You could use some soft type of 
plasters, which will not cause any damage 
to the book. I wish you all best with the 
success you're achieving and that Digit 
magazine is going to achieve. 


Fl Thanks for the feedback. We'U try and 
package Digit nnore carefully in the future. 
We usually make sure that the pack- 
aging is tight so as to avoid the contents 
coming loose during transit, and getting 
misplaced or damaged. The tape we use 

Feedback about the November 2011 issue of Digit 






is actually supposed to come off easily, 
and not damage the books, and we spend 
extra for that. It's surprising that this 
happened, and we'll look into this, and if 
necessary, get even better tape. 


^ I'm a very avid reader of your magazine. 
I always wait desperately for the 1^^ of 
every month to get hold of a copy of Digit. 
But I need to bring your attention towards 
something which I found very serious. I 
read a digital copy of PC Magazine every 
month too. I like the magazine (not as much 
as Digit, but just to get to know a little bit 
more about tech). The article is in the topic 
of "A concise guide to Android Rooting" 
which was published in your magazine 
in the October Edition of 2011. It's exactly 
the same as in the topic named "Android 
Rooting. What you should know before 
you try out" in the PC magazine's Nov. 
2011 edition. It's word by word the same as 
yours. I also found that "Jill Duffy" was the 
writer there too. Can you let me know how 
two magazines could have the same article 
from the same author? 

Gunjan Patro 

Fl We have a tie-up with PC Magazine 
Digital Networks, whom we pay to include 

some of their articles in our World View 
section. It's not a copyright issue at all - 
we don't ever commit plagiarism, which is 
why we give them the logo credit, as well 
as clearly publish the author's name. 


^ I'm a very hardcore fan of Digit. I read 
it regularly and am very happy about the 
October issue. It was terrific. The FT was 
also good, but I was inspired by the hard 
work you put in to get the issue delivered 
on time. That's a great job. Best of luck 
for the next set of challenges. My general 
knowledge in technology has improved 
since I started reading Digit. I liked this 
month's RSS feed too. 

Harsha Halvi 

Fl We're glad to know that you enjoyed 
the issue and the hard work that goes into 
bringing out the mag on time to you each 
month. It's what keeps us motivated to 
bring out better content with each issue. 
Keep learning! 


^ I've been reading Digit magazine since 
the past 4 years. It has greatly influenced 
the way I see the tech world. This time I 
was very much interested in looking out 

Digit I December 2011 1 

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Oh snap! 

MIT scientists deveLoped a ciiip tiiat mimics brain synapse, a structure 
used to transmit information between neurons to and from your brain 

What's next? 

Cliina overtakes tine US in smartpiione sales 
due to discounts by big siiots Like Apple 

for the Java video tutorials provided on 
the DVD. Unfortunately this particular 
DVD is not running, while the other 
DVD does. So, please give me a solution, 
because I'm very much interested in 
learning Java. 

Nithesh G 

El Thanks for writing in. Please write in to to get any faulty discs 
that you receive replaced. 


^ Hello Digit, I got addicted to you about 
5-6 yrs back and have been watching/ 
reading most of the letters addressed to 
the editor. I thought I must pen down a 
few lines which I think would further 
speed up your rising reader population. 

1) Firstly, just open page 62 of the 
November issue and try reading the 
AMD FX CPU architecture. I have a 
6/6 set of eyes but I failed to read that. 

2) The next revolution to happen in the 
IT industry is the requirement of 
Cyber Security and Digital Forensics 
specialists in India. I would request 
you to enlighten and make way for 
the readers who are interested in 
these fields. If school-going kids and 
students get into this in the beginning 
of their careers. Digit would make a 
permanent place in their hearts. 

3) It's my very personal opinion. Your 
stats/article on 700-crore worth loss 
to India was a waste. The corporate 
world working environment is still 
not stabilised. Manpower hours are 
being sucked at the expense of family 
time. Let the Indians play Farmville to 
maintain some interest at workplace. 

4) I would request you to think about 
conducting some kind of annual 
workshop for a day or two in major 
metropolises to start with. These 
workshops can be on anything viz 
networking, hardware, software, 
security, forensics etc. These can be 
done on a nominal fee which I'm sure 
readers won't mind investing. 

5) You may invite enthusiastic readers to 
submit articles to Digit. 

6) Sixth, but not the last on priority, you 
guys are doing a wonderful work and I 
wish you all the best. I would be asso- 

ciated with Digit like always in some 
way or the other. 


El Thanks for your feedback and sug- 
gestions. Our apologies about point 1. 
About point 2, it's not the only field of 
innportance. We have covered careers 
in security, and even done a Fast Track 
to Ethical Hacking in the past, however, 
there's more to tech than just hacking. 
When at work, if you do well, you earn 
nnore, or even if you just do your job 
quicker, you get paid more. What's 
better for your family, more salary or 
more gaming for you? Besides, the 
article was just for illustration pur- 
poses, to remind you that everything 
you do has consequences, and your 
time is really worth something - to you, 
your company or your business. We 
have conducted a lot of workshops in 
Mumbai and Delhi, and even webinars. 
We will continue that when we can. 
Readers are always welcome to submit 
original articles - written on their own, 
and not published anywhere else, either 
online or offline. 


^ I'm very disappointed with the 
November issue. 

1) Please remember that there are other 
exclusive magazines for photography 
and mobiles. 

2) Please focus on PC components. 

3) On the cover page, you've mentioned 
"Tested Motherboards 30+ (including 
Z68 AND A75)" which means 30+ 
mobos tested plus p61, h67, p67, q67 
chipset boards along with z68 and 
A75. But inside you have written 
"both Z68 AND A75". 

4) At least dedicate 2-5 pages each to PC 
components. Students only buy these 
PC magazines. 

MannepalU Krishna 

Fl While I completely respect your 
personal opinion, I have to disagree with 
a few points. First of all, yes we do have 
a very heavy focus on PC hardware. We 
just can't do that every month, that's all. 
As for the motherboards (PC compo- 
nents, as you can see), we certainly 



One bright afternoon, I hurried 
through my dwelling doorway 

Smelling the postman, I pounced at him 

Clutched open the package from 
his hands, and my eyes went dim 

As if discharging a strident shriek of dismay... 

I glared at the charismatic DIGIT logo. 

Out of the blue I felt nostalgic of 
the 2 DVD-lfast track issues. 

Tears rolled down my cheeks and 
I was soon short on tissues. 

I wanted the same DIGIT that 
came a few months ago... 

A comprehensive scrutiny 
made me ascertain that 

Those 2 fast tracks promised a lot 
of meticulously designed tweaks 

Ample enough to quench every- 
one's thirsts from their beaks - 

Steady students, college vagabonds, 
hectic businessmen and the army brats!!! 

But the other DVD is still cher- 
ished as the issues pass 

It was matchless and had a distinct class. 

But now it seems to be at a terminating brink 

Yet the pen of prints lags 
behind the visuals' ink. 

All I would like to urge 
Is to let the readers' opinion surge - 
Past the dilemma of choosing from the two. 
Because temptation to learn 
is what we pursue!!! 

Marshal Purohit, L.N.C.T Bhopal 

FlVery well written. Marshal. Always good 
to hear from our more poetic readers. 


weren't trying to mislead anyone, and if 
we did, we apologise profusely. We have 
much more than 5 pages dedicated to 
hardware, every issue. Also, you should 
know that students, businessmen, 
professionals, armed forces heroes, all 
of different age groups, and from both 
sexes are Digit readers. Although we 
love our large student community, it 
would be wrong to say that only stu- 
dents read Digit. 



Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 

Protect your Stuff 

without sacrificing 

speed and performance 

'^\ Internet Security 3012 

IPC 11*^. L: 

V Nortoif ^ 



It's more than just data. It's your life. 

Photos. Music. Social media identity. Passwords. Financial info. Protect the stuff that makes you, you, with Norton's suite of security products. It offers powerful defence against 
cyber threats, giving you the confidence to live your life fully in the digital world. 

SECURITY I BACK-UP | MOBILE | LIVE HELP Protecting the Stuff that matters. 

>y Norton 

by Symantec 

*PassMark Software, "Consumer Antivirus Performance Benchmarks (2012)," September 2011 

Web watch 

Role-playing game cliches 

WeLL, they're fun sometimes. ..think you can add 
more to this huge List? 

Teens on social networks 

69 per cent of teens on social networks say 
their peers are mostly kind to one another 


Entrepreneurs re- 
joice! Free web sites 

Google India's "India Get 
Your Business Online" 
programme is aimed at Small 
and Medium Entrepreneurs 
(SMEs) in the country. Besides 
free web sites, SMEs also get 
Google is also offering free 
internet domains, e-mail and a 
host of other services. 

"While India is home to 
an estimated 8 million small 
medium businesses, only about 
5 per cent have a web site. This 

•in domain names, free tools, 
training and other relevant 
information. Moreover, Host- 
Gator will further provide free 
support in site hosting and man- 
agement for one year. 

India to have 121 
million internet users 
by December end, 
says report 

India is set to have 121 mil- 
lion net users by the end 
of this month, becoming the 
world's third-largest Internet 
market after China and the 


P^ u^ 


MH m^iamwitTmrntm^nm r 

Ul Jl I HI ILLS J Wfl IH^i ^^ .U .■ U Elj U: n L E_IJ^..BI B^ 

. I' Jl im*^»^T»^^ 

1fai-h!4ii hMiHIM 

programme is designed to 
bridge the information gap that 
exists online due to the lack of 
presence of local Indian busi- 
nesses on the Internet...The ini- 
tiative aims is to break down the 
barriers that stop small busi- 
nesses from getting online - by 
offering a quick, easy and free 
tool to set up and host a web- 
site.Our goal is to help 5,00,000 
small medium businesses in 
India to get online in next three 
years through this programme," 
says Google India MD and Vice 
President (Sales and Opera- 
tions) Rajan Anandan. 

To avail the services, the 
business owners need to log in 
to, which 
features a range of free and 
easy-to-use web hosting tools 
powered by HostGator. Google 
is also offering personalised 

US. This means 1 out of every 
10 Indians will be online. The 
figures were revealed in the 
annual I-Cube report jointly 
published by IMRB and the 
Internet & Mobile Association 
of India (IMAI). 

According to the report, this 
figure was 100 million users in 
September this year. Another 
revelation was that out of 121 
million, some 97 million users 
will be active internet users, 
who will browse the web at 
least once a month. 

"A hundred million internet 
users is considered a critical 
landmark for the country. With 
this, internet use in India is 
expected to enter a critical period 
of growth with the possibility 
of becoming the largest internet 
using country in the world in this 
decade," says the study. 

Firefox 8 released 

Firefox 8 has officially been 
released, and comes with 
the usual slew of security and 
stability updates, as well as 
numerous new features. 

Firefox 8's new check after 
installation lets you see the 
status of your add-ons' compat- 
ibility with the new version, and 
choose which add-ons to enable 
/ disable. Additionally, Firefox 
8 now automatically disables 
any add-ons installed without 
your permission. 

Another feature of Firefox 
that can have a huge impact 
on power surfers with dozens 
of tabs open at a time, is a new 
load-on-demand feature for 
tabs. Firefox 4 changed the 
way tabs were loaded on session 
restore; instead of trying to load 
all at once, and hogging up the 
bandwidth, it loaded three tabs 
at a time. In Firefox 8, this fea- 
ture has been simplified. Now 
you can opt to have your tabs 

support, CSS Hyphen support, 
as well as support for the insert- 
AdjacentHTML DOM API. 

Firefox for Android has also 
received an update, featuring 
support for a master password. It 
also allows adding bookmarked 
web applications as icons to the 
home screen for easy access. 

Google online music 
store takes on Ap- 
ple, Amazon 

Google officially launched 
its Music Store. It aims to 
compete directly with Apple 
and Amazon in the online media 
segment. Google's cloud-based 
music service had been in beta 
phase since this summer. The 
store allows users to upload up 
to 20,000 songs for free. 

It also allows users to set an 
online locker, very much like 
Apple's iTunes and Amazon's 
Cloud Player. Users can stream 
songs to various devices. Songs 
can be purchased online at the 

load on demand. When you 
restore a session with multiple 
tabs now, Firefox 8 will load a 
tab only when you click on it. 

Firefox 8 comes with 
numerous improvements to web 
standards support as well, such 
as support for the new HTML5 
context menu, CORS support 
for cross-domain textures in 
WebGL, improved WebSocket 

Android Market. Android- 
powered smartphones and 
tablet users can also use the 
service very soon. 

The store features millions of 
songs from record labels EMI, 
Sony Music and Universal. To 
help popularise its new music 
store, the search giant will be 
providing one free song for 
download everyday. 


Digit I December 2011 1 



When you first mention 

"business growth" 

We sense you'll need 

"blazing connectivity" 

Like every business-hungry SIVIE, we know you want to take on new 
competition as often as possible. Thus, to strengthen the backbone of your 
organisation's communication infrastructure, we offer you our TL 9000 
certified Internet Leased Lines. So when you want to expand beyond 
Broadband, we offer you dedicated connectivity 24 hours a day with 
99.5% SLA. When you want to test your mission-critical applications, 
we give you expandable bandwidth. And when you want to keep costs in 
check, we provide you with a cost-effective option. 

At Tata Communications, we sense SME business needs faster and further. 

Internet Leased Line 

Upgradability from 256 kbps to 45 Mbps 

CIR guarantee 

Uptime guarantee of 99.5% 

Online usage statistics 

24x7 customer support and dedicated 
help desk 

Dedicated Customer Relationship 

Ideal for businesses like: 

Financial institutions, Advertising agencies, 
Stock broking firms, Manufacturing firms, 
Government offices, Media companies, 
IT and Software companies and more 

6060 7070 

Scan the OR Code using 
your smart phone's camera, 
for us to contact you. 




SOLUTIONS "^J For Small and Medium Enterprises 

Choose from: VoIP • VPN • InstaCompute • Managed Hosting • CDN • Security and much more 

Mobile watch 

Google details 10 search tweaks 

GoogLe detaiLed 10 of the roughLy 500 changes it makes 

each year 

Google to block autocomplete 

Terms such as "naughty words" and "Lesbian" won't 

show in autocomplete 

The service also features 
an integration with its social 
network Google+. Users of the 
Google music store can directly 
share songs on Google+, where 
their friends can listen to the 
full song for free.FI 


Light up your Christ- 
mas with Lumia 800 
and 710 

The "first true Windows 
Phone 7 devices" are 
here. Nokia Lumia 800 and 
710 will hit Indian shelves by 
mid-December. Pricing will 
also become available then, but 
for now, the global suggested 
pricing figures are the rough 

with the devices. Both Nokia 
Drive and Nokia MixRadio 
will be free of cost. Paid Nokia 
Music Store services will also 
be available separately. 

Another unique feature is 
Nokia ContactsTransfer, a utility 
that will allow users to transfer 
contacts across devices, and 
platforms. Relevantly the Lumia 
800 and 710 will also have 
App Highlights loaded. This is 
Nokia's version of Microsoft's 
App Connect, which will rec- 
ommend applications to users 
based on personal preferences 
and usage characteristics, in this 
case, locally relevant apps. 

We spent a short time 
with the Lumia 800 and 710 

benchmarks - $580 (^30,368) 
and $380 (^19,896) for Lumia 
800 and Lumia 710. 

Both the phones will come 
with few unique features 
onboard utilising many of 
the Finnish giant's previous 
strengths, including superior 
optics and a solid battery life. 
The first of these is Nokia Maps 
& Drive, or Nokia Drive, which 
is the company's Navteq-pow- 
ered turn-by- turn voice-guided 
navigation system, complete 
with 3D maps for 750 Indian 
cities, and 50 voice languages, 
including Hindi. 

Also unique to the Lumia 
800 and 710 is Nokia MixRadio, 
a new online music streaming 
service with global and local 
channels, which should launch 

themselves, and came away 
impressed by the build quality 
of the two phones, the speed of 
the WP7.5 interface, and the 
free Nokia Drive navigation 
system onboard. 

ASUS launches 
Transformer Prime 
with Tegra 3 and Su- 
per IPS display 

ASUS has finally launched 
the Eee Pad Transformer 
Prime, the successor to the 
very popular Transformer. The 
Transformer Prime, as its name 
suggests, will be the first tablet 
to officially sport Android 4.0 
Ice Cream Sandwich, when 
Asus releases an update in 
early December. Till then, the 
Transformer Prime will run on 

Android 3.2 Honeycomb with 
the company's Waveshare UI. 
Importantly, the Transformer 
Prime, when it starts shipping at 
the end of this month, will also be 
the first tablet to run on a quad- 
core SoC -the just released Nvidia 
Tegra 3 processor. 

The Transformer Prime 
is slimmer, lighter, and more 
powerful than the original 

Motorola officially 
introduces Defy+ 
in India 

Motorola has formally 
launched its Defy+ 
smartphone in India. Priced 
at ^19,490, it's available at the 
online retail stores for a lot less. 
Defy+ runs on Android 2.3 
Gingerbread OS and is powered 
by a IGHz processor. Here are 
the specs of the new Motorola 
Defy+: 3.7-inch TFT capacitive 
touchscreen, 5 MP camera with 
LED flash, stereo FM radio with 
Wi-Fi hotspot, GPS with A-GPS 
support and Google Maps, 

Transformer. Specifications 
include a 10.1-inch Super IPS 
LCD display with a 1,280x800 
pixel resolution, just 8.3mm 
thickness and 568 grams in 
weight. Inside it has a IGHz 
quad-core Tegra 3 processor 
with a 12-core GeForce GPU, 
1GB RAM, choice between 32 
GB and 64 GB of built-in storage 
and a microSD card slot sup- 
porting up to 32GB cards. It 
has an 8MP rear autofocus f2.4 
camera with continuous LED 
flash capable of 1080p HD video 
recording and a 1.2MP front- 
facing camera. Other features 
include the Polaris Office editor, 
SRS sound enhancement, Sonic- 
Master audio technology, a gyro 
sensor and a 12-hour battery life. 

Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP, EDR, 
memory expandable up to 32 GB 
via microSD card and 3.5 mm jack. 

Huawei's Ideos X3 
and Sonic phones, 
MediaPad tablet 

Three new Android devices 
are in India, this time 
brought to us by Huawei. The 
7-inch MediaPad tablet will 
leave you short of ^28,359, 
while the two "cloud phones", 
the Gingerbread-based Ideos 
X3 and Sonic cost ^10,229 and 
^9,210, respectively. Exact avail- 
ability hasn't yet been revealed. 
Huawei is calling the 3.2- 
inch Ideos X3 and 3.5-inch 
Sonic cloud phones because of 
the Cloud+ service the Chinese 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


Meet the Productivity Partners for 
SIVIBs & small workgroups. 

Ricoh's wide range of network-ready laser printers help small businesses and workgroups 
become more productive. From affordable and compact mono & colour MFPs, ultra-fast and 
cost-efficient mono & colour laser printers, Ricoh has the right laser printer for every need. 


Aficio SP C220N 


AficioSP 1200s 


Colour & B/W at 1 6 ppm 

Speed (A4/LT): 22/23 ppm 

Speed: 22 ppm 

Speed: 22 ppm 


High B/W productivity 

Print, copy, scan 

Print, copy, scan & fax 

Small footprint 

Wide media versatility 

Colour scanning 

Colour scanning 


With PCL 

ID copy 

ID copy with PCL &PS3 

MRP: Rs. 24,500/- 

MRP: Rs. 9,990/- 

MRP: Rs.1 0,499/- 

MRP: Rs. 15,960/- 

CORPORATE OFFICE: 2nd Floor, Salcon Aurum Building, Plot No. 4, District Centre, Jasola, New Delhi-110 025 Tel: (Oil) 49103000, 49103100, 49103200 
Fax: (Oil) 49103099, 49103199 Email: SMS: 'RICOH' to 53456 

App watch 

Has Siri come of age? 

Apple's voice-controLLed 'personal 
assistant' Siri has got everyone talking 

$20m from one mobile game 

Find out how two brothers made $20 million from 

Infinity Blade 

telecommunications giant will 
be launching for them in the 
country. According to Anand 
Narang, MD Huawei Devices, 
Cloud+ features include 16 GB of 
cloud storage, an integrated social 
phonebook, richer messaging 
and phone finder services. Both 
devices will also come bundled 
with various social networking 
and instant messaging apps such 
as Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

Despite running Android 2.3 
Gingerbread out of the box, as well 
as its cloud storage features, the 
Huawei Ideos X3 and Sonic are 
still low- end budget devices on 
the inside - with 600MHz proc- 
essors, 256 MB of RAM, 3.2MP 
cameras and low-resolution 
displays (320x480 pixels). The 
two devices will certainly face 
stiff competition. The devices 
can be procured with an Aircel 
operator bundle, including 3 GB 
of free downloads. 

Samsung Galaxy 
Note hybrid in India 
for ?34,990 

Samsung has launched the 
Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread- 
running Galaxy Note in India, 
following a scheduled webcast 
today, pricing it at ^34,990. 
The massive phone, bearing a 
5.3-inch display, is also well- 
endowed with a 1.4GHz dual- 
core processor and 1 GB of 
RAM. The company calls it a 
smartphone-tablet hybrid, one 
that will give users freedom from 
multiple devices. 

The Galaxy Note's 5.3-inch 
display has a 1,280x800 pixel 
resolution - a first for a mobile 
phone - and supports stylus 
input via Samsung's S Pen. 
Other specs include a Mali 400 
GPU, 16 GB of built-in storage 
expandable via microSD card 
(up to 32 GB), an 8MP rear auto- 
focus camera with LED flash 
and 1080p HD video recording 
support, a 2MP front-facing 

camera, active noise cancellation 
with dedicated mic, and a mas- 
sive 2,500 mAh battery. Samsung 
has reportedly also bundled its 
ChatON instant-messaging soft- 
ware with the device.!-! 


Gmailappfor iOS 
returns to App Store 

After an unsuccessful attempt, 
Google has once again made its 
Gmail App for iOS available 
on the App Store. Google had 
to withdraw the app from the 
App Store as it received multiple 
complaints from users about the 
faulty notifications. 

"Two weeks ago, we intro- 
duced our Gmail app for iOS. 
Unfortunately it contained a 
bug which broke notifications 
and displayed an error message, 
so we removed it from the App 
Store," blogges Matthew Izatt, a 
Google product manager. "We've 
fixed the bug and notifications 
are now working, and the app is 
back in the App Store." 

Google also added that it had 
received several feedback for 
improvements to the app such 
as "bigger features like multiple 
account support to customisa- 
tions like improved notifications 
and mobile specific signatures." 
"Based on your comments we 
have already improved our 
handling of image HTML mes- 
sages—they are now sized to fit 
to the screen and you can pinch 
to zoom in," he wrote. 

Samsung, BigFlix 
launch video-on-de- 
mand app, My Movies 

Samsung and BigFlix have 
launched a video-on- 
demand service app called "My 
Movies", which offers users full- 
length movies and free video 
content for the first 2,200 hours. 
The My Movies app is available 
for Samsung Galaxy S, S II and 
Galaxy Tab 750 devices. Fea- 
tures films, music videos, TV 
shows, trailers.. .what more do 
you want? Expect subscription- 
based services shortly. 

"The subscription service 
will allow the user to watch 
full-length feature films and 
over 1,000 movies with no inter- 
ruption from advertisement... 
By providing consumers with 
India-relevant applications and 
rich content on our smart mobile 
devices like tablets and smart- 
phones, we are seeking to make 
their experience with our devices 
more engaging and immersive," 
says Ranjit Yadav, Country Head, 
Samsung Mobile and IT. 

Rovio's Angry Birds 
smashes 500 million 

We all knew at some point 
that Angry Birds had 
become an unstoppable part of 
pop culture but its developer 
Rovio reminded us in November 
how big it really has become - 
Angry Birds crossed 500 million 
downloads to becomes perhaps 

the world's fastest selling mobile 
game. All this in less than two 
years since we first launched the 
stressed out ornithoids at those 
unsuspecting pigs. 

Rovio CEO Miael Hed regards 
this as a "fantastic landmark 
achievement" and promises 
to "remain committed to cre- 
ating more fun experiences and 
bringing exceptional quality to 
Angry Birds Fans everywhere." 

What's next for the game? 
Well, Rovio plans to open the 
world's first official Angry Birds 
retail shop in Helsinki, Finland. 
Angry Birds will also feature in 
the forthcoming Nokia Asha 300 
and 303 S40 phones which, Rovio 
believes, will bring Angry Birds 
entertainment to completely new 
emerging mobile markets. 

Let ShowNearby 
point the way 

Mapmylndia, the digital 
navigation service pro- 
vider, has launched a free loca- 
tion-based app for Android, 
BlackBerry and iOS operating 
systems. "ShowNearby" helps 
users search for places of 
interest nearby, such as petrol 
pumps, retail brands, tourist 
spots, emergency services, res- 
turants and ATMs. The app is 
powered by digital map data 
from Mapmylndia. 

ShowNearby automatically 
identifies the user's location 
and his distance to the spots 
via GPS based on which it dis- 
plays information. Addresses 
and phone numbers of the 
places you want to go to show 
up on the screen. You can 
save the data on your phone 
and even share it with friends 
via SMS or e-mail. One more 
additional feature is the ability 
to search for deals at closeby 
outlets and brands. 

The free-of-cost app will 
soon be available for the Win- 
dows Phone 7 operating system. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 





For lommt as an Officer m the flymg, TechnkJil .-^nd" Gfoynd Duty Bfanches, plefls* viilt (AF careei web^ 

Oon'l miiti I he EmpLpvm^nl News on L^-51 d^t? ol apf^licatiDn 

Fl«^ PlAM Cir#t4 iCbUiiti.: 

Security watch 

Film fans forced into piracy? 

DownLoaded movie prices are about 30-50 per 
cent iiigiiertiian buying an actual DVD 

Xbox users hit by phishing attacks 

Fraudulent transactions on tine accounts of users of tine Xbox 
Live service spur Microsoft and EA Sports to address tine scam 





— *■ r 























hlYTIrfiEt D«EH4len 

its digital format - but only for Kindle 
owners sadly 

Kindle Owner's Lend- 
ing Library for Prime 

Amazon Prime mem- 
bers will now be able to 
borrow eBooks for free thanks 
to the Kindle Owner's Lending 
Library, a novel loyalty pro- 
gram. The only limitations is 
that you can only check out 
one book at a time. Since only 
Kindles are supported, this 
obviously will not sit too well 
with publishers. Amazon has 
thus only been able to start with 
around 5,000 titles on offer. 

You can browse through 
the ebooks like you would any 
Kindle book making highlights, 
annotations and bookmarking 
- all of which will remain even 
if you end up re-borrowing or 
even later purchasing it. 

GoogleH- app for 
Android gets new 
design, UI 

Google has overhauled its 
Google+ app for Android, 
giving it a cleaner look and 
improved user interface. The 
revamped app supports the 
latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream 
Sandwich and includes var- 
ious new features. The Google+ 
Android app, now Version 2.1, 
is available for download at the 
Android Market. 

Besides the new UI, the 
new Google+ app seems more 
streamlined and easy to use. The 

design changes have been made 
keeping in mind the changes 
implemented in Android 4.0. 
To improve user experience, the 
notifications now appear on the 
top right. Also, users can now 


view enhanced and enlarged 
photos - this includes the pro- 
file pictures. 

Improvements to battery life, 
notifications, navigation, overall 
performance and support for 
Google Apps. H 


Facebook attacked 
by spammers, did 
anyone notice? 

A massive spam attack has 
hit Facebook, causing 
significant problems for the 
social network. Facebook 
accounts are being flooded with 
graphic images of violence and 
hardcore porn. More than two 
lakhs Facebook accounts from 
Bangalore have been attacked. 
Many of the users complained 
that their profile pictures have 
been put on porn sites. Globally, 

this figure is more than 60 lakh 
Facebook accounts. 

Facebook released a state- 
ment acknowledging the pres- 
ence of the virus and is pres- 
ently investigating the matter. 
The Christian Post, which first 
reported about the virus, says 
the virus and spam attacks 
could be the work of notorious 
hackers group. Anonymous. 
(The hackers group had pre- 
viously pledged to launch an 
attack on the social network). 

The Facebook statement, 
accepting the existence of the 
virus said, "...Recently, we experi- 
enced a coordinated spam attack 
that exploited a browser vulner- 
ability. Our efforts have drasti- 
cally limited the damage caused 
by this attack, and we are now 
in the process of investigating to 
identify those responsible." 

Later, Facebook said no 
accounts were hacked during 
the spam attack. It rejected 
reports of hacking of its users' 
accounts in India. It also 
denied claims that the pro- 
file pictures of its users were 
transferred to any unwanted 
site (see image alongside). 

A lot of us, however, didn't 
even notice this, because the 
daily Facebook stream is a lot 
like the spam in our mailboxes 
anyway! Q 


Facebook India 

There have been inaccurate reports of Facebook users' accounts being hacked. 
This is not true. Users photos are not being transferred to an unvoanted site and 
no accounts have been compromised. Protecting the people L^ho use Facebook 
from spam and malicious content is a top priority for us. We are always working to 
improve our systems to isolate and remove material that violates our termSj and 
take action on those who is responsible for these types of content. Like the 
Facebook Security page to receive updates about how to protect your information 
both on and off Facebook. 



Facebook Security 

To provide you with the information you need to protect your 
information both on and off Facebook. 
Page: 5,246,992 like this 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 

A product of Smartlink Network Systems Ltd 












k 1 


While the speed of light remains 
unchallenged, at SOOmbps we make the 
wireless experience as smooth, efficient and 
secure. A name that over 70% of the 
country's enterprise networking systems 
trust, the wireless broadband router is just 
another step in challenging technology 
with innovation. 



Service & SuppSrt 

1800 209 3444 

Fl in India 

After iPhone it's the Razer Blade 

Someone has managed to whisk away two Razor BLade 
Laptops from the company's R&D Lab. Good news is the 
Launch won't be deLayed 

Give away of the day 

Head here everyday to downLoad a free fuLL version of a 
software but do remember to instaLL it the same day 

Secret Formula ^1 

The Indian Fl came and went, and we're all connplain just a little less now when 
we're stuck in traffic. We are, afterall, part of an exclusive group now 

Vishal Mathur 

vishal. mathur@thinkdigit. com 

you thought that Formula 
1 is only about sitting in 
a car and driving around 
quickly for a few laps 
every weekend, then you'd be utterly 
wrong. Because like most things, 
there's a lot of background hard work 
that we need to appreciate, and don't 
normally see on television! 

We take a look at just some of the key 
aspects of Formula 1, and the thinking, 
engineering and regulation that go 
behind it, shaping the sport as we see it 
today - a technological marvel. 


A bit of fighiter jet inspiration 

While an Fl car is meant to stick to the 
road all the time, design elements are 
hugley inspired by a fighter jet. That 
inspiration is applied in reducing the 
effect of drag when following another 
car closely. The drag causes the Fl car 
to be slower and also lose some of the 
grip while cornering. However, that's 
where this inspiration ends, because 
the second biggest concern for the 
designers is keeping the car on the 
road, at speeds that reach beyond 320 
kmph. While they aren't very visible, 
there are more than a dozen wings 
on the car - big and small, that create 

downforce. The better the ability of 
the car to grip the road at speeds, the 
faster it can go. In the early 1970s, 
there was an experiment with higher 
rear wings and movable front wings. 
The resultant crashes we witnessed 
were nothing short of spectacular 
and extremely dangerous. Over time, 
regulations have been introduced that 
ensure that all Fl cars follow largely 
the same design, with safety being the 
primary concern. 

The engine 

Power, but not withiout reliability 

Almost every component installed 
in an Fl car has a dual role to play - 


Digit I December 2011 1 





BELKIN range of keyboard and 
mice now available at your nearest outlet 



For enquiries, visit us at or lndial\/larketingSupport@belkin.conn or SIVIS BELKIN to 54646 
Ph.: 91-124-4898800. Toll Free No.: 1800-419-5546 

) 201 1 Belkin International, Inc. All right reserved. All Trade names are registered trademarks of respective manufactures listed. 

Fl in India 

Google+ pages for business 

GoogLe has started roLLing out GoogLe+ to 
businesses and brands, aLLowing them to set up 
their own GoogLe+ pages 

Sony-Ericsson no more 

Sony has bought out Ericsson's share of 
their decade-oLd joint-venture. The deal is 
scheduled for completion by January 2012 




^ \ti^i^^^^ 

layout is fun to drive. There are some pretty 
slow corners here, like Turn Three, which 
are quite tough but you've also got a lot of 
high-speed corners; it's a lot faster than what 
we thought it would be around here."- 

- Jenson Button, McLaren 

"There are quick left-rights. Turn Three is a 
unique corner, it's very slow but it's uphill and 
quite extreme on the elevation. Turn Four is also 
not straightforward, so they're both challenging." 
-Mark Webber, Red Bull Racing 

"It's very dusty to start with. It's dusty off 
line, which makes it tricky, so we'll have to 

1, ,,, J-„,. x1 „•„ 1 • " 


F**^ ^f^^^^'^F^-m i H J- .. 



^F ' ^^^IC^S^H 


'' 1 

KjS^. Jlfl^^^^ 


"It's a nice, beautiful flowing circuit. I -World Champion Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Racing 
think they've done a really good job." 

-Lewis Hamilton, McLaren "It was not good to see animals running on the track. It's 
something that I'm sure the circuit will avoid and I'm 100% 
"They've done a great job with the circuit. "It's also confident on Sunday that it will be no problem at all." 
pretty smooth, which is nice for a new circuit, and the — Fernando Alonso, Scuderia Ferrari 





l ^ 


Brakes: from 300 kmph to a crawL in 
aLmost no tinne, and 10 tinnes a Lap! 

perform, yet remain utmost reliable. 
And it isn't more critical than for the 
engine. With the new regulations 
ensuring that teams have to use one 
engine for more than one race, the leg- 

FueL: It's now as close to the fuel we use as it wiLL ever be 

endary quote from Ferdinand Porsche 
that the "perfect racing car is one that 
crosses the finish line first and then 
falls to pieces" doesn't really hold 
true anymore! The "turbo age" ended 
in 1989 with the new regulations, 
but during that time, engines were 
producing around 750 bhp. How- 
ever, in 2006, the regulations were 

rewritten and the rules now state that 
all engines need to be 2.4-litre V8 
engines. Power will fall further with 
the 2012 season, when the new regu- 
lations kick in, mandating smaller 
engines with even lesser power. The 
attempt is to reduce costs of being in 
the sport, while making Fl more envi- 
ronmental friendly. 


Digit I December 2011 1 




Fl in India 

Nokia Asha S40 series 

Asha messenger phones are expected by Late 2011/ 
early 2012, featuring Nokia's improved browser for 
speedy browsing at Low bandwidtii 

Nvidia Tegra 3 outed 

Nvidia lias Launciied its five-core Tegra 
3 mobile ciiipset, featuring 5x tine 
performance of Tegra 2 


Behind the scenes, with a Ferrari electronics wizard 

During tine Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix 
race weekend, we caugiit up witii Andrea 
Beneventi, Head of Electronics for Track 
and Test, wlio spoke in detail about the 
technological side of Formula 1. Here's 
what he had to say. 

Fl Teii us more about what the Electronics 
for Track and Test department does in Fl? 
Andrea Beneventi: We essentially look 
after two things - the electronics develop- 
ment and technology scouting. Looking for 
new technologies that are applied to our 
system and what can be used in another 
way on the Formula 1 car. We're also 
developing components, and every year 
we send a number of components for dif- 
ferent installations in the search of more 
accuracy, in search of lighter compo- 
nents. So, we buy these components as 
they are, and modify it for the Formula 
1 environment. Everyone uses these 
components in a different environment. 
For an extreme example, we can put 
an accelerometer on the engine while 
someone else is using it on the chassis, 
and you can understand it's a completely 
different environment for vibrations and 
it means that I have to take a component 
used on another car and validate it for 
installation on our car. Obviously, if we find 
a new technology that could be applied to 
an Fl car or to an area of Fl, we give it to 
the R&D team. 

The other area is the application area, 
for all the departments where electronics 
is used inside Ferrari. In particular, there's 
the race, there's the test, there are test 
benches for engine, gearbox hydraulic 
and also whenever the knowledge of the 
electronics department has to be given 
inside Ferrari as well as at the track where 
we provide support to our client teams - 
Sauber and Torro Rosso - also. 

We also manage the KERS at the track. 
We, don't, however, make the project; there's a 
specific department that does that. The KERS 
is given to us and we manage it at the track, for 
tuning and logistics. 

There's the development process we look at, 
and then we're asked to look for new technolo- 
gies knowing the area where they have to be 
applied. We have 12 engineers and 25 people in 
total to manage things on the track. 

n The boundaries and parameters in Fl 
have become tighter and more controlled. 
In that scenario, how do you differentiate 
and innovate to gain an advantage over 

AB: Possibilities in Electronics, in par- 
ticular, are being quite reduced in the area 

Andrea Beneventi, Head of Electronics for Track and 
Test, Head of Support for Electronic Applications 
@Scuderia Ferrari 

of development. Because from the starting 
of 2008, a single ECU (Engine Control Unit) 
and signal system has been introduced by 
the FIA. This means that the main ECU, the 
software that is running on the ECU that 
manages the performance of the car or 
engine or gearbox or feedback to the drivers 
is something that's fixed. The hypothesis of 
this chapter is that the ECU must be able 
to control the car you have and not force 
you to have particular mechanical solution 
for your needs. Providing that would be 
just the management of your mechanics 
and it's not that you can do whatever you 
want with the software. In this area, a lot 
of work we did before is fixed, but, we now 
have more time to concentrate on other 
areas - managing the performance of the 
car. Another constraint over the last few 

years is the cost. In the last few years by 
agreement, we have what's called a "FOTA 
(Formula One Teams Association) budget", 
which is an agreement between the teams 
to have a maximum limit on the cost. An 
external company audits this. This has to 
be taken as a challenge because we cannot 
sacrifice performance. With a big cost 
reduction, we're talking about one-fourth of 
the budget we had six years ago, which is a 
big challenge. It's also a good challenge for 
us, technology wise. Sometimes, in order to 
reduce the cost, we have to jump to another 
technology. The reduction in budget isn't 
reducing the technology or the level of 
technology in the car. Compared to the 
car we had 10 years ago, the car now is 
technology-wise better. 

Jj- Fl How does "telemetry" work? How is 
the data received from the car? 
AB: There's a lot of data that's captured 
in the car, and downloaded from it. It's 
useful when we're changing the param- 
eters. All the data that we have, that we 
receive from the car via the antennas on 
the car, are on the system provided by 
the FIA, so it's the same for all cars. The 
telemetry is not restricted. The data that 
is downloaded in real-time from the cars 

and the garage is stored on our server. 

Fl How much data does the car usually send 
out? How is that data deciphered? 
AB: We get about 2 GB to 3 GB of data from each 
car over a race weekend. That data is collected in 
different ways. All data from the track is synchro- 
nised with the server in IMaranello (in Northern 
Italy) via the data connection with bandwidth 
of about 6 Mbps. The data is then organised in 
various forms. We send the data from the track 
to Maranello where it's collected and stored. The 
setup in IMaranello is an extension of our on-track 
system. The need for this arises because of 
logistics. The systems that we carry with us are 
powerful and light, but limited. Over there, for 
example, we can use more powerful desktop 
PCs, whereas on the track, we have limited 
machines, usually laptops. 


Digit I December 2011 1 




Multiply the magic of your Apple devices with the 
amazing Wi-Drive from Kingston Technology. Carry 
vital data, more music, photos, videos, PDFs, etc. and 
share them with three friends simultaneously, all 
without the discomfort of wires. It's all about your 
passion; drive it crazy. 

SSD I DRAM I USB Drives I Memory Cards I Wi-Drives 


y'"^"^^— ^^^™^W 










For sales enquiry: | Service toll no.: 1860 233 4515 

RMA/Warranty: services_india(5) 

For technical support: 

W Kingston 

m^ ^m.T E C H^N O L O G Y 

Fl in India 

Sony Tablet S Lands 

Sony has Launched its 9.4-inch Android 
tablet in India, the Sony Tablet S, at ^29,990 
for the 16GB version 

Motorola Motokey Social unveiled 

Motokey Social is a budget Facebook phone which is more 
Like the Low-end Vodafone 555 BLue, than the HTC ChaCha 
or SaLsa 

fit stops are a huge part of the strategy used by teams to gain advantages over the 
onnpetition, and can be the difference between conning first or fourteenth even... 

The brakes 

The need to slow down 

Slowing down, or stopping an Fl car is 
serious stuff. Like road cars, Fl cars also 
use disc brakes. This is how they work 
- a rotating disc is flanked by two brake 
pads, one on either side. When brakes 
are applied, these pads converge onto 
the rotating disc, forcing it to slow down. 
Plenty of heat is generated, and some- 
times you may have even seen the brakes 
glow red-hot. While brakes' sizes are 
regulated, performance depends on how 

the individual driver uses them. Particu- 
larly when it comes to how the brakes 
will respond in the latter part of the race. 

The fuel 
Correct mixture 

Long gone are the days when benzene, 
alcohol and aviation fuel were mixed 
to run an Fl car. In an attempt to make 
it safer, the fuel now used is very close 
to what we see in a road car. However, 
with refueling now banned during rac- 
es, the close link with engine's capabil- 

The tyres are supposed to be as bald as 
this, and melt while driving 



^^ ^^^ f^kPbH^^^^K j^H^^B 

rtU. Jte^ri ^^^^^^^Hv ifibiul 

M^^^'Wm .™m "S^^^^T M,^i* f^B^Wl 

Mfcif ^^ ifp^i^' SHhU 


s are kept warm, so that they can 
t be put on and raced with ^^m 

ity to drink less fuel gains paramount 
importance. An Fl driver can change 
the fuel mixture during the race, to 
either enhance engine performance or 
to consume less fuel. 


Kinetic Energy Recovery System 

Simple thinking here - capture the 
energy released during braking, and 
use it to offer an acceleration boost with 
the battery power. FIA regulations state 
that you can use KERS for about five 
seconds per lap, offering 80 bhp extra 
power during that time. The driver has 
the control for this. However, the size 
of the KERS unit is up to what the indi- 
vidual teams decide. Surprisingly, Red 
Bull Racing had the smallest KERS unit 
this season. H 

The entire design philosophy of an Fl car 
is to reduce drag and create downforce 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 




The fastest SATA hard drive 
on the planet. 

■, www.wdvelQciraptQr.CQm 

WD VelociRaptor 

• 10,000 RPM SATA Hard Drives 

• Monstrous capacity - up to 600 GB 

> Rock-solid reliability-1.4 ml. hrs. MTBF 

• Ultra-cool operation 

• 5-year limited warranty 

WD VelociRaptor® hard drives offers twice the 
capacity of the previous generation while 
higher performance and cool quiet operation for 
gaming, workstations and low-end servers. With a 
superbly engineered combination of 1 0,000 RPM spin 
speed, SATA 6 Gb/s interface and a 32 MB cache, 
these drives are truly an evolution in performance. 


For further details on WD products 
write : wclclirectindia@wdc.eom 

[^ Westem Digital India j| 

*For Technical support / WD Express Service, Call Toll Free : 1800-200-5789 


Industry Connect 


Oh the horror! 

j.|^H[^ A HaLLoween special from 
WP^Wtf* Microsoft's Channel 9 team 

Did you know? 

Tine Duqu virus spreads tiirougii infected 
word files... talk about going bacl< to your 
virus writing roots... 

An insight into Qo D944]f.^ 

The 'world's #1 domain registrar' spol<e to us recently. Here's what Warren Adelman had to 
say on behalf of Go Daddy 

Jayesh Shinde 

jayesh.shmde@thinkdigit. com 

n Google registers domains 
through Google Apps on behalf of 
Go Daddy. Are there any domain 
registrars in India that sell 
domains on behalf of Go Daddy? 
While there are no registrars 
selling on behalf of Go Daddy in 
India, Go Daddy has hundreds 
of resellers within India. Go 
Daddy's reseller program pro- 
vides a turn-key solution to help 
anyone create an online pres- 
ence and market web services 
backed by 24/7 customer care and advanced 
technical infrastructure. 

In addition to our resellers, 
is available in India, as well as in nearly 200 
other countries. 

El What percentage of Go Daddy customers 
worldwide are Indian or based out of India? 

About 20 per cent of Go Daddy sales come 
from outside the United States. While 
Go Daddy already has a strong presence 
in India, we still see it as a high-growth 
opportunity. The citizens are tech- savvy and 
every day, more and more people are get- 
ting online; especially in the mobile sector. ranks as the 62nd Most 
Visited web site in India and as the 68th 
Most Visited Web site in the world. (Alexa. 
com - 10/11/11). 

n Go Daddy likes to call itself the #1 domain 
registrar on the web. Who are its nearest 

Go Daddy is the world's largest domain 
name registrar, by far. Recently, Go Daddy 
celebrated its mark on Internet history by 
surpassing the 50-million domain name 
milestone. The 50 millionth domain name is, registered by Kranthi Kumar 
Kukkala of India. On any given day. Go 
Daddy registers more than half of all domain 

Warren AdeLman, President 
& Chief Operating Officer, 
The Go Daddy Group, Inc. 

name registrations. In fact. 
Go Daddy registers, transfers 
or renews more than one 
domain name every second 
of every day. 

f i How does Go Daddy 
promise to deliver 99.9 per 
cent uptime for its hosted plan 

Go Daddy maintains world- 
class data centres around 
the globe. In order to better 
serve our Asian customers, 
we opened a data centre in 
Singapore to give visitors a 
faster load time to web sites. All of our data 
centers have fully redundant UPS Power 
Systems and plenty of bandwidth coming in 
to meet the needs of our customers. 

Go Daddy understands the importance 
of making sure our customers' web sites 
are available to their visitors. Go Daddy's 
network is monitored by our 24/7 Network 
Operations team and protected from threats 
by our award-winning 24/7 Security Opera- 
tions team. 

In addition to the 24/7 Network and 
Security Teams, Go Daddy provides 24/7 
customer care to all customers, helping them 
with any questions they may have. 

n Give us an insight on your datacenters, virtu- 
alization models, etc. 

Go Daddy data centers feature fully 
redundant UPS Power Systems, N+1 Air 
conditioning units, advanced fire protection, 
suppression and detection systems, state of 
the art security technology and 24/7 physical 
security, plus more. 

Go Daddy was in the "Cloud" before the 
term was coined. Our data center virtualiza- 
tion architecture is based on the concepts of 
elasticity and scalability. These concepts are 
often considered "Cloud" characteristics in 
today's hosting trends and we've been doing 
it for years. 

In fact. Go Daddy has implemented 
"Cloud" capabilities in our various Go Daddy 
hosting products in several important ways: 

1) Go Daddy's classic shared hosting 
product line evolved into 4th Generation 
Hosting (4GH). 4GH brings elasticity and 
scalability to Go Daddy shared hosting cus- 
tomers, while retaining the attractive product 
pricing and easy to use customer experience. 

2) Go Daddy integrated elastic, scalable 
infrastructure into our virtual dedicated 
hosting product line. Customers can upgrade 
their virtual servers to larger sizes with a 
click of a button. A seamless upgrade config- 
ures the changes while the server is running. 

3) Go Daddy has just launched Virtual 
DataCenter - Go Daddy's new Infrastructure- 
as-a-Service (laaS) hosting offering — which 
allows customers to easily create a virtual 
data center, with multiple networks, load 
balancing, basic firewall and quick server 
spin-ups. In addition, this product provides 
a flexible billing model that allows customers 
to either pre-pay for resources (and save 
money) or pay-per-use. 

As always, these products are backed by 
Go Daddy's unparalleled 24/7 customer care. 

13 How do you dominate the global domain 
registration and web hosting market? 

Go Daddy's success is attributed to the four 
pillars of our business model: customer care, 
value pricing, a wide array of products and 
aggressive marketing. Go Daddy knows the 
value of providing 24/7 world-class support 
to its customers at no extra cost. We under- 
stand people like to shop online, play games 
online and so on, but if they have an issue to 
resolve, they want to talk to a real person. 
As Go Daddy continues to expand its 
international footprint, we'll keep the same 
high-level service our customers want, which 
is why we're looking at opening up more 
facilities globally. Go Daddy expects India 
to have a significant role in its international 
expansion; we believe India offers rich 
potential for an educated, computer-savvy 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


The BIG apple 

Apple now rakes in more than 
50 per cent of smartphone profits. 

Yet another Facebook phone 

A quick review on tine yet-to-be Launched 
MotoKey Social 

Industry Connect 

workforce that could serve our customers in 
that part of the world. 

Q Future plans for India? 

Go Daddy is looking to provide localised sup- 
port in the Asia market. We want to do more 
"on the ground" in India, because we believe 
that the Indian market is a key piece to its 
international growth. India has a tremen- 
dous workforce with exceptional technical 
abilities - making India a prime place to help 
individuals and businesses expand their web 
presence. Go Daddy is all about helping its 
customers in the best way possible. 

Go Daddy believes domain names are like 
"21st century real estate." There are 6.8 billion 
people in the world right now, and only 215 
million registered domain names. Global 
Internet traffic is expected to quadruple 
between 2010 and 2015. This growth is 
expected to result in rapid expansion of "21st 
century real estate" in India. 

El How does Go Daddy make money? 

The vast majority of revenue Go Daddy gen- 

erates is from our subscriber base. We also 
receive revenue from online advertising and 
merchandising from our spokespeople. 

n What is behind Go Daddy's recent 
announcement about partnerships with KKR, 
Silver Lake and TCV? 

The partnership between Go Daddy, KKR, 
Silver Lake and TCV will help in many areas 
but primarily it will help accelerate interna- 
tional growth. Additionally, these partners 
were selected because of their deep under- 
standing of Internet technologies which may 
potentially help facilitate merger and acquisi- 
tion opportunities. 

Go Daddy's success can be attributed to 
innovative products and top-notch customer 
service. We're planning to become a bigger 
and better company. The existing manage- 
ment is planning to guide Go Daddy into new 
areas internationally, including India. 

n How does Go Daddy plan to stay focused 
on accelerating international growth with the 
current world economy? 

Go Daddy helps to make small businesses get 
bigger. Founder Bob Parsons has frequently 
said that the "Internet is the heart of the new 
economy". Go Daddy is the on-ramp to the 
Internet - it all starts with a domain name. 
During recent years of global economic 
struggle. Go Daddy has grown sales in the 
double digit range. In fact, we've grown at 
that rate for the last seven years. We did it 
by providing quality products for a great 
price and backing it up with unparalleled 
customer care. 

We know when it comes to solving a 
problem or figuring out how to improve their 
web site, people want to talk to people. We 
believe that extending this philosophy glo- 
bally and providing a good value will allow 
us to rapidly expand throughout India and 
the rest of Asia. 

El Did the video of Bob Parsons shooting 
a wild elephant on affect 

Our business did not suffer any significant 
decrease. Fl 


^ #- 

Stylish yet tough! 

5H14 External Hard Dfivtt 

WW lil t l . CT^ 


In l£lU] H^lA-JIMJ^ im. tua S-f^S- rCHS 

ftj«-ii^^-& ^ iMiT ■ mmw^wwm 

Drool maal 

Formula 1 in India 

Don't forget to read our FormuLa 1 
articLe on Page 20. IncLudes an interview 
witli a Ferrari engineer... 

Send free SMSes anywhere 

HotmaiL's Sabeer Biiatia lias bougiit out a free 
SMS app caLLed JaxtrSMS 

M9 Titanium 

Any shutterbug would 

know the true value of a 

Leica... this one, however, 

takes those accolades to 

a whole new level. Packed 

in a titanium case the M9's 


also made of solid titanium. 

The M9 is co-designed by 

Audi's design team. No 

wonder you have to shell out 

n4,21,000 to get your hands 

on one of these beauties 

Things you wanted 

all your life!!! 


Here comes a mobile bot 

for surveillance enthusiasts 

who want to keep a third eye 

open and moving at all times. 

Rovio WowWee is capable 

of streaming audio and 

video imagery through Wi-Fi 

and bringing them to your 

monitor in real time. Rovio 

can navigate itself in your 

house once you set up way 

points for it to manoeuvre on. 

Never miss out on any action 

with the Rovio WoeWee 


Digit I December 2011 1 

China leads the smartphone market 

There are now more smartphones being shipped to China 

than any other country 

Samsung's 40k-hour Ughtbulb 

Available in the US, starting from $20 (?1,042) and 
going up to $59.98(^3,126) 


1199 Panigale 

This beast has been recently 
let out of the Ducati stable and 
is touted to be the next bench- 
mark superbike. Delivering a 
massive 195 hp @10,750 rpm 
with a 1198 cc displacement 
the Panigale sports a six-speed 
transmission. Aimed to be one 
of the most ambitious projects 
by Ducati, the Panigale is all 
yours for a mere ^23,00,000 

Iron Man 2 
Mark IV 

If you happen to be an avid action 
figure collector then you need to 
get an Iron Man 2 Mark IV figurine. 
The figure's eyes, arc reactor and 
exhaust points glow in the dark - all 
powered by LEDs - with a touch of 
a button. The figure itself stands on 
a larger arc reactor model; cool! 


Many such surface tables have, en... 'surfaced' over the years 

but the MT55 is unlike anything before - you can drop a bowling 

ball on it from 4 feet high, and nothing. ..not a scratch! The 

MT55 has a 55-inch LED multi-touch display with a solid state 

computer built into it. Capable of 32 touch points, the table is 

made of rugged aluminium. Buy one for a mere ^879,550 

Digit I December 2011 1 



Yet another Facebook phone 

A quick review on tine yet-to-be Launclied 
MotoKey Social 

Facebook impenetrable? 

If you pLaced bets on Facebook stiLL being 
functional, coLLect your dues. 

A computer with a mind of its own, a 
lifeless monitor, a phone's memory problems 

Digit helps you handle all these issues and then sonne nnore... 

© That deja vu feeling 

I'm facing an issue with my Pentium 4 
PC. Whenever I shut it down, it goes into 
a restarting Loop without me having given 
any such command. Kindly give a solu- 
tion to my problem. 

Shubham Bagwe 

W There can be many reasons for the 
constant system restart. First and fore- 
most, run an anti-virus scan as there's a 
high possibility of some malware causing 
the system to go into the restarting loop 
on shutdown. Another thing you could 
do is repair your system. The "Repair" 
option can be activated using your 
installation CD. On being prompted to 
either "Install a fresh copy" or "Repair", 
select the latter to fix the issue. 

Try to ensure that your CPU is not 
running at very high temperatures. You 
can download utilities such as SpeedFan 
to check the CPU core temperature. 
Sometimes, if the CPU heats up a lot, it 
will automatically restart the system. 

If you want to get further to the bottom 
of the issue, try disabling the Automatic 
Restart feature. To do this right-click on 
My Computer and go to Proper ties > 
Advanced System Settings > Startup 
and Recovery > Settings. Uncheck the 
'Automatically restart" option. So the next 
time when there's a system failure, you'll 
get a blue screen of death with some error 
message, which will pinpoint the issue. 

^ The late starter 

I brought my DeLL Inspiron 5110 Laptop a 
few days ago. It had the following config- 
uration: Intel i5 processor@2.40 GHZ, 
4 GB RAM and 64-bit OS. Right from 
the beginning, I've been experiencing a 
problem; it takes almost more than two 
minutes to bring the screen to the desk- 
top. Is it a virus problem? It has McAfee 
antivirus running on it. Please help me. 

Subhranshu Chowdhary 


^1^7" ■ ECifififlflfj 



M Ui^drn^TTiiVT 



Revive your dead monitor 

Use CCLeaner to clean up your registry entries 

3 It may not necessarily be a virus 
problem. If you've set many of your 
applications to initialise on startup, then 
it will take some time to get the system 
to start. Go to Start and enter "msconfig" 
in the search box. You'll have a pop-up 
showing a few tabs. Under the Startup 
tab, you can see all the programs that 
load when the system starts up. If there 
are lots of programs/applications ticked 
in this, then it's wise to uncheck the ones 
you don't need to start 
up with the system. But 
critical applications 
such as an anti-virus 
program should ide- 
ally be left enabled. 

If reducing the 
number of programs on 
startup isn't helping, 
then you might want 
to clean your registry 
entries. Use CCleaner. 
As a bonus, it also backs 
up the registry changes. 

Si No signal 

I'm facing a very big 
problem. Whenever I 

turn on my PC, the AOC monitor displays 
"no signal" with even the BIOS screen 
not displaying. I've checked every cable, 
RAM and CPU fan - all are working well. 
Why then does my monitor display no 
signal? I don't have a graphics card on 
my motherboard. It's really killing me. 
Please help. 
My configuration is: 

• RAM: 1GB 

• Processor: Intel dual core 


Digit I December 2011 1 

Grab a f reebie! 

DownLoad Fast Track to Bada for 

Steve Jobs's last words 

Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow' 


Motherboard: Asus 
Hard drive: 320 Seagate 

W Just disconnect everything. Remove 
the CMOS battery and use the BIOS reset 
on the motherboard to reset everything. 
Remove your RAM sticks, use an eraser 
to rub the contacts, and then re-insert 
properly. Re-insert the CMOS battery 
and start up the PC to see if it works. 

If this doesn't work, get your 
power supply checked, and also 
your motherboard. Make sure 
you have a PC speaker, or try and 
remember if your PC used to beep 
when starting earlier. If it used 
to, you have a speaker, and you 
should try disconnecting all hard 
drives, RAM sticks, DVD drives, 
etc., and try starting up with just 
the motherboard connected to 
the power. If you don't hear any 
beeps, it's probably your mother- 
board, and you will have to give 
it for repair, or get it replaced. 

Si In limbo 

I've been a regular reader of your mag and 
Taiio Kano Like the bit.Ly Links. TLiank you for provid- 
ing tLie nerds witLi tLieir own stapLe mag :) 

I have a Compaq Presario Laptop, 
it's just two months oLd. I've instaLLed 
Windows 7 x64 (Home premium). 
RecentLy, I instaLLed Pocket Tanks but on 
Launching it, the game just hangs at the 
weLcome screen as if there's no hardware 

Compaq C700 

support for it. The touchpad becomes 
unresponsive. I aLso tried instaLLing 
Limbo and had the same thing happen. 
I even instaLLed DirectX 9c (since the 
game couLdn't fire without it). However, it 
continues to give the error "0x000007c". 

I'm fed up of this since I can easiLy 
pLay Counter-Strike but not Limbo or 
Pocket Tanks. PLease heLp. 

Varun Jindai 

1^ The good ol' Pocket Tanks? That 
would need dosbox to run. You can 
get it from You could also 
install Windows XP mode and run the 
game in that. For Limbo, just check the 
minimum system requirements. Since 
you haven't told us what configuration 
your Compaq is, we can't really give 
you a proper answer. However, Limbo, 
as far as we know, needs a GPU that 
supports Shader Model 3.0, and your 
laptop may not be capable of that. CS is 
that popular in India especially because 
of the low system requirements - it 
will run on pretty much anything! 


iPhone 4S available 

While we're closing issue, AirteL 
and AirceL announced midnigiit 
Launches of the 4S for India 

Offline Forum? 

On the Digit DVD this month, you'LL find an offline browsabLe 
version of the Digit forum. It's jam packed with hardware 
troubleshooting tips and much more... 

9 Salsa issues 

I've been using HTC SaLsa since the past 
few months. The problem I'm facing has to 
do with the phone's internal memory. Of the 
available 150 MB internal memory, most is 
consumed by preloaded applications which I 
can't uninstall. Moreover, many applications 
once downloaded are saved in the phone's 
memory instead of on the SD card, due 
to which the phone shows a low internal 
memory warning many times. 

Please help me in this regard. The 
phone came with a 2GB SD card, of which 
more than 1 GB is lying empty. 

Dr Pankaj Gandotra 

™ You can always move the down- 
loaded apps from your phone memory 
toyourSD card. Goto Settings > 
Applications > Manage Appli- 
cations . Select the applications and 
move them to the SD card by clicking on 
that button saying "Move to SD card". 

© Not a Samsung Corby 

I brought a Samsung Wave 525 phone 
about three months back. Since then, it's 
been giving lots of problems - the most 
irritating of them is that it hangs too 
much. Even swiping the screen to unlock 
takes more time than usual. When 
moving from one tab in the browser to 
another, the phone hangs. Is there any 
way of improving my phone's perfor- 

mance? I've already tried the authorised 
service centre, but not much help was 
provided. I've even scanned my phone 
with Norton Antivirus many times, but 
performance didn't improve. Its perfor- 
mance is much poorer as compared to 
the previous models from Samsung like 
the Corby. Please help as I'm frustrated 
by repeatedly formatting my phone to 
improve its performance. 

Subroto Goswomi 

J You might want to try updating 
the firmware. You can do this by 
installing the Samsung Kies soft- 
ware on your system. Once the Kies 
application is installed, connect 
the phone to your system. You'll be 
prompted to install new firmware if 
you're still running old firmware. 
Also, try not to run many appli- 
cations at the same time. You can 
use an advanced task killer app to 
kill unwanted applications run- 
ning in the background. 

3 Memory loss 

My PC configuration is: 

• Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 645 

• Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-890GPA- 

• RAM: Kingston 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz 

• Hard drive: Seagate 1 TB 

I installed genuine Windows 7 
Ultimate 64 bit OS knowing that it 
can use the full 4GB of RAM but after 

installing , when I went to the system 
properties, it said "Installed Memory 
(RAM) : 4.00 GB (3.50 GB usable)". My 
Processor also supports 64 bit OS. 
Please help me solve this problem. 

Prashant Lakra 

z/ So you have an issue where you're 
sort of losing 500MB of RAM. First 
of all, see if your BIOS is the latest 
one by logging onto Gigabyte's web 
site and checking out the Downloads 
section of your motherboard page. 

You haven't mentioned what graphics 
card you use. In case you don't have 
a graphics card, maybe the onboard 
video is using some part of your system 
RAM. This is common as sometimes the 
onboard video is unable to cope with 
the workload. You can go into the BIOS 
and see how much memory is allo- 
cated for onboard video. Try changing 
that to what you feel should leave you 
with enough space on the memory. 

In case you have a graphics 
card and are still getting this mes- 
sage, the Go to msconfig > Boot 
tab > Advanced Options. 
Here set the maximum memory to 
4096 (your total RAM value). Click 
on "Apply" and then "Ok". Now 
restart your system to see if the 
complete RAM is being utilised. 

Also try enabling the Memory 
Remap feature in the Advanced 
settings of your BIOS. H 

Not a Samsung Corby? 

Systenn properties 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 






Case Modding 

PDF archives 

Don't miss the PDFs of past issues 
of Digit on the Digit DVD. That's a 
Lifetime of reading for most 

Google's self-driving cars 

The project is stiLL far from being viable, but Google 
has set up a demonstration system on its campus 

DOOM, This case modder went so far as 
to recreate the air-Lock from Doom 3. Let 
your imaginations run wild... 

Anirudh Regidi 

readersletters@thinkdigit. com 

A case mod is not just about 
making a PC look cool, it's 
about expressing yourself, 
showing the world what 
your PC can be, not just a "black box" (in 
cabinet terms, black is the new beige) that 
houses your precious hardware. Case 
mods need to be functional as well and 
air flow has to be intelligently managed. 
There's no point in a killer case mod if it 
actually "kills" your hardware is there? 
The tools you'll need will depend entirely 
on how you plan to modify the case. Some 
things that you'll require regardless are 
a vivid imagination, a certain degree of 
muscle power (a rarity among us geeks) 
and prowess with power tools (hah!). 
Before we begin, a small lecture on 
airflow. As you must already know, good 

airflow is a must if you want to keep 
your hardware cool. The airflow must be 
sensible and not just haphazardly flowing 
over your components; just because you 
have open side panels need not mean that 
your components are being cooled. Dust 
is also a very big issue and as important to 
manage as the airflow. It can clog up your 
heat sinks, impede airflow and generally 
create a mess. Your cooling fans 
and vents must be positioned 
in such a way that the airflow 
over your components is 
as smooth and as unin- 
terrupted as possible as 
turbulent air can create 
pockets of higher tempera- 
ture. The best way to achieve 
this is proper cable man- 
agement, try to design or 
purchase a case that allows 
you to place the extraneous 

Bored with the bland 
computer cases available 
in the nnarket? We help 
you get started on the 
case of your dreams. A 
dream that you can bring 
to life yourself 



cables behind the motherboard. Cable ties 
and sleeves will come in very handy here. 
Based on the design, you usually end up 
with a positive pressure case or a negative 
pressure one. In the case of the latter, dust 
will enter the case through passive intakes 
or vents and in the former, dust will enter 
via the intake fans. Placing dust filters 
in such areas is highly recommended. 
Good quality 120 mm fans from 
companies like Thermalright 
and Noctua, etc. can easily 
set you back by as much 
as ?1,000 or more. 

Simple case mods 
involve cutting a hole in a 
side panel, placing LEDs, 
extra fans, etc. You can easily 
get electroluminescent 
A spare wheel? Not at all. cables and LEDs and such 
A peek at what a dedicated from hardware stores. UV 

modder can do 

reactive tubes can give an 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


A/2 Sheriar Baug, A-Block, 2nd Floor, R Bhatt Marg, Opp J J Hospital Gate No. 6, Noor Baug, Mumbai - 400009. 

• Tel: +91 22 66102080/ 66102090 • Fax: +91 22 23775014 • Email: • Web: 

Also available at: 


I » 


Case Modding 

Top 10 Fast Tracks 

The Digit DVD you got along witii tiiis 
issue lias PDFs of tine 10 most popular 
Fast Tracks Digit lias ever pubLisiied 

Icons of Trust 2012 

Remember to complete our Icons of Trust survey, and rank tecii brands based 
on your experiences. Lucky winners get prizes, everyone contributes to better 
experiences for Indians - 

eerie glow to your cabinet; just make 
sure to install UV lights or you'll be left 
with only coloured tubes! For a true 
case mod however, forget the traditional 
cabinet designs. Let your imagination 
run wild. People have built computers 
into mannequins, microwave ovens, 
toasters, desks, alloy wheels and even 
remote control cars and stuffed teddy 
bears. Other than the usual limitations 
of having your CPU on the motherboard, 
among other things, your HDD, PSU, 
etc. can be placed wherever you like and 
their location and orientation is limited 
only by cable length. Slot loading ODDs 
are superb as you can mask them very 
easily; PWM fan controllers with LCDs 
look really cool and you can also care- 
fully manage your airflow with them. 

Before starting work on the case make 
sure that you're very clear about what it 
is that you want to make. Blueprints in 
the form of rough sketches, at least, are 
a good idea. Once you know what you 
want, it's time to choose the materials. 
While doing this, bear in mind the weight 
of the components that you'll be using. 
PSUs are heavy and would require a 
correspondingly sturdy material. The 
motherboard also needs proper support. 
While you don't require a flat surface to 
mount the motherboard on, you must 
ensure that the screw mounts are level 
and isolated. Graphics cards and CPU 
coolers can also be quite heavy and your 
motherboard should be mounted in such 
a way as to distribute the load uniformly. 
When mounting acrylic sheets in a panel, 
ensure that the sheet is mounted using 
rubber strips held together with silica 
gel or something similar. You wouldn't 
want it to keep popping out, would you? 
Basically, once you're clear about the key 
support points, the motherboard screw- 
holes, hard disk and optical disk mount 
points, graphics card screws, fan/radiator 
mounts, etc., you can then freely do what 
you like with the rest of the design. Make 
liberal use of masking tape. You can 
tape up, say, a side panel in which you 
want to fit a window and then sketch a 
neat shape that you want to carve. That 
way, you can easily modify your design 
at the last minute without damaging 
the surface finish of your panel. 


A "steampunked" case mod 

Go wild with LEDs and UV reactive tubes! 

One of the more tame case mods. 

An example of bad cable management. 

Materials like plaster of paris can be 
used for masking areas, as well as for 
creative modelling. You can quite easily 
design a castle with crenelated walls 
and gargoyles strewn all over the place. 

Under any circumstances, please remember 
that your safety is of the utmost importance 
while building or modding your case. Safety 
goggles and gloves, etc are needed, but 
you also need to know what you're doing. 
Ignorance is not bliss in this case, it will 
more likely result in a chopped off finger or a 
few missing teeth. You don't want to put your 
actual blood and tears into your work. Power 
tools and even hacksaws and tin snips can be 
extremely dangerous and unless you have had 
previous experience with them (mechanical 
engineers rejoice!), DO NOT mess around with 
them without proper supervision. Read all 
safety instructions first before proceeding 
and when messing with paints and chemicals, 
ensure that you have a face mask as some- 
times the fumes can be poisonous. 

Who says you need a box? 

or make the case look like some craggy 
mountain or some sort of hideous beast, 
like maybe a grinning chimpanzee whose 
mouth hides your USB slots. Be sure not to 
impede the functionality of the case by cov- 
ering up some handy screw hole or button. 

Now for the finishing touches. Putty is 
good. A bit of sanding and grinding will 
get rid of sharp edges. Sandpaper should 
suffice but you might need something 
stronger depending on the materials you 
chose. A lick of paint can give your case 
that much needed colour. Spray paint is 
the easiest option. If you have access to 
a proper garage and workshop, you can 
even try automotive paint to give your case 
a more professional look. Apply varnish 
as well so as to preserve the paint. 

Don't forget to post the pics on 
our facebook and twitter pages! Who 
knows, the best case might end up 
getting featured in the magazine!Q 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 








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Lenovo Accessories available at Lenovo Exclusive Stores &c All Leading Retail Outlets 

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:hannelising the IT revolution Web: 

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We 9CHpt iNjor Credit Cards I Dc^Cdnds \ Met Bankfne I Ctih Cards j P^oMtPflymems [S&l- P^ynnaie) 

Tips & Tricks 


Apple has always been the 
epitome of easy-to-use products; 
the Mac OS X is no exception. 
Here are a few handy tips to fur- 
ther increase ease of use, tricks you 
never knew and a few interesting 
software all Mac users must have. 

T Spotlight 

Let's start with one of the most 
highly used features of the Mac 
OS X - Spotlight. It rests on the 
top-right corner of the home 
screen represented by a mag- 
nifying glass, which you can 
click to open the feature. Alter- 
natively, press [Command] + 
[Space bar]. You probably 
already know that you can use 
it to search for files, folders or to 
launch applications. These fol- 
lowing tips will help you further 
filter your search. 

Search in Spotlight 

If you search for anything using 
quotation marks, Spotight will 
only look up for files and folders 



Search in Spotlight 

that contain the exact term inside 
the quotation mark. You don't 
need to complete the quotation 
marks; starting the search with 
open quotes tells Spotlight that 
it should search for items that 
include the words that follow. 

Search using nnetadata 

Apart from searching for files 
and folders. Spotlight further 
searches for metadata, viz file 
information created during its 
generation. If you control-click 
any file or folder and open the 
Get Info window you'll find all 
the metadata the file stores. The 
interesting part here is that the 
file information is not limited to 
that data, which means you can 
add your own keywords to every 


Mac OS X 83 

digiKam 86 

Data backupon mobile phones 88 

Tips & Tricks iias its own page numbers, and does not follow tiie rest 1 

of tine magazine's page numbers. This is done to ensure that you can r 

cut out and save T&T in a separate folder for later reference. J 

Use nnetadata info to search 


- -j-^. 









; 1 ii '' 1 



Add nnetadata 

file. To do so, in the same Get Info 
window, you'll find a box that 
reads "Spotlight Comments:"; 
here's where you can add your 
comments. You can now direct 
Spotlight to search for the file you 
want based on this data. 

More tips to further 
Linnit your search 

If you know the exact name of the 
file for which you're searching, 
type name:file. 

If you know the author of the 
file, use authonauthor name. 

If you know the type of file, use 


•liiiPII#Mf laiMI^ 
tf »IM#-HUJJ:i|iH 

^■"f Further streannLine your search 

You'll be surprised by how 
much Mac lets you exploit this 
feature and understands exactly 
what you need. Your keyword for 
"kind:" can include almost any- 
thing i.e. movies, email, audio, 
MPS, JPEG, PNG, images, key- 
note, word, PowerPoint, Quick- 
Time, PDF, app, etc. 

You can also use a combina- 
tion of all of the above to further 
narrow down your search. 

Look up definitions with 

In Spotlight, just type in the word 
for which you want a definition. 
You'll see that a short definition 
appears in the search results. To 
expand the word's definition just 
let your cursor hover over it and 
you'll be able to view the entire 

Define words with Spotlight 

Calculate with 

Yes, you can use Spotlight 
as a calculator, all you need 
to do is type in the desired 
math equation. For example, 
type 55''55/100+50 and you'll 
get the answer 80.25. It's as 
simple as that and you no 
longer need to find the Cal- 
culator app unless you want 
to perform complex equa- 
tions. To find the square of a 


Find square root 

number, just enter pow ( 5 , 2 ) . 
Likewise you can enter 
sqrt(number) to find the 
square root. 


CaLcuLate with Alfred 

Alternatively you can use 
Alfred, a productivity appli- 
cation. It's available in both, 
free as well as paid package. 
The paid version of the app 
can increase your produc- 
tivity manifold. It's a great 
app to have. 

Vol 11 1 83 

Digit I December 2011 


Tips & Tricks 

T Spaces and Expose 
(Leopard and Snow 

They are the second-most used 
features in Mac OS X. We guess 
everyone knows what exactly 
Spaces and Expose do but here 
are a few tips we're sure you 
didn't know of 

appHcation to be moved simul- 
taneously In such a case, all 
you need to do is press down 
either [Command] or [Shift] 
while moving the application's 
window and you'll find that all 
the open windows of that appli- 
cation have been moved to the 
desired Space. 

Move windows while holding down [Shift] or [Connnnand] 

While in Expose, press [Tab] 
to move through various open 
apps and their specific windows 
in Expose mode (called Expose's 
Application Windows). How- 
ever, in Snow Leopard, when 
you use Expose's Application 
Windows mode. Expose will 
present to you all the windows 
from that selected application 
regardless of which Space they 
are present in i.e. if you have a 
Word document open in four 
different Spaces, Expose will 
show all of them on the screen 
and if you select the document 
from a different Space other than 
the current Space, Expose will 
directly take you to that Space. 

While in Spaces, say you 
want to move an application 
window to another Space 
and while doing so, you want 
all the open windows of that 

t Navigate with your 
keyboard in Finder 

This trick definitely saves a lot of 
time. Say you're in a particular 
folder and want to search for a 
particular file but the folder con- 
tains many files, hence scrolling 
to find it would prove difficult. 
Here's a simple solution: high- 
light the window you're in and 
start typing the name of the file. 
You'll find that your desired file 
has been found and highlighted. 

t Use Windows title 
bar icons 

Let's say you have a file open, 
for example a JPEG file, and you 
want to check where exactly the 
file lies or you want to move it 
to another location. You'd nor- 
mally open up the Finder, try to 
remember where you had saved 
it, if lucky then navigate to the 




New Finder window 

[Cmd] + [N] 

Close a window 

[Cmd] +[W] 

Quit an application 

[Cmd] + [Q] 

Copy and Paste 

[Cmd] + [C] and [Command] + [V] 

Switch between apps 

[Cmd] + [Tab] 

Open Spotliglnt 

[Cmd] + [Space] 

Force-quit apps 

[Cmd] + [Option] + [Esc] 

Open Front Row 

[Cmd] + [Esc] 

Start up in Verbose mode 

Press and hold [Cmd] + [V] during startup 

Sleep innnnediately without confirnna- 

[Cmd] + [Opt] + [Eject] 

Restart innnnediately without confir- 

[Cmd] + [Ctrl] + [Eject] 

Shutdown immediately without 

[Cmd] + [Opt] + [Ctrl] + [Eject] 

Show dialog with Restart, Sleep and 
Shutdown options 

Ctrl] + [Eject] 

Put display to sleep 

[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Eject] 

Talk to your friends on GTaLk, MSN, etc with Adiunn 

folder and if not you'd open up 
Spotlight, search for the file, figure 
out the saved path and then navi- 
gate to the desired folder. Here's 
an easier way to do the same 
and you'll really be amazed at 
how much time it saves once you 
learn how it works. ]V[ost pro- 
grams have an icon to the exact 
left of the file name in the title bar 
of the window. This icon repre- 
sents the actual file. Now to find 
where exactly this file is saved all 
you need to do is either control- 
click or right-click the icon. This 
will open up a menu displaying 
the folder structure of the file; 
clicking on any of the options will 
open the same in Finder. Now, if 
you want to move the file, all you 
need to do is click and hold the 
icon and then drag and drop it to 
the desired place and voila, it's 
done. Now, a thing to note here is 
that with certain applications like 
TextEdit and formats like PDF, an 
alias of the file is made rather than 
moving the actual file. 

tTake screenshots 

Just press down [Command] + 
[Shift] + [3] and you'll hear 
a click sound. The image is cap- 
tured and will be saved to your 
desktop. Pressing [Command] 
+ [Shift] + [4]givesyou 

the option to choose the area you 
want to capture. Pressing [ Com - 
mand] + [Shift] + [4] 
followed by [Space] will allow 
you to take the screenshot of a 
window without needing you to 
select the area manually. In case 
you want the image to be saved to 
the clipboard, you need to press 
[Control] + [Command] + [Shift] + 
[3]. The same applies to the other 
two commands; just remember 
to hold down the control button 
when you want to save the image 
to the clipboard. Alternatively, 
you can use Grab, the application 
which comes bundled with your 

T Accurately control 

Usually when you increase or 
decrease the volume in IVLac you 
notice that it reduces or increases 
by one box. For those who need 
more accurate volume control 
press [Option] + [Shift] 
+ [Volume Up/Down]; you can 
now set the volume half way or 
quarter way down the box. 


If you haven't already realised, 
IVIac can read a NTFS volume but 
can't write them. Go ahead and 

Digit I December 2011 

Vol 11 1 84 

Tips & Tricks 



OS X safe boot 

Force OS X startup 

Choose startup disk before booting 

Start up from a CD or DVD 

Start up in FireWire Target Disk nnode 

Bypass primary startup volume and to choose a differ- 
ent startup volume 

Eject CD on boot 

^' Startup in Single-User mode (command line) 
Start up in Verbose mode 
Sleep immediately without confirmation 
Restart immediately without confirmation 
Shutdown immediately without confirmation 
Show dialog with Restart, Sleep and Shutdown options 
Put display to sleep 

install NTFS 3G, which will by itself install 
MacFuse . Voila! You can now read and write 
a NTFS volume on Mac. Now, you can also use 
disk utility to format a drive to NTFS format. 
Sadly, a Mac OS X Lion supported version is 
not out yet. 


It's an Open Source instant messaging appli- 
cation for the Mac OS X. It supports most 
IM networks including Google Talk, Yahoo 
Messenger, AOL, Twitter, MSN, Facebook etc. 
You can update your Facebook status, talk to 
friends on Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger all 
under one application. An excellent applica- 
tion to have especially if you're a social buff. 


If you've been searching for a Direct Connect 
client for Mac OS X, look no further. Shake- 
sPeer is an Open Source DC client with an 
extremely easy-to-use interface. Plus, it's abso- 
lutely stable. 

mother cool things your Mac 
can do: 

SLo-mo with Mac 

While minimising or maximising Windows 
or while using Expose or Spaces you can slow 
down the way the process takes place. All you 

Save as new version 


Press and hold [Shift] during startup 

Press and hold [X] during startup 

Press and hold [Option] during startup 

Press and hold [C] during startup 

Press and hold [T] during startup 

Press and hold [Cnnd] + [Opt] + [Slnift] + [Delete] during 

Press and hold tine nnouse button once you pusln tine power 

Press and hold [Cnnd] + [S] during startup 

Press and hold [Cnnd] + [V] during startup 

[Cnnd] + [Opt] + [Eject] 

[Cmd] + [Ctrl] + [Eject] 

[Cmd] + [Opt] + [Ctrl] + [Eject] 

[Ctrl] + [Eject] 

[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Eject] 

need to do is hold down [Shift] while doing 
the above mentioned tasks. This looks really 
cool, try it. 

Get the Apple Logo 

Ever wanted to put the Apple logo in your 

documents? Here's how you can: 

In TextEdit or Google Docs, hold down 
[Option] + [Shift] + [K].There!You 
have your very own ll logo . 

IMake your Mac talk 
January 1984 - the year Steve Jobs 
unveiled the first Apple IMacintosh, the 
year we all first heard a IVIac speak. For 
those of you who haven't been able to 
figure out how to make your IMac talk, 
here's how to do it. Open up Terminal 
and fire in this command: say "what- 
ever you want it to say". It's 
that simple. You can even ask your Mslc 
to read out from a .txt file. Fire in this 
command: say -f -/Desktop/test, 
txt. Replace -/Desktop/test .txt 
if the file you want to be read from is 
placed elsewhere. 

Alternatively, in TextEdit go to Edit 
> Speech > Start talking and 
]V[ac will read out all the content from 
the .txt file. 

Invert colours 

If you're bored looking at the same coloured 
screen time and again, here's a cool twist you 
can add to your IMac. Just press [Control] 
+ [Option] + [Command] + [8]. Enjoy the 
new look. 

Vol 11 1 85 

^opgun TOP GUN 

Best of the Best 1 u|f HNUllUUlbv 

e aest Network It Security Labs in India 

Others Rromis^. 
We Deliver ! 


For A Highly Paid Career 
in India and Abroad 

Special 10th Anniversary offer 


CCNA Voice 





Rs. 8,000/- 
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Rs. 40,000/- 

All Labs Conducted on CCIE Racks 

Congrats to our Latest CCIEs 

Mr. Parvej Alam 
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Mr. Ponprasath V 
Mr. Akhil Verghese 
Mr. Ajai Narasimhamurthy 
Mr. Rajesh K Joseph 
Mr. Suvesh Sachan 
Mr. Syed Taukir Nassar 
Mr. Sumit Kumar 

CCIE #30714 
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CCIE Training 

Special 15 days Bootcamp for 

CCIE(R&S) : Rs. 60,000/- 

Training Advisor 


BE, MS(USA), LLB, CCIE # 14792, (Security / R&S), 

Lab Equipped with : 

1 50 Cisco Routers (281 1 , 1 841 , 2621 XM, 
3600, 2600, 2500, 1700, 700), 40 Cisco 
Catalyst Switches (5000, 3750, 3560, 
3550,3000, 2950, 2900), Frame- Relay / 
ISDN, 12 Firewalls: SonicWall,Watchguard, 
Cisco PIX 515 E(UR), ASA 5510, PIX 501, 
3005 VPN concentrator, 4240, 4210 IPS 
sensor, Nokia IP 330, Check Point, 
CiscoWAP/ NICs, Cisco Call Manager MCS 
7825, Cisco IP Phones 7960, 7961. 

Local Accomodation Available 

We have Graduated over 85 CCIEs. 

Visit our Website : 

SMS 080- 65616600 

(D 080-23528500 

If you find a better Institute to do 
any of these courses. Join it ! 


Tips & Tricks 

Zoom into anything 


Hold down the control button and 

scroll up to zoom in and scroll 

down to zoom out. 


digiKam is arguably one of the 
most - if not the best - compre- 
hensive digital photo manage- 
ment tools available for Linux 
and it puts even some commercial 
software to shame. Those who use 
KDE on Linux should be aware of 
this application since it is often 




w^ Miim i M m 

digiKam Listing the original 
innage along with derived 
innages and the operations 
used to derive them 

the default photo management 
tool included. 

It has an impressive feature 
set including an advanced image 
editor with features such as non- 
destructive image editing, ver- 
sioning, face recognition and sim- 
ilar photo search. Complimenting 
this are the large number of plug- 
ins and support for all major image 
and metadata formats. 

T Run digiKam on 

While digiKam is part of KDE 
and was designed and devel- 
oped for Linux, it's written in 
the cross-platform Qt frame- 
work, and has thus been ported 
to Windows as well. Porting 
KDE to Windows is a part of a 
larger project. 

digiKam for Windows can 
be acquired in two ways. You 
can either download it as a 
stand-alone software from 

^ i.^m^•mm. mf,^ . j, - f 

' 1^ !ii'^!L 

Scan for faces 

the digiKam web site (http:// 
www.digikam.Grg/), or you can 
download it as a part of KDE 
for Windows from the KDE 
Windows project web site 

We recommend the second 
method, as digiKam has 
many KDE dependencies 
that are included with the 
Windows version and 
push its size to around 
250 MB. On the other 
hand, installing it using 
the KDE for Window 
installers might take up 
300 MB or more, but it 
includes many more KDE 

from the imager ver- 
sioning panel, and 
even see the edit 
operations applied 
between them. 


While the facial 
recognition tools in 
I digiKam aren't as 
powerful as those in 
Picasa, they can still be useful 
if you choose to use digiKam as 
your primary photo management 

To start the process: 
• Click on people on the left of the 
interface (or click on the menu 
and go to Browse > People) 

^Version your 
images with 

Since digiKam sup 
ports image versioning, 
it's possible to store multiple 
copies of the same image with 
different edits. 

You can edit images in 
digiKam's editor either by 
selecting them and pressing 
[F4], or right-clicking and 
selecting "Edit..." Make all the 
edits you want, however instead 
of saving the image, click on 
"Save As New Version". 

Clicking on the "Save as new 
version" button will leave the 
original image untouched. 

This will save the new edited 
image in the same album as 
the original and add the edited 
image to the history of the original 
image. This way you can browse 
through all the edits of an image 



\- - ' 

, . . j 



' ■■• ■^ irir 


-■i__._u^_. 11 

—— j^^^^^^^^i 



•m- -- — 


"^^ — llta ^ 










Tagging innages taken at the Taj MahaL 
dragging and dropping thenn where the 
innage was taken 

• Click on "Scan collection for 

• Run the scan with the default 

Advanced options let you con- 
trol the accuracy of the detection. 

Once the scan is complete, 
digiKam would have identified 
whatever looks like faces in your 
photographs. Like any facial 
recognition system, there will 
be misidentifications (i.e. faces 
not recognised, and non-faces 
recognised as faces). digiKam 
will only identify faces, but not 
recognize them. You'll need to 
add the tags yourself. 

t Quickly geo-tag 

Many point-and-click cameras 
don't have GPS, which can make 
geo-tagging images quite a pain 
after you're done taking hun- 
dreds of shots. Luckily, 
digiKam is quite helpful 
here as well. 

digiKam offers a simple 
drag -and-drop inter- 
face for geo-tagging your 
images. Here's what you 
need to do: 

• Select the images you wish 
to geo-tag 

• Click on the menu, go to 
Image > Geo-location 

• In the dialog that opens up, 
click on the Search tab on 
the right 

• Search for the location of 
the shot, and select the best 
matching location 

The images you had selected will 
be visible in a list below, simply 
drag and drop them onto the 
map above 


Searching for sinnlLar images 

Digit I December 2011 

Vol 11 1 86 

Tips & Tricks 



Searching for duplicate images 

• You can drag each image indi- 
vidually into place if you took 
shots around a location and also 
select multiple images and drag 
them to the same place. 

• Click on "apply" 

Your images are now geo- 

t Fuzzy Searches 

An image is worth a thousand 
words, unfortunately, even if 

you could describe an image in a 
thousand words, your computer 
may not be able to find it. Images 
aren't words, you so searching for 
images has to be more than about 
searching for words. Fortunately 
digiKam has exactly such a thing. 
digiKam includes a Fuzzy 
Search feature that searches for 
images based on images - some- 
thing on the lines of Google's new 
Image Search. If you provide it 

one image and a threshold it will 
look for images that are similar 
to the provided image within the 
threshold. Another option is to 
make a rough sketch of the image 
as you remember it, and digiKam 
will return similar images. 

You can find similar images 
by right-clicking on an image and 
selecting "Find Similar..." 

To search for an image 
based on a sketch, you can use 
the Fuzzy Search panel acces- 

sible on the left of the interface. 
Here you'll find three options: 
image (search based on similar 
images), sketch (searching for 
images based on a sketch) and 
duplicate image search. 

V Searching for 
duplicate images 

Duplicate image search is more 
than just about duplicate files, 
but duplicate image data. So 
two images with different sizes 

digiKam options for metadata storage 



ZOTAC ZBOX nano mini-PC series bundled 
rith Windows Media Center remote control 
ihrinks the standard ZBOX form factor and 
adds more home theatre PC friendly features 
for your digital media needs. 


Size: 1 27x1 27x/i5mm 



AMD E-350 APU Platform (1.6GHz, dual-core) 
AMD Radeon^^HD 6310 GPU 

Remote control included. 



VIA Nano™ X2 U4025 CPU (1 .2GHz, dual-core) 
VIA VX900H chipset and Chrome? GPU 

ZOTAC mini-PCs 
Distributed by: 

b Aditya Infotech Ltd. 

^ Tel: 0120-4555666 





Tips & Tricks 

(i.e. resized) will show up here, 
and you can delete the lower 
quality versions. You can also 
use the similar image search 
tool to look for shots that look 
similar and delete / mark the 
versions that look bad. 

T Configure what 
metadata goes in files 

Since digiKam can manage 
metadata both in files and in a 
database, it's important to con- 
sider what kind of data should 
go where. The metadata added 
to files is accessible to whoever 
has access to the files. On the 
other hand, the metadata stored 
in a database is only accessible 
to those who have access to your 
digiKam installation on your 
account, on your computer. 

There might be some meta- 
data that you might not want 
to share with others when you 
upload your files online, or email 
them to someone. The good thing 
about digiKam is that you can 
configure what metadata should 
be stored in the file and what 
should remain in the database. 
You can access these settings by 
goingto Settings > Menu > 
Configure digiKam... 

In the configuration dialog, 
click on "Metadata" 

Under "Common Metadata 
Actions" select the metadata that 
you'd like embedded in the files. 

One important thing to note 
is that any data not stored in the 
database will also not travel with 
the files. So if you take your files 
with you on a pen drive, you won't 
have access to the metadata from 
other computers where you open 
the file. 


Managing the data on your mobile 
phone can be a considerable pain 
if you don't have the latest backup 
and the phone goes kaput. But 
with different platforms, the 
method of doing that varies. 

Here are some methods that 
work cross-platform. 

T Backup with 
desktop software 

Every smartphone manufac- 
turer offers their version of the 
desktop data backup software. 
Nokia has the Ovi Suite, Black- 
berry offers the Desktop Soft- 
ware, Apple has iTunes and 
every manufacturer making 
Android phones has a version 
for them too. 

Nokia Ovi suite 

Without connecting the 
phone, you need to install the 
desktop application and plug 
the phone using the USB route. 
Allow the phone to be detected. 
Usually, you're asked to give 
the phone a name, so as to iden- 
tify it later. Once done, make 
a backup of contacts, multi- 
media and messages. 

For iTunes, the process is 
a little different. There's no 
clear "backup" key. Once the 
device is connected to the PC, 
and shows up in the left bar 
in iTunes, right-click on the 
device name. Here, you'll see 
the Backup option. 

Now let's take a look at each 
platform individually, and see 
what they offer over and above 
the desktop backup route. 


With Google's Android, you 
simply get the Google integra- 
tion. Back up contacts to your 
Google account. Once you set 
up the Google account on the 
phone, allow it to sync com- 
pletely once, before you turn 
off auto-sync, if at all. 

Not only that, you can 
download a free app called 
SMS Backup+. Sign in to your 

MyBackup Pro 

Gmail account and backup 
SMSes. These mes- 
sages will show under 
the newly created 
"SMS" label in your 

An app that costs 
$5 (?262) called 
MyBackup Pro lets 
you save almost 
everything, with 
the option of saving 
either to the SD card 
or the cloud storage. The 
only caveat is if you reset you 


Apart from iTunes, iOS 5 
brings in the iCloud feature 
that allows you to sync your 
data on the cloud. It will back 
up contacts, calendar, book- 
marks, mails, reminders and 
even documents. 


Sometime back, RIM launched 
the BlackBerry Protect 
service. For anyone buying a 
BlackBerry phone now, this 
app will be preinstalled. For 
anyone who has an older BB 
device, head to the App World 
to download Protect app. Once 
downloaded, register with 



Advanced Properties 

your email ID, select what all 
to sync, specify the update 
intervals and you're good to 
go. In case you're resetting 
the device, just sign in to Pro- 
tect the next time and select 


phone, you'll need to reinstall 
this app before restoring data. 

iTunes backup 

SMS Backup-i- 

"restore". Choose the backup 
you want to restore and allow 
it to make the changes. 


Not many options available here. 
Head off to the Ovi Store from 
within the phone. Download the 
Backup 2 Go app. This app will 
back up the data, and if you want 
it to restore on a USB drive, it will 
do that on a device - like the N8 
-that has a USB port. H 

Digit I December 2011 

Vol 11 1 88 


Make Life Simple' 




• Elegant bookmark design USB drive. 

• The capless design adds style to this 
storage solution. 

• Store and transfer images, music, 
documents, games, and more! 



No. 1 Market Share in the U.S. retail marlcet 

* Market research from The NPD Group J nc. Sep, 2011 

M1 /Curve Attache 

Flash Memory wv 

Memory Upgrades 


Authorized Partner 





Celebrate PNY new Fan Page and get 

PNY Authorized Distributors: 

Fortune Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Balaji Solutions Ltdi 

V270w (Coming soon) 


Gift on 

Facebook wwwJacebook.comlpnyindia 

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Email: sales@fortune-it.conn 


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Also available on: 



Evolution of computing over the Last decade 
has seen a distinct differentiation based on 
the nature of the workload. On the one hand 
you have the computing heavy tasks while on the 
other, there are graphics intensive tasks. Rewind back 
a decade, and you will remember almost every other 
motherboard having a dedicated display port as the 
graphics processor was onboard. Also some present 
day processors which sport integrated graphics also 
have IGP ports on the board. But with the graphical 
workloads getting more advanced and outputs more 
realistic, vou would need to invest in a dedicated 

instance you can rip a movie in the backgrounc 

graphics proce 
the CPU and th 

lit to divide tasks 

the CPU and the GPU. Another advantage of having 
a dedicated graphics processing unit is the fact that 
it lets your CPU be free to perform other tasks. For 



playing a game. 

We're used to seeinq pixel 

iinq monstei 

that can spit out millions of polygons per second, 
and run even the most demanding 3D games at blis- 
tering frame rates. Yet very few of you know exactly 
how these marvels work. Today's graphic cards are 
marvels of engineering, with over 50 times the raw 
computational power of current CPUs, but thev have 

Dmputational power of current CPUs, bu 
3r more specific and streamlined a task 

two aspects tc 
works. The firs 

standing hov 

graphics care 

works. The first is to understand how it works with 
the rest of the components in a personal computer 
to generate an image. The second part would be 
to understand the role of major components on a 

48 Digit I December 201 


At its most basic, a graphic card creates an image that 
you see on your screen from binary data that it receives 
from the CPU. This data is converted to an image in parts. 
First, wireframes are created out of straight Lines, and 
elements Like texture. Lighting and coLour are added. The 
Largest part of this work is done by the GPU, or graphic 
processing unit, a unit that compLiments the CPU that is 
responsibLe for pixeL and texture crunching among other 
things. There are other components on the graphic card 
other than the GPU, video RAM is one such component, 
as weLL as a video-decoding chip enabLing pLayback. A 
graphic card aLso has a Lot of power circuitry and power 
controLLers, for Like any PC component, CPUs need pre- 
cise power deLivery. 

Graphic cards communicate with the CPU via a bus 
system on the motherboard. The current bus is PCI 
Express. As the need for more powerfuL cards arose, 
the need for faster, more efficient communication path- 
ways between CPU and GPU aLso became more urgent. 
Therefore the AGP bus gave way to PCI Express, and 
currentLy we're at PCIe v2.0 with the next generation 

PCIe v3.0 boards aLready in circuLation. 

We've aLready estabLished that the GPU receives data 
in the binary form from the CPU. This data could be 
about a simpLe bitmap image with coLour references to 
each pixeL, or a complex 3D game, in which case there 
wiLL be changing pixel information, texture information, 
geometry information, shader information, as well as 
lighting information. 

In the past, CPU sent all data to the GPU which was 
only required to draw an output on the display and nothing 
more. But nowadays, apart from getting graphical data, the 
GPU also helps in certain computing tasks by working in 
tandem in a heterogeneous computing model with the CPU. 
For instance, offloading certain tasks from CPU which can 
be performed better & faster using parallel processing in 
the GPU (such as CUDA cores) the tasks range from trans- 
coding to molecular dynamics and computational finance 
and many more. This is also known as GPU Computing or 
such a setup is known as a GPGPU computing.. 

So let's look at what happens when you hit that game, 
exe file sitting on your desktop. 

The GPU itself performs quite a few tasks as we've 
listed. These tasks are completed in what is referred to as 
a graphics pipeline. This pipeline is what converts all this 3D 
data into an image viewable on a 2D screen - your monitor. 
Both NVIDIA and AMD have slightly different pipelines, but 
the processes and stages are roughly the same, with a few 
unique steps in the form of tweaks, optimisations and such. 
Graphically or more accurately in terms of 3D rendering, 
these stages are shown alongside. 

In case you are using an analogue display the RAMDAC 
present on the graphic card converts this digital data to an 
analogue signal to be sent to the monitor via a D-Sub cable. 
In you are using a digital connectivity such as an LCD mon- 
itor, there is no digital to analogue conversion required. ^ 





The viewpoint or orientation of the user is 
taken into account, closer objects will be larget 
and vice versa and all objects in the scene are 
manipulated on the basis of the orientation. 


This involves prunin 
be visible to the user. This saves the GPU preciou: 
computation power as calculations for objects 
not in the viewable scene need not be done. 


Objects are assigned to pixels, or in oti 
words the scene is visualised as it wol 
on your monitor - a bunch of 2D pixels 


More complex shapes are made from joininc 
the vertex points, and creating multi-sided 
wireframe models as are seen in 3D scenes. 


Non-viewable pixels are rei 

cond stage oT 



pixel. A texture is a 2D image that is added to the 
surface of a 3D object giving it a realistic look, 

while a pixel shader involves defininc "" ' ' 

Like colour, texture and depth effects to a pixel to 

special appearanc( 


How about android on your TV? 

And no we don't mean the new Onida TV. This one 
is by a Turkish company.. You don't want to miss this 

BBX running device? 

With BLackBerry facing tough times, this couLd 
be the device that saves its neck 

ASUS Eee Pad 
Transformer TFioiG 

A tablet and netbook hybrid 

Ever thought of 
blending an iPad 
with a dedicated 
keyboard, hke a net- 
book's? Sure, we all did. But 
the folks over at Asus did more 



Screen: 10.1-inch glossy, 

1280x800 resolution 

CPU: Dual-core IGHz ARM 

Cortex-A9 processor / RAM: 1 

GB / Storage: 16 GB 

GPU: ULP GeForce GPU, 

Tegra 2 T20 chipset 

OS: Android 3.2.1 Honeycomb 

Weight: 1.32 kg 


Asus India Pvt. Ltd. 



Features 8.0 

Performance 8.0 

BuiLd quality 7.0 

Value for money 7.0 

than just that with the Eee Pad 
Transformer TFIOIG. With a 
10.1-inch IPS touchscreen dis- 
play, the ASUS Eee Pad Trans- 
former has a docking station 
that's identical to any 10-inch 
ASUS Eee PC netbook's. The 
intelligent docking station 
allows the Eee Pad to trans- 
form into a 10-inch Android 
netbook, if you will, for tasks 
cumbersome to do with mere 
finger swipes. 

Its look and feel is unique 
among tablets, sporting a 
hard plastic shell with a tex- 
tured mesh finish that gives 
the tablet a premium finish. 
Where the tablet/screen fits 
into the keyboard dock, the 
sliding lock holds the two sep- 
arate parts well, with slight 
jittering — it isn't rock solid, 
nonetheless it'll do. 

The TFlOlG's screen is 
definitely one of the brightest 
we've seen on a 10-inch tablet, 
with great black levels and 
vivid colours. The dock sports 

chiclet-sized isolated keys that 
are good to type on, the dock 
has a wide touchpad. 

ASUS has also tweaked the 
vanilla Android interface to 
help maximise the end-user 
experience —for example, the 
on-screen keyboard has five 
rows instead of four featured 
on plain vanilla Honeycomb; 
the extra row adds numbers 
which can be conveniently 
typed, saving you unneces- 
sary finger clicks. The 
default water-level 
wallpaper across all 
homescreens is a bat- 
tery indicator, rising 
and falling depending 
on battery. Also, the 
Back, Home, Recent 
Apps button on the 
bottom left of the 
home screen are vis- 
ually different, more 
easier to launch than 
how they're depicted in vanilla 
Honeycomb builds. So what- 
ever tiny tweaks Asus has made 
to the Eee Pad Transformer's 
interface only enhances the 
end-user experience. 

The tablet's 5MP camera 
has a basic interface when it 
comes to clicking photos. Pic- 
tures clicked in bright sunlit 
or very well lit interiors are 
good with just a shade of 
noise. Captured video isn't 
the best in terms of quality but 
its average. The Transformer 
tablet's multimedia experi- 
ence doesn't disappoint. In 
fact it's one of the best among 
tablets we've tested. The 
Asus Transformer's onboard 
speakers are loud and clear 

even at high volumes and 
handle both music and speech 
equally well. Whether it's 
watching YouTube videos or 
HD 720p flicks, the Eee Pad 
Transformer handled video 
playback very well. And its 
audio-video performance 
helped deliver a stellar enter- 
tainment experience. 

The Asus Eee Pad Trans- 
former TFIOIG is one of the 
best tablets in terms of overall 

battery life. At full-screen 
brightness and surfing the 
web over Wi-Fi gave about 8 
hours of battery backup (with 
two fifteen hour breaks); I'm 
sure you can extract more juice 
by decreasing brightness and 
disabling Wi-Fi. But wait, 
this is just the battery life of 
the tablet; the keyboard dock 
comes with its very own bat- 
tery which adds another 3 to 4 
hours of extra battery usage off 
a single charge. What's more, 
when the tablet's attached to 
the dock, the battery from the 
dock drains out before eating 
into the tablet's charge -- very 
good thinking. Read the full 
review at 
Jayesh Shinde 


Digit I December 2011 1 





1wo factor Sec uiity to make email account hacking pioof 

Portable and secure email fiom any browser 

Tme end-to-end security - using 32+ Antivims engine scanning 

Anonymous email headers- Hide ur IP for security 

V\findow^ Linux and Mac OS support 

Use your own domain name and previous email id 

Ihe Secure Mail Key technology protects effectively end conveniently egeinsb 

■ Any type of Rootkits/Trojans/Keylogger 

■ Ma n-in-the- browser attacks 

■ Man-in the- middle attacks 

■ Session hijacking 

■ Realtime phishing attacks 

We can Deploy ttiis service on: 

Our own Secure server (webmail) 
Google app 
Your email server 


Formoie irrfbrmation and a Free Trail or to Order 
visit US at : www.sec uiema illcey .c om 


* Advanced Ethical Hacking books 

Metasploits^ RootkH/Botnet development; 
Exploit development; \/\febsite/server hacking 

« Training on Ethical Hacking 

« Antivirus with Anti Exec ution 1ec hnology 

« ITsecurity consulting. Hire a Hacker for Pen testing 

ag Swiss Hacker 

Suviss Hacker GmbH I P.O. Box 392 | 8058 ajric h - Aiipoit | Switzeriand | 441435081415 

levels 5, 6 and 7 1 J MD Regent Square | Mehrauli-Guigaon Road | Guigaon ] 9352366108 

Website: www.suvisshac ker.c om ema il: offic e(§Ewisshac ker.c om 


10 years of product reviews 

Find 10 years of PDF archives on tine Digit DVD witii 
tiiis issue. Now you can go back and Laugii at wiiat aLL 
we found exceLLent 10 years ago... 

Slow down China! 

Unidentified titanic structures are popping 
up on GoogLe maps, rigiit in tine middle of 
tine Ciiinese desert 


Processor: Intel Core iS 

2500K; Motherboard: ASUS 

P8Z68 V-PRO; RAM: 4x2 GB 

DDR3 @ 1600 MHz; Graphics 

Card: ASUS GTX 560Ti; PSU: 

Corsair HX650; Case: NZXT 

Phantom case. 



Contact: Pankaj Kane 


Web site: 

Price: ^92,000 

Brag PC 

Features 8.0 

Performance 8.0 

Build Quality 9.0 

Value for money 6.0 

Nothing much to brag about 

BRAG PC, a product of 
primeabgb, aims to 
build custom PCs for 
the discerning gamers 
among us. The choice of com- 
ponents and especially the case, 
means that you get a cool system 
that should be able to handle 
extended gaming sessions with 
ease. The presence of a BD-ROM 
drive seems a bit excessive but 
you can at least be sure that you 
have a future-proof system. 
The components are very well laid 
out in the case, ensuring very good 
air flow. Cable-management has 
also been handled very well with 
a liberal use of cable ties. Idle tem- 
peratures remained in the low 30s 
and load temperatures very rarely 
crossed 50 and 60 degrees C on 
the CPU and GPU respectively. 

Performance was 
as expected from the 
configuration, P4096 
in 3D Mark 11, 19485 
in PCMark Vantage, 
an average of 75 FPS 
in STALKER @1080p 
max settings, 4xAA 
with tessellation enabled. 

At this price, it would 
have been much nicer to see 
2 HDDs in RAID or at least 
a Velociraptor thrown in. 
Which brings us to the issue 
of the price. Quite simply, if 
you were to buy each compo- 
nent individually yourself, 
you would save quite a bit of 
money, money that can very 
easily be invested in a 24-inch 
monitor and a gaming key- 
board and mouse. The PC, 

while well-configured, lacks 
anything that you would 
want to actually brag about. 
At least a certain degree of 
factory overclocking, and, 
as mentioned earlier, RAID, 
would have mitigated the high 
price of the system to a certain 
extent. The PC will appeal to 
those buyers who don't want 
the hassle of building a system 
from scratch and just want a 
good, well-built system. 

Anirudh Regidi 

WD My Book live iTB 

A good entry-level NAS 

The WD My Book Live 
is a 1TB network- 
attached drive. It looks 
like any other My Book 
drive, if you don't consider the 
lack of USB ports. The LAN port 
and power point are the only 
connections. The top, rear and 
bottom portion of the My Book 
is well ventilated. Overall, it has 
quite a sturdy build quality. 

Installing the WD My Book 
Live is child's play. If you want to 
access more advanced setup fea- 
tures, get yourself to the My Book 
Live web address, where you get 
the WD Dashboard. 

Unlike normal HDDs, the 
main performance parameter to 
consider with network- attached 
storage (NAS) is not the speed of 

the drive, but the ease of setup as 
well as configuration of various 
devices to access WD My Book 
Live, accessing the drive remotely, 
etc. We tried transferring our 4GB 
Assorted file from our test system 
to the NAS drive which took 
around five minutes, whereas 
the same transfer to a USB 3.0 
external drive took around 1 
minute and 10 seconds. 

As long as you're in the same 
room, the audio streaming is flaw- 
less. Using the WD 2go app, you 
can view pictures on your devices 
only after downloading them. The 
worst part - there's no thumbnail 
view. You'll need to use the WD 
Photos app to view photos on 
your smartphone as if you were 
viewing it locally. 

WD My 
Book Live 
is a good 

NAS. We 

would have 

liked to see a USB port for more 
storage. The easy setup process 
is a big plus point and setting 
up and configuring your smart- 
phone, tablet or computer system 
for remotely using the My Book 
Live is a breeze. However, at the 
price of Rs.7,999 for a 1TB drive it's 
pricey, considering the 3TB ver- 
sion is available at Rs.11,499. So 
unless the price of the 1TB drive 
comes down considerably, we 
find it hard to recommend over 
the 3TB version. 

Nimish Sawant 


Capacity: 1 TB; Interface: 

LAN cable; WiFi Support: Yes; 
Dimensions: 167x139x50 mm 


Western Digital 
Contact: 097699 55175 
Web site: 
Price: ^7,999 

Features 7.0 

Performance 6.5 

Build Quality 7.5 

Value for Money 7.0 


Digit I December 2011 1 

Icons of Trust 

HeLp Digit improve tine services provided to you by aLL 
of tine brands you read about in tiiis section - take tine 
survey at 

The HP OfficeJet 6S00A 

One of the best of its kind 

The HP 6500A 
Plus is part of HPs 
OfficeJet e-All-in- 
Ones (eAIO) and 
'ePrinting' series. This HP 
printer lets you print docu- 
ments via e-mail. It comes 
with inbuilt apps that ranges 
from printing business docu- 
ments to printing a tic tac toe 
game. It has a 250- sheet input 
tray capacity and a 35-page 
feeder (ADF). 
notable fea- 
ture of this 
printer is the 
inclusion of 
The glossy 
black exte- 
rior gives the 
printer a very 
upmarket but 
cliched look. 

A 2.3-inch resistive touch- 
screen is built into the front 
panel of the printer. The 
overall build of the device is 
extremely sturdy and solid. 
The UI isn't smooth thanks 
to the resistive touchscreen, 
but the touch sensitive but- 
tons make up for the loss by 
being very responsive. We did 
experience some lag at times, 
especially while trying to con- 
nect to our router. 

Regarding its perform- 
ance, it scored 7 out of 10 in 
our text print quality test and 
took 28.20 sees to print the 
text file at the highest resolu- 
tion. In our mixed document 
print quality test, the printer 
managed to score a total of 
6.7 out of 10 and took 41.24 

sees to output the print of the 
file at highest resolution. The 
printer managed to output a 
good photo print, and copying 
speed and quality was decent 
as well. With good print 
quality and the plethora of fea- 
tures it offers, the HP 6500 A 
Plus is worth considering for 
those searching for an MFD. 
Aniruddh Suhramanian 


4 colour: CMYK 
Dimensions: 18.75 x 17.72 x 10.17 in 
Weight: 8.23 kg 
Network: Ethernet, WiFi 
Memory card reader 


HP India 

Phone: 1800 425 4999 / (City 

code) 3030 4499 

Web site: 

Price: ?11,999 


Features 8.5 

Performance 7.5 

BuiLd Quality 7.0 

Value for Money 7.0 

With SanDisk, 

capture the match 
winning strolces! 

or record the entire game, and the fascinating 
"Trivia Nights & after match celebrations. 

1 d'a ppsTri you r'pno he. ffs j \M. one of !fie many rdeas"t n'at tiefp you 

capture, store and protect your data. With over 2,800 patents 

worldwide, no other company pays as much attention to the 

advancement of flash memory technology as we do. 

It's how we became the global leader in flash memory cards. 




Get rid of the wires 

Ways to make web watching more Like TV- 
Like, Less PC-Like 


"Hurt, lost or scared?" 

TLie ^2,494 SStar Responder, Like OnStar, 
LieLps you in emergency situations 


SoC: Qualcomm MSM8255-1 


Processor: 1 GHz Scorpion; 

Operating System: Android 

2.3.3; Camera (front / rear): 2 MP 


Screen size: 4.8 inches 

Resolution: 1024x480 

Battery capacity: 1500 mAh 


Acer India Pvt Ltd 

Phone: +91 80 3940 8700 


Web site: 

Price: ?28,990 

Acer Iroriia Smart S300 

A phone? A tablet? or a phone-let? 

Features 7.0 

Performance 6.5 

BuiLd Quality 7.5 

Value 7.0 

The screen size of 4.8 
inches is about 0.5 
inches longer than the 
largest screen seen on 
smartphones. Acer defined the 
product as 'A smartphone with 
tablet like capabilities". So we'll 
address the S300 as a smartphone. 
It runs on the Android Gin- 
gerbread (v2.3) operating system. 
Acer has added its own customisa- 
tions to the Gingerbread OS called 
the Acer UI 4.2. The 1024x480 
pixel screen has a backlit LED 
with Gorilla glass on top. The col- 
ours appear vivid and the viewing 
angles are also great. The reflec- 
tive glass surface can be annoying 
at times, but daylight visibility is 
quite good. The 21:9 cinema aspect 
ratio makes it ideal for watching 
movies. Contrast is not that great. 

Acer bundles a mini-HDMI to 
HDMI cable with which you 
can connect the smartphone 
to your HDTV. 

We didn't face any 
issues with the call quality. 
The Iconia Smart houses a 
fine 8 MP camera. Image 
quality is good as long as 
you don't zoom in. Indoor 
shots are not that great without 
flash. You'll see minor artifacts 
if you don't use flash. 

The Iconia Smart has a sur- 
prisingly low battery juice of just 
1500mAh for a 4.8-inch screen 
device. It does last for a day with 
calling, surfing the net, listening to 
music and watching video content. 

The Acer Iconia Smart S300 is 
a good device overall. But it does 
come with its kinks such as dif- 

Lenovo IdeaPad Ki tablet 

Impressive performance, rough persona 

Everyone is jumping 
on to the tablet band- 
wagon - and Lenovo 
is no exception. The 
Kl appears to be competing with 
Motorola Xoom. 

It has a unique physical button 
for Home, something we haven't 
seen on Android 3.0 and beyond 
devices. This doubles up as a touch 
sensitive button, and will work as 
a back button when you use that 
gesture. The Kl back has a pattern 
on the plastic to aid grip, but the 
plastic quality used feels cheap. 
The camera is placed badly, and 
is easily smudged when holding 
it in landscape mode - similar to 
the Acer Iconia Tab A501. 

All ports and slots are on the 
side panels, and the quality of but- 
tons feel cheap. Not something 

you expect when you spend well 
over ?30k for a tablet. 

We received the 32GB ver- 
sion, and what we love most is 
the memory slot to further expand 
storage space. 

The tablet performed mag- 
nificently, delivering a smooth 
Android experience, with no 
slow-downs under app load. 
After a system update though, 
the tablet slowed to a crawl, 
but a couple of restarts later 
it was back to its blazing self. 

The display is quite crisp 
and bright, and can get too 
bright if you don't activate 
the auto brightness setting. 
Viewing angles are decent, 
but not really as good as on 
the Galaxy Tab 750. The tablet 
heats up quite a bit after a mere 

15 minutes of web browsing on 
Wi-Fi - terrible. 

The battery life isn't the 
best, but we can't complain 
too much. We were con- 
cerned that the battery seems 
to fall pretty quickly even on 
standby, meaning you will find 
yourself charging it everyday 
unless you shut it down every 
night, or at least turn off Wi-Fi. 

For a box price of ^31,990 it's 
not the ultimate package. The 
Xoom is cheaper, and for just 
?1.5k more you can get the excel- 
lent Galaxy Tab 750. 


ficulty in one 
hand opera- 
tion, apps not 
using the com- 
plete screen 
real estate, 
among other 
things. Acer 
needs to work 
on developing 
dedicated apps which will uti- 
lise the full 4.8-inch screen real 
estate. The S300 has a single core 
processor and its pricing is in the 
range of dual-core smartphones. 
But then that depends on your use 
case scenario, as not many apps 
use the dual core completely. If 
you're a heavy media consump- 
tion junkie, Acer Iconia Smart 
S300 is a decent bet. 

Nimish Sawant 


ARM Cortex A9 dual core 
IGHz processor; 1GB RAM; 
32 GB storage; 10.1-inch 
display; 5 MP camera (2 MP 
for video calls); Android 3.1; 
Wi-Fi + 3G 


Lenovo India 

Phone: 08030533000 

Email: lenconsumer@ 

Web site: 

Price: ?28,990 

Features 6.0 

Performance 7.5 

BuiLd Quality 5.0 

Value 5.5 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 



Survive multiplayer trashtalk 

Be just Like Troy 

Compare prices with Digital Folio 

Perform comparisons across major retailers as you siiop 

Brother HL-2130 

Worthy compact laser printer 

The Brother HL-2130 
laser printer is 
Brother's entry-level 
monochromatic laser 
printer. Being an entry-level 
model this printer doesn't pack 
a lot of features. One of its main 
highlights is the presence of a 
250-sheet tray inspite of its com- 
pact size. The printer also sees a 
manual feed slot for odd paper 
sizes and for envelopes. Being 
an entry-level printer there is no 
inbuilt Wi-Fi or Ethernet port. 
There is also no memory card 
reader and neither a duplexer. 
It has a cube shaped form 
factor. The grey tone of the 
printer gives it a corporate feel 
all over. The design is very mini- 
malistic, we like it. On the top, 
you find 3 LED indicators one 


No. of cores: 8; 

Clock Speed: 3.6 GHz; 

Transistor count: 2 billion; 

Manufacturing Process: 32nm; 

L2 cache: 8 MB 



Web site: 

Price: ?15,500 




Value for Money 




each for the toner 

and drum error 

and the last one 

for general errors. 

Removal of the I 

paper load tray is 

very smooth and 

so is the removal 

of the toner and 

drum. Overall 

the build quality 

is decent, though, 

the build quality of the paper 

load tray is very rickety. Though 

we like the compact design, we 

wish the build quality was more 

robust and sturdy. 

The printer printed our text 
test sheet in 12.12 sees at 1200 
dpi. When set at 300 dpi, it 
managed to print five text test 
sheets in 22.33secs, that's quite 

fast. In our image plus text test, 
the printer threw out the print 
in 18.19 sees set at 1200 dpi. 
Overall the speeds at which the 
prints came out was very good. 
The pricing is decent for 
someone looking at a fast mon- 
ochrome printer, although we 
would like to see it dip further. 
Aniruddh Subramanian 


Processor: 200 MHz ARM9 
Memory: 8 MB 
Resolution supported: 

1,200/600/300 dpi 
Toner [TN-2060]: 
700 pages claimed 
Drum [DR-2255]: 

12,000 pages claimed 


Brotlier International Pvt Ltd 

Email: Rishikesh.Kane@ 

Contact: 022-40988900 

Web site: 

Price: ^5,290 

Features 7.0 

Performance 8.0 

Build Quality 7.5 

Value for Money 8.0 

Bulldozer AMD FX-8150 

Doesn't quite bulldoze the competition 

TheAMD FX-8150 
IS based on the 
32nm manufac- 
turing process I;--:; 
and has around two billion \ 
transistors. You'll need a ' 
Socket AM3+ motherboard 
for running the Bulldozer It ^ 

features the Turbo Core 
with some minor additions - 
for applications using say 3 of 
the 8 cores. Max Turbo will 
increase the clock speed on 
these 3 cores. Max Turbo Core 
can go upto 4.2GHz depending 
on the thermal headroom. 

Performance-wise, we were not 
very impressed with Bulldozer. 
While it's certainly way better 
than the Llano chips, we can't say 
the same for the Phenom II X6 proc- 
essors. The Intel Core i7-2600K still 


A^m ' 

li^i^c ^. 

is faster than FX-8150, despite the 
latter having eight cores compared 
to the former's four cores. 

In Cinebench R11.5, the 
FX-8150 gave 5.96 as opposed to 
2600K's 6.86 and 2500K's 6.16. 
DivX encoding took roughly 
the same time as was taken on 
the older Phenom II X6 1075T - 
around 26 seconds; whereas the 
2600K would finish the same 
task under 20 seconds. 

We indulged in minor over- 

clocking over the air and 
got the FX-8150 running at 
a steady 4.4GHz. Cinebench 
R11.5 kept crashing, but we 
got over 1,000-point jump in 
the Cinebench RIO readings. 
With voltage tweaking and 
^ liquid cooHngyou can easily 
cross 5 GHz. 
At ^15,500, we'd rather wait and 
see how the other FX series proc- 
essors perform and how much of 
a boost the 8150 offers. For eve- 
ryday desktop applications, eight 
cores are overkill. As for competi- 
tion, FX-8150 lags behind Intel 
Core i7-2600K in all the tests and 
i5-2500K in some tests, and the 
pricing is over 2500K. As far as 
AMD goes, the FX-8150 is the 
best processor yet. 

Nimish Sawant 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 




Bima Bachat, a Single premium Money-Back policy. 

(TNo. 175) UIN: 5I2N232V0I 

Money-Back equal to 1 5% of the Sum Assured every 3 years. 

Maturity Benefit equal to full premium paid (excluding extra, 
if any) with loyalty addition.* 

Full Insurance cover till maturity. 

Duration of policy: 9, 12, 15 years. 

Age at Entry - 1 5 to 66 years. 

*" Depending on Corporation's experience. 

' Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation 

m^cft^ viTlcn ^Vrt Pijih 


For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. 



Motorola Motokey Social unveiled 

Motokey Social is a budget Facebook piione more Like tine 
Low-end Vodafone 555 BLue, tLian tLie HTC CLiaCina or SaLsa 

Motorola Xoom 2 and ME 

MotoroLa Lias introduced its 10.1-incLi Xoom 2 and 
8.2-incLi Xoom 2 Media Edition tabLets 

CM Storm Sims 

Why so sirus? 

Cooler Master Sirus 
is a new gaming 
headset from Cooler 
Master's "Storm" 
lineup of gaming accessories. 
The headset claims to sport true 
5.1 surround sound, having 4 
drivers on each side. Connec- 
tivity is via analogue 5.1 input 
(3.5mm jacks) or via USB and 
the bundled USB DAC. The 
headset is quite well-built and 
feels sturdy in the hand. Despite 
its weight, it fits quite nicely on 
the head and extended gaming 
sessions are not a problem. The 
cable is braided as well and the 
cans sport a backlit Cooler 
Master logo. 

Music sounded quite flat, 
with even in-game music taking 
a beating. A true stereo headset 


Screen: 17.3 inch; 
Resolution: 1600x900; 
DDR3; HDD: 750 GB; 
GPU: Onboard Intel HD 
Graphics 3000 & NVIDIA 
GeForce GT 525M; OS: Win- 
dows 7 Professional 64-bit 


DeLL India Pvt. Ltd. 


Plione: 1800-425-4026 

Price: ^65,912 

Features 8.5 

Performance 8.5 

BuiLd Quality 7.5 

Value for Money 7.5 

is far better if it 
is music that you 
want. The headset 
did come into its 
own during the 
movie and gaming 
tests, which is what it's meant 
for. The audio was quite clear 
and when connected in 5.1, the 
ambiance was superb. Battle- 
field 3 was a delight, with even 
the slightest sound making us 
whirl around. Despite all this, 
the bass was still disappointing 
and weapon effects especially 
sounded ever so slightly flat. 
Even the background score 
seemed a bit muted. When con- 
nected via USB, the headset 
works without the need for 
extra drivers. The audio is an 
improvement over the output of 

the integrated sound card on a 
Z68 board, but not compared to 
a discrete card. 

Cooler Master claims that the 
headset can hit 20KHz, but in 
our frequency sweeps we found 
that we could hear the 20KHz 
tone, but only because it was 
distorted. Disturbingly, as the 
volume is reduced, the drivers 
cut off one after the other, leaving 
only 1 pair in action towards 
the end. A tad expensive but a 
worthy purchase if you want a 
5.1 surround sound experience 
without waking the neighbours! 
Anirudh Regidi 


Form factor: Circumaural; 
Driver: F/R/C channel- 30mm 
driver; Impedance: 32 Ohms, 
40mm sub, 16ohm impedance; 
Frequency Range: 10Hz-2KHz 


Cooler toaster 

Email: sanket_naik@ 

Web site: 

Price: ?9,999 

Features 8.0 

Performance 7.0 

Build Quality 8.0 

Value for money 7.0 

Dell Vostro 3750 

An able desktop replacement 

The Vostro 3750 comes 
as an update to the 
Vostro 3700, sporting 
the same look as the 
Dell Vostro 3350 we reviewed 
earlier. Its 17.3-inch form factor 
puts this business laptop in the 
desktop-replacement category 
in terms of its size and weight, 
rendering the device virtually 
non-portable and cumbersome 
to carry around. The aluminium 
outer-shell gives the Vostro 
3750 a sturdy build and good 
looks, and a matte finish ensures 
that the device doesn't catch 
smudges or dust. 

With a 1600 x 900 native 
resolution screen, the laptop 
gets a matte finish display, which 
means its great for reading text 
for extended period. Connec- 

tivity ports provided 
are sufficient for daily 
use, but we feel given 
its 17-inch form factor 
Dell could have been 
generous with the 
supply of ports. The 
17.3-inch is excellent to look at, 
although its screen viewing 
angles aren't great. 

The laptop's full-sized chiclet 
styled keyboard with a separate 
number-pad have well spaced 
keys and provide sufficient tac- 
tile feedback making it a very 
good keyboard to type on. The 
keyboard deck doesn't suffer 
from any flex but the numeric- 
keypad area does a bit, but 
nothing much. Its big trackpad 
guarantees easy navigation, its 
discrete mouse buttons are easy 

to cHck. The PC Mark Vantage 
score was 6978, while 3D Mark 
06 score was 8351. From the 
scores you would have already 
realised that the device is a very 
good performer. Audio-video 
performance is nice as well. 

The huge 17.3-inch screen, a 
good keyboard, a tough build 
quality and the excellent hard- 
ware list make the Dell Vostro 
3750 an enticing business 
desktop replacement laptop to 
put your money on. 

Aniruddh Subramanian 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 



Precision tiiermal engineering and military-grade M*^3SPfl^ 

TUF components lead to a motherboard that can "^ ^^^^B^- :;•***-- -- " "I V 

work harder and with total stability, even in the 

most arduous applications. TUF boards are 

reinforced with smart heat removal techniques -^ 

and tougher materials, plus go through some of 

the most demanding tests in the industry. The \ 

result: reliable motherboards every business, ' x^ 

commercial user, and PC builder looking for a 

long-lasting system should definitely get their ' 

hands on. Demonstrating the reliability of the new "^ " j 

board, ASUS is offering a 5-year warranty on the 

Whe« liiteJi JTQiaaseri the specs for the new X79 

ch^jSfK tind I.GA ?011 socket, ASUS got to 

vAorU ftfS5*i^ing ^\f new generation of TUF 

S^EfiTOOTN Ptevious models such as the 

SAKflTOOTH P&7 were huge successes, 

by C Vig SJ^ERTOOTH X79 takes the thermal 

pfOflWf*! Di^cept even further to max 

pfiOmial. It combines the high 

Derformance of the X79 

architecture with even 

more refined heat 

rs'tigation and reliability. 


comes with the latest 

iteration of the ASUS 

Thermal Armor, which 

shields vital motherboard 

sections from heat. It ens.iws 

better airflow with a 

channeling system that dn-iftj 

high temperatures away frvvn the 

system quickly and 35 

special heat pipes drive heat away from 

the CPU and DRAM areas. Twin turbo fans push air quickly out of the 

case, which is made easier thanks to a custom I/O area that has extra 

ventilation built-in. Overall the system runs 11%* cooler as a result. 

Additionally, the SABERTOOTH X79 includes the ASUS Thermal Radar 

layout, consisting of 12 embedded sensors in various areas of the 

motherboard. These offer real time temperature readings that keep a 

close eye on heat levels, and modify fan speeds automatically for 

optimized cooling. You can also use these readings to change CPU and 

Thermal Armor fan speeds manually, as detailed information allows you 

to modify cooling to suit different circumstances while maintaining 

efficient and quiet computing. 

These make the SABERTOOTH X79 the home platform for better X79 

reliability, and with the addition of military-grade components it's simply 

unbeatable in the stability stakes. 

^ l ilMliyiliM ^ 

True military-grade components include capacitors, MOSFETs, and 
chokes. All are of the highest quality and guaranteed to last longer than 
mainstream components. They can handle higher temperatures while 
maintaining the stability you need for critical applications. The 
SABERTOOTH X79 has been developed as a board you can trust round 
the clock, and since heat is the primary cause of hardware failure, better 
thermal protection immediately translates into better reliability. It ships 
with the exclusive ASUS New DIGI+ Power Control design, which entails 
three digital voltage regulators that supervise power conversion for both 
the CPU and DRAM. All-digital power delivery and a user friendly 
interface give you the ability to modify voltages in fine increments for 
enhanced performance tuning. However, the key advantage of this 
design is better efficiency thanks to reduced power loss. 


Demonstrating the TUF Series' dedication to reliability, ASUS is offering 
buyers of the SABERTOOTH X79 a whopping five years of warranty 
service, available globally wherever ASUS products are sold. Five years 
is quite a long time in PC terms, and means the SABERTOOTH X79 and 
TUF Series products overall make for a very sound investment in the long 
run for anyone looking to build a PC that can really take the heat. 

Thermal Radar comes with smart and friendly Ul for real-time thermal control. 

*Testing configuration: SABERTOOTH X79/lntel Core i7-3960X/Kingston DDR3 1600 2G*4/ 
Windows 7 64-bit/ EAH5970*2 



Samsung Omnia W web review 

Read an in-depth review of tine Samsung Omnia W at http:// 

HTC Radar web review 

Read an in-deptii review of tine HTC Radar at 

Samsung Omnia W I83SO 

Cocktail of briUiance 

Frankly, the iOS vs. 
Android battle was 
beginning to become a 
bit boring. Thankfully, 
Microsoft has arrived, with WP 
7.5 Mango. 

The Omnia W looks like a 
compact smartphone - sleek and 
light. On the front is the hardware 
button for Home, with the Win- 
dows logo on it. There are two 
touch sensitive keys - return and 
Bing search. 

A 1.4GHz processor and 
512MB of RAM power the Omnia 
W. The phone comes with 8GB 
internal storage but no slot for 
memory expansion. The 5MP 
camera can take 720p HD videos. 
Within the applications, we like 
the sideways scrolling method, 
to get access to deeper divisions 


SoC: Qualcomm 
MSM8255; Screen size: 3.8- 
inch; Resolution: 480x800; 
Camera (Front / rear): 
5MP / VGA; RAM: 512 MB; 
Internal Storage: 8 GB 


HTC India Pvt Ltd 

Email: NA 


Phone: 1800-425-4026 

Price: ^23,990 

Features 7.5 

Performance 7.0 

BuiLd Quality 8.0 

Value for Money 6.0 

of the content. For 
example, in mails, 
you can scroll 
sideways to switch 
between All Mails, 
Unread and Urgent. 

The 3.7-inch 
display is a delight 
to use. Text is crisp, 
and the brightness 
levels are extremely 
good as well. 
Indoors, you won't 
feel the need to move higher than 
the Low setting. 

The call quality is surprisingly 
good. Even in the lift for my apart- 
ment, where the bars are down to 1 
or 2, the call didn't drop. Earpiece 
volume is quite loud, yet remains 
clear for the most part. 

The battery lasted 2 days, with 
a few calls and messages and was 
connected to either the Wi-Fi or 
EDGE throughout for Facebook 
and mails. 

For a price of just under 
?20,000, the Omnia W is a cock- 
tail of brilliance. Must buy! 


HTC Radar Cuoe 

An elegant Windows Mango phone 

HTC Radar sports the 
Windows Phone 7.5 
popularly known as 
the Mango update, 
that has got rid of minor niggles 
that affected the WP7 It features 
the unibody aluminium design 
with the plastic portion around 
the base opening up to insert 
your SIM card. There is no way 
to access the battery. 

The HTC Radar is a 3.8-inch 
capacitive touchscreen phone 
having an S-LCD screen with 
the gorilla glass on top. It comes 
with an internal storage of 8 
GB without any option to add 
external memory, which effec- 
tively means that you have only 
6.54 GB at your disposal. Sad. 
Multitasking allows you to play 
music in the background while 

you are on another app. But if 
you toggle through multiple 
apps, they seem to resume from 
where they had stopped. Social 
integration includes Facebook, 
Twitter, Linkedin and you can 
sync your Yahoo, Gmail and 
Windows Live account. 

Call quality was brilliant 
and we did not experience any 
dropped calls. Camera quality 
is quite good. Colours appear 
natural and crisp in outdoor 

Pages load quickly on IE9 
and the text rendered is quite 
sharp even when it is com- 
pletely zoomed into. The bat- 
tery of the HTC Radar lasted for 
a good day and a half with reg- 
ular usage including surfing 
the web over, calling, mes- 


Processor: 1.4GHz dual core; 
Storage: 512 MB RAM, 8GB 
storage; Display: 3.7-inch 
with 480x800 resolution; 
Camera: 5 MP, 720HD 
videos; Battery: 1500 mAh 


Samsung India 

Email: jayakumar.v 

Web site: 

Price: ^9,990 







Value fornnoney 


saging and listening to music. 
The battery will last about a day 
with video consumption. 

HTC Radar has elegant 
aesthetics, sturdy build, a 
responsive user interface and 
great camera response. WP7.5 
has an evidently improved user 

At an MRP of ^23,990 it 
has tough competition from 
Samsung Omnia W which has 
a powerful processor and the 
Super AMOLED screen and a 
lower price. 

Nimish Sawant 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 

iPad experience 

international office accessories 
Keeps You Organised 


Leatlier 360° Rotation 3 View angle 

Finish Case with Stand with auto lock 




Anti Skid Stand 


Easy 360° Comfortable for 

Rotation long hand held use 

At home or at office. Long hand held use or at desk. Choose any of solo's iPad 'Rotocase' or 'Handshell' & 

Double your iPad experience. 

Files I Folders I Desktop accessories I Executive notebooks I CD zippers I Laptop accessories I Teaching aids etc. 


Filex Systems (P) Ltd. 

Tel. +91-1 1-23288150, 162 j Email: | Web: 

Available at all leading stationery stores or at: 

Delhi: Mr. Naveen - 09899756962 • Noida: Mr. Mohit- 09810806242 • Gurgaon: Mr. Rajat- 09811690960 
Pune: Mr. Rajesh - 09822033280 • Mumbai: Mr. Maqsood - 09820157501 • Chandigarh: Mr. Kapoor- 09878166633 
Ahmadabad: Mr. Kiran - 09327064100 • Rajasthan: Mr. Choudhary - 09414049527 • Koli^ata: Mr. Avinash - 09830024785 
Bhopal: Mr. Shishir - 09425020292 • Indore: Mr. Naresh - 09424010533 • Luci^now: Mr. Praveen - 09415781268 
Chennai: Mr. Karan - 09380521625 • Hyderabad: Mr. Sanjay - 09949106651 • Coimbatore: Mr. Bharath - 09842244957 
Bangalore Mr. Ravi Shankar & Satish - 09342166111 & 09844188925 


Zerol Awards 


Fight for 


The Zerol Awards signify the pinnacle of 
achievement for products across categories. ..for 
this year only, of course! 

Every year, the Digit Test Centre puts several hundreds of products through 
rigorous tests, and meticulously ranks and rates them in order of merit, with 
a single-minded goal - to tell India what products they should buy, and of 
course, how to get the best bang for their buck... that's what we Indians are 
obsessed with, aren't we? And why shouldn't we? 

The Zerol Awards is our yearly round-up of the best products of the entire year, 
felicitated for standing the test of time (and a year in Technology is a really long time) 
to emerge victorious. The Zerol Award is different from all our other awards that 
we hand out on a monthly basis in our comparison tests, because it's a shoot-out of 
all the Best Performers of the year, and the most recently launched products. So, for 
example, we pit the Best Performer of all graphics cards against any contenders that 
have been newly launched since our comparison, to arrive at what is the best GPU 
that money can buy. 

Although Performance really is King in this Award's category, we also list out 
some of the recommended buys for different usage scenarios, or budgets, to ensure 
that with this one issue of Digit, you're armed with enough knowledge to be able to 
buy the best product you possibly can for your requirements. 

After a rather hectic month of testing, the Digit Test Centre is proud to announce 
the winners of the Zerol Awards 2011 in the pages that follow. 


storage 64 

Cabinets 66 

Monitors 68 

Motherboards 70 

Headphones 72 

Ebook readers 73 

GPUs 74 

HD media players 75 

Mobile phones 76 

Tablets 78 

PMPs 79 

Digital cameras 80 

Laptops 83 

Printers / MFDs 84 

Networking devices 85 

Gaming input devices 86 

DTH services 87 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 

OUa 833 

Flash Drive 
2gb/4 gb/ 8gb/ 1 6gb 

^^ Compatible with r ^ 

^mom^ [ R^iis ^ ^ l y^ Flash Memory Cards | USB Flash Drives | 2.5" Portable Hard Drives | DRAM Modules | Solid State Disks | 


Authorized National Distributor 

Tulip Techproducts Pvt. Ltd. 

Contact: Munish Jindal - 9818493229 
Silicon Power India: 
TEL: 011-41034310/ 3 

Autliorized Service Center 

RV Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 
TEL: 0120- 4744033 

Join us on FB to win prizes ! 



Price: ?17,S99 

Internal HDDs 

Hard drives went up in capacity this year. 
All three major manufacturers viz. 
Western Digital, Hitachi and Seagate 
now have their STB versions. With the 
WD drive, you needed a host bus adapter (which came 
bundled) to use the full STB capacity. Also a term 
that was heard quite often was advanced 4K format, 
which basically combines eight 512-byte sectors to 
prevent the 2.19TB barrier limit that was present in 
previous generation hard drives. Seagate had a STB 
drive using the 512-byte sector to make it compatible 
with older systems running Windows XP. 

Zerol Winner 

Western Digital Velociraptor 600GB 

When it came to pure performance, the WD 
Velociraptor 600 GB drive which came with a SATA 
6 Gbps interface and having S2 MB of cache won 
hands down, thanks to the massive 10,000 RPM 
spindle speed. With read speeds crossing 150 MB/s 
and write speeds around 148 MB/s, the Velociraptor 
had little competition and is the drive to go for if you 
want blazing speeds, but don't have the budget to 
invest in an SSD. 

Worthy Mentions 
Seagate Barracuda XT STB 

This is one drive that did manage to come close to the 
performance of the WD Velociraptor. The humoungous 
capacity ensures that the cost per GB remains low. Also 
unlike the WD STB drive, the Barracuda XT doesn't 
need a host bus adapter to utilise the complete STB 
capacity of the drive. 

Barracuda XT 

Price: ^14,500 

Corsair Force 3 
GT 120GB 

Price: ?9,999 


Just like their mechanical counterparts, the solid 
state drives also started to see an increase in 
overall capacity. With increased capacity and 
prices coming down, the SSD market is really 
hot now. From just two companies making the 
controllers a couple of years back -Intel and Indilinx, 
to many more now - Jmicron, Toshiba, Marvell, Sand- 
Force and Samsung, among others. The Performance 
of SSDs with the same controller have limited vari- 
ation and we got to see a difference only when the 
controllers were different. 

Zerol Winner 

Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD 

"Blazing fast" are the only words that come to mind 
when you talk about this beautifully designed high 
capacity SSD. Performance-wise, it was superior 
to any other SSD we tested this year. Kingston has 
moved from the Toshiba controllers (seen in Kingston 
SSDNow V+100) to SandForce SF2281 controller. The 
performance upgrade is tremendous with real life 
Read/Write scores at 26S / 20S MB/s. But this drive 
comes at a massive cost per GB of ?125.2S. 

Worthy Mentions 
Corsair Force 3 GT 12GGB 

Corsair Force S GT 120 GB drive sports the SandForce 
SF2281 controller. Performance is top notch, thanks to 
the same controller as is being used in the Zerol Winner. 
Best part is that it comes at a very promising price point. 


Price: ^27,999 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 

External HDDs 

One theme that remained constant across 
all the brands was adoption of the Super- 
speed USB 3.0 standard. The second 
important thing that stood out was the 
attention paid to the aesthetics. Be it the super slim 
Seagate GoFlex Slim 320GB drive or the race-car like 
design on the Silicon Power Stream SIO, the drives 
commanded attention. Portable drives went to capaci- 
ties of 1.5 TB whereas the powered drives scaled the 
3 TB mountain. 

If you're looking for an external drive, and are plan- 
ning to upgrade your system in the near future, please 
go for a USB 3.0 based drive as it will not only give you 
great speeds when you upgrade to a USB 3.0 board, but 
it is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports. 
Moreover, the difference in the cost per GB of USB 3.0 
drives when compared with their USB 2.0 counterparts 
isn't much. 

Zerol Winner 
ADATA Nobility NH03 

The Zerol winner this year was bagged by ADATA 
Nobility NH03 for its superior performance among 
all the external drives. It touched speeds as high as 120 
MB/s in real-life read tests. It comes in a beautiful black 
shell and has a one -touch backup button. 

Worthy Mention 

Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro 500GB 

Among the portable drives, the fastest drive that we 
tested this year was the Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro 
500GB drive. It houses a 7200RPM drive within it 
and this combined with the USB 3.0 interface makes 
the drive race ahead of competing portable drives. It 
comfortably crossed the 100 MB/s in read tests. It also 
was the only drive with a cloud storage option. 


Price: ^5,345 

Hitachi Touro 
IMobile Pro 

Price: ^8,000 

Kingston Data 
Traveller 64 GB 

Price: ?7,S99 


Price: ?9,635 

Flash drives 

USB 3.0 and higher capacities have made 
an entry in the pen drive segment as well. 
Four GB pen drives are laughable now 
when you have 64 GB pen drives avail- 
able in the market. While we did get a lot of USB 2.0 
drives, they are certainly no competition when it 
comes to performance. Also well designed, rugged 
drives were in vogue. 

Zerol Winner 
Apacer AH552 

This is a 32GB drive which comes in a very small form 
factor and with a USB 3.0 port. A similarly specced 
Kingston Data Traveller is much bulkier in com- 
parison. But this drive delivered the goods when it 
came to performance. Scaling a staggering 115 MB/s 
for sequential read and 71 MB/s for sequential write. 
Its closest competitor was a good 25 MB/s slower in 
both, reads and writes. That speaks volumes of what 
this drive can deliver. 

Worthy Mention 

Kingston Data Traveller 64 GB 

This one's meant for the storage junkies, who want 
to transfer lots of data,fast. The capacity is enough 
to use this as a tertiary storage drive for certain files. 
Performance -wise it was the second best. Also thanks 
to the huge capacity, the cost per GB is 
lower than that of the Zerol Winner. 



Digit I December 2011 1 



For the first time, we had a cabinet com- 
parison test this year thanks to the sheer 
variety now in the market. Although we 
had a budget cabinet comparison test, we 
also tested some high-end ones throughout the year. 
One noticeable thing in this category this year was 
the introduction of the USB 3.0 port along with the 
USB 2.0 port on the front panel. Many high-end 
cabinets had dedicated SATA ports and power cables 
on their top bay's to hot swap an internal drive or 
external drives such as the ones from the Seagate 
GoFlex stable. 

Zerol Winner 
Thermaltake Level 10 GT 

A first glance at this cabinet would evoke extreme 
reactions from gasps to awe thanks to its unique 
modular design. The Level 10 GT is neatly compart- 
mentalised into four sections on the left-hand side 
with a hook along the top right-hand side which 
extends across the depth of the cabinet. This full- 
tower cabinet is overkill for most gamers, but for 
enthusiasts who have a multi-GPU setup and money 
to burn, this chassis is another feather in their 
rig's cap. 

The power / reset button along with four USB 
2.0 ports are located on the projection on the edge. 
It even has a projection on one side to hang your 
headphones on. The top portion of the cabinet has 
the USB 3.0 ports along with an eSATA port. You 
can control the fan speeds and fan LED colour with 
dedicated buttons. 

Cooler Master 

Price: ?12,600 

Circle Black 

Price: ?6,900 

Thermaltake Level 10 GT 

Price: ?19,900 

The cabinet comes with a secure lock mechanism 
which is a huge plus point. The secure lock is also 
provided for the HDD bays, thus providing another 
level of protection. 

On the inside of the side panel, the 200mm fan 
is covered by five horizontal flaps which can direct 
air flow with the help of the controller located on 
the outer side. There are red, blue and green lights 
which can be toggled with the help of the LED light 
control button. 

Inside the cabinet there's enough space to 
manoeuvre around even after adding in a standard 
ATX board. HDD bays though toolless, need the 
HDD to be screwed on to the trays. The SATA power 
connector tower behind the HDD bay for each tray 
makes wire management quite easy. 

Worthy Mentions 
Cooler Master HAF X 

Cooler Master HAF X looks like an elder brother 
of the HAF 922 and has plenty of room inside the 
cabinet to even fit in a XL-ATX form factor mother- 
board. Strong build quality and good aesthetics are 
the hallmark of this cabinet. It even comes with four 
wheels which help in easy movement of the cabinet. 
Dust filters are located on the front, top and bottom 
sections which are easily removable. The hot swap 
trays have dedicated power and SATA connector 
ports, but there are no dedicated power and SATA 
ports behind the 3.5-inch SATA trays as was seen 
in the Level 10 GT. All in all, a good cabinet with 
interesting features and the pricing won't burn a 
hole in your pocket for the features you're getting. 

Circle Black Hawk 

The Black Hawk is a proper gaming cabinet at an 
extremely affordable price for its features and per- 
formance. It has two USB 3.0 ports and an eSATA 
port up-front. Fan control buttons and the grilled 
front portion allow for easy airflow. Inside the cab- 
inet you're greeted with a very modular design with 
a tray separating the motherboard section from 
the power supply section. Green shockproof rings 
within the toolless HDD bays are an interesting 
addition. For its great overall features, performance 
and pricing it had won our Editor's Pick this year. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 

Buy Online : 

Pnamium AMOLEO Mp3 


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TV^Out I Rash Plajnr 

r@ddot design award 
winner 2010 



Daily life Mp3 


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a.f Char Ccrior LCD ToiKhsciwxi hhsk; | Vklims | Pfctunvl DMunttnla 

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MuftlcPlaytHdkjfiem VUh Ptaytsck : tO hn 





www.cQ won Lnd I a J n 

National Distributor i 

Tfll: 022 - 29271 3D7/OB/f 347/40032653 
Em>all :iaLidio©J ipap.cqin 


Monitors didn't see any path-breaking 
innovations as such, but there was 
more variety in terms of panels. 
While last year, majority of the moni- 
tors were of the TN panels, this year we got a few 
monitors with VA and IPS panels. Also, LED backlit 
LCD monitors came in really slim sizes with AOC 
and LG leading from the front in that segment. 

Zerol Winner 
BenQ XL2410T 

BenQ XL2410T is one monitor that encompasses 
all the good points from all the major monitors out 
there. This 23.6-inch monitor is an LED backlit LCD 
monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz which makes 
it ideal for watching 3D content and playing 3D 
games using NVIDIA 3D Vision. It comes with tilt 
and swivel mechanism, height adjustment and the 
ability to use it in the portrait mode, among other 
things. The matte finish on the screen doesn't reflect 
the background. Ergonomically, it's one of the best 
monitors we came across. It comes with a DVI, VGA 
and HDMI port. The TN panel is the one hitch which 
limits its viewable angles. It also suffers from minor 
backlight bleeding. 

VA 2431wm 

Price: ?10,500 

AOC e2043Fsk 

Price: ?6,200 

It allows you to set up monitor profiles for upto 
two games and there's a special EPS mode. This 
monitor was put through the paces by a focus group 
of gamers; infact, the package has the photos of 
SpawN and HeatoN - CounterStrike world champs. 

As for 3D experience, the still images really do 
pop out. The 2D gaming response is lovely and we 
didn't face any lag issues. As for 3D gaming, we 
were able to play 3D games and the experience 
really depends on how good (or bad) the state of 
3D technology is. As we've been saying often, it's 
still an evolving technology. So yeah, in games with 
minimal details such as scenes inside closed rooms, 
etc, we could see a brilliant 3D effect. On playing the 
initial stages of Crysis Warhead though which is set 
in a forest with dense foliage, the sense of depth is 
not that great. 

This monitor is targeted at the hardcore gamer 
and it does deliver the goods apart from being ergo- 
nomically up there. 

Worthy Mentions 
ViewSonic VA 2431wm 

If you're not a gamer, but still want to get yourself a 
24-inch monitor, then ViewSonic VA2431wm is the 
one for you. It comes in a simple glossy bezel and has 
a native resolution of 1080p. It has 2x2 W integrated 
speakers. The monitor has a solid build and doesn't 
tend to wobble. It gave a really good contrast ratio of 
over 640:1 in our Spyder3Elite tests. Viewing angles 
were comparitively better despite this being a TN 
panel monitor. The value for money proposition is 
quite high, thus it also ended up winning out Best 
Buy award in our earlier comparison test. 

AOC e2G43Fsk 

One of the slim monitors that we tested this year, it's 
an ideal bet for those on a strict budget but still want 
a good LED backlit LCD monitor. It's just 12.9 mm 
thick and the display ports are connected on the rear 
side of the base stand. It can also be wall mounted 
using the base stand. It gave the best contrast ratio 
among all the competing 20-inch monitors and has 
good viewing angles. Gaming and watching movies 
on this monitor was quite a good experience. But 
note that it can only go upto 1600x1200 resolution. 
The matte finish on the screen is another point in 
its favour. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 

:-CeII DTU Presents 


"" ELSE r 


Bussiness Plan 

Leadership Lecture 


AMD Processors 

AMD coined a new term in the processor 
segment called the Accelerated Processing 
Unit (APU) which is a fancy term for proc- 
essors with integrated graphics and lay 
heavy stress on power efficiency Under this Fusion APU 
series, AMD first launched an Intel Atom competitor by 
the code name Zacate, which is a low power processor 
ideal for HTPC setups. This series was followed by a 
mid-range processor lineup codenamed Llano. The flag- 
ship Llano APU (A8-3850) has a dedicated graphics 
HD 6550D chipset which house 400 stream processors 
- quite impressive for mid-range gaming. 

Zerol Winner 

AMD FX-8150 

AMD launched its flagship model, an 8-core processor 
a couple of months ago. Targetted at the higher-end 
enthusiast community the FX series of processors 
don't support integrated graphics. Each Bulldozer 
module comprises two integer cores, and four such 
Bulldozer modules make the processor. Performance- 
wise, it was only slightly better than the Intel Core 
i5-2500K and slower than the Core i7-2600K. As far 
as AMD processors are concerned, this is the best 
processor yet. 

Worthy Mention 

AMD A8-3850 

If you want a decent processor that will allow you 
to game at 1680x1050, without a discrete graphics 
card, then A8-3850 is the processor to go to. As far 
as gaming goes, the HD 6550D in the A8-3850 gives 
better frame rates when compared to Intel's HD 2000 
/ HD 3000. It can be CrossFired with three AMD 
graphics cards such as HD6670, HD 6570 and HD 
6450, this boosts the frame rates further. 

AMD A8-3850 

Price: ?7,42S 

ASRock A75 

Price: ? 7,500 

AMD FX-8150 

Price: ?1S,S00 



Price: ?15,900 


We saw two chipsets this year, namely 
the 890FX and 990FX. The 990FX 
was introduced in the second half 
of this year with the main differ- 
ences being compatibility with AM3+ based CPUs 
(read: Bulldozer FX series processors) and NVIDIA 
SLI support for AMD processors. The SLI support 
is a big selling point of this chipset as you'll not be 
locked onto the AMD eco-system if you get an AMD 
processor. The other chipset for the Llano processors 
was the A75 chipset. 

Zerol Winner 

ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula 

The Republic of Gamers series is packed to the gills 
with features. ASUS Crosshair V Formula continues 
that legacy. The build quality is rock-solid with sturdy 
heat sinks. ASUS's implementation of the UEFI BIOS 
is the best we've come across and makes tweaking 
the BIOS very easy. The ROG overclocking features 
coupled with the AI Suite's prowess, allows you to 
monitor and tweak your system settings from the 
OS enviornment. The dedicated overclocking button 
beside the power and reset button is an interesting 
addition allowing you to overclock without entering 
the BIOS. The only hitch which we can think of is the 
absence of a POST error code LED, an extra LAN port 
which would have also been nice considering it's the 
flagship board from ASUS. 

Worthy Mention 
ASRock A75 ExtremeB 

As far as the Llano boards go, we found this board to 
be the best in terms of overall feature set. It has around 
eight SATA 6Gbps ports, POST debug LED and start/ 
reset buttons, among other things. This, bundled 
with the well laid out UEFI BIOS adds to the goodies. 
Performance wise it is slightly better than competitors 
but its feature set far outnumbers everyone. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 

Intel Processors 

Intel introduced the Sandy Bridge line up of proc- 
essors early in the year. It came with innovative 
features such as Quick Sync video, integrated 
graphics on the same 32-nm die as the processor 
and advanced vector extensions capable of handling 
256-bit floating point executions, among other things. 

Zerol Winner 
Intel Core i7-2600K 

Throughout the year, this processor ruled the roost, 
so much so that even the 8-core Bulldozer from AMD 
couldn't shake it off the top. It performed very well in 
all the benchmarks. We were particularly impressed 
with the hardware acceleration due to the Quick 
Sync technology. Overclocking the processor is also 
quite easy. 

Worthy Mention 
Intel Core i5-2500K 

This is the only other Sandy Bridge processor we got 
from Intel in the entire year. Clocked at just 100 MHz 
lower than the 2600K, the 2500K is a great processor 
as its performance difference from 2600K is only 
around 10-15 per cent. 

Intel Core i7-3960X 

The Sandy Bridge E series processor arrived in our labs 
very late. It's being claimed worldwide as the fastest proc- 
essor on the planet right now. Had it come to us earlier 
we would have run it through its paces and it might have 
even won the award. It replaces the older generation 
Core i7-980X. It doesn't have integrated graphics, does 
not or Intel SRT, it can support upto four dual-channel 
memory slots. 




Intel Core 

Price: ?11,700 

ASRock Z68 
ExtremeZ Gen3 

Price: ?18,999 


At the start of the year there were two 
chipsets: H67 - which didn't allow 
overclocking but allowed you to use 
integrated graphics and P67 - which 
allowed overclocking but you had to let go of inte- 
grated graphics. The answer to the dilemma was 
solved by the Z68 chipset. Not only did it allow you 
to use the integrated graphics (provided boards had 
display ports) as well as overclock the board. Through 
a new feature called Intel Smart Response Technology 
you can set an SSD in RAID with your hard drive, 
additionally you can use your SSD as a cache memory 
for your hard drive, improving application loading 
times of the most frequently used apps. 

Zerol Winner 

ASUS ROG Maximus IV Extreme Z 

Belonging to the Republic of Gamers series, this board 
has top-notch build quality, eight connectors on board 
to ensure sufficient cooling, etc. It houses an NVIDIA 
NF200 chip which controls the second and fourth 
PCIe xl6 slot allowing you to run two graphics cards 
in SLI at xl6/xl6 speeds. It helps in 3-way SLI as well. 
Onboard ROG features are quite exhaustive and give 
you many options to overclock and tweak the system 
via relevant utilities. It also has the best UEFI BIOS 
implementation among competing brands. 

Worthy Mention 
ASRock Z68 Extreme? Gen3 

It looks quite impressive with angular designs on the 
heat sinks, there are as many as 10 SATA ports on 
the board. It comes with a UEFI BIOS as well as the 
NVIDIA NF200 chip for 3-way SLI. Pricing is quite 
decent for the kind of features on offer. 



Price: ?26,220 

Digit I December 2011 1 



Owning a set of cans is like getting a pass- 
port to the Kingdom of Audiophilia. 
But you can't just sport any old pair of 
headphones to be considered an initiated 
member of this clan. To gain the privilege of being a 
"serious" audiophile you need to know and own the 
right gear. And in this, an audiophile is always spoilt 
for choice. This year saw some pretty decent releases 
and some of the best managed to end up falling into 
our eager hands. 

Zerol Winner 
Sennheiser HD 800 

The HD 800 is Sennheiser's latest flagship head- 
phone replacing the good old HD 650. The HD 800 
is a ticket to a stratospheric stereo experience - fairly 
neutral, with maybe a smidgeon more emphasis on 
the highs than the lows. Plus it will woo you with 
tonal accuracy and soundstage rather than cheap 
(read: boomy) thrills. The HD 800 is a performance 
monster and rightfully walks away with our Zerol 
Award this year. 
Full review: 

Worthy mention 


Unlike most wireless headphones that downgrade 
the audio quality for easy transmission, the WR700 
is lossless. This is achieved via a transmission tech- 
nology called Kleer that uses the 2.4 GHz band for 
RF transmission of totally uncompressed audio. For 
wireless headphones, the performance is superla- 
tive. For someone looking for a wireless solution 
without compromising on sound quality, it makes 
for a perfect purchase. 
Full review: 



Price: ?1,400 (approx) 


Price: ?6,900 


Philips SHE 

Price: ?1,999 



Price: ?4,200 


Price: ?79,990 


It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to call In Ear 
Monitors (lEMs) the poor audiophile's gateway 
drug. For the price, in-ears offer great audio 
quality, excellent portability without having to 
sell your kidney for partaking in some aural indul- 
gence. As a result, lEMs as a category has seen a fair 
amount of consumer interest, especially this year 
thanks to smartphones and our ever price sensitive 
market. If you can deal with the snug fit and the idea 
of having transducers (albeit tiny ones) just inches 
away from your brain, the isolation offered by some 
models in this category is unmatched. 

Zerol Winner 
Bralnwavz M3 

Until recently these in-ears were the flagship head- 
phones from Brainwavz. In terms of performance, we 
place the headphones at the top of the pile, suitable for 
almost any kind of music. The bass is fairly tight and 
impactful and the quantity is not too overwhelming. The 
sound signature is not bright and if were to put a label 
on it, we'd say it tends to sway to the warm side (mids 
accentuated) ever so slightly. One of the better sounding 
in-ears to enter our test centre and hence deservedly the 
winner of our Zerol Award. 

Worthy mentions 
Philips SHE 9750 

For an odd-looking pair of headphones, the sound 
quality of the SHE 9750 is surprisingly good. Thanks 
to the gel-filled housing, the fit and isolation offered 
by the SHE 9750 is exceptional. At the same time 
unlike the closed sound of ear canal plugs these sound 
quite open. The bundled utilitarian hard case with 
built-in cable management is a bonus. 

MEElectronics M6 

The M6 is one of the most neutral sounding lEMs our 
weary ears had the pleasure of trying. The amount of 
bass is not distracting while the range is reproduced 
true to source. At a price of around ?1,400 the M6 
makes for a great purchase. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


m AW/! 



Ebook Readers 

Quite early in the year, in our February 
issue, we pitted several ebook readers 
against each other. Our verdict was clear. 
Amazon's Kindle 3 was the winner on 
all fronts. The factors that went against the Kindle 3 
was the overall cost considering Amazon's interna- 
tional shipping charges. Over the months, several 
factors began stacking up in favour of the Kindle. A 
couple of companies discontinued their ebook reader 
businesses. Amazon, on the other hand, continued 
business as usual waiving off shipping charges. It 
also added 5 GB of cloud storage space free with your 
Kindle account. 

The Indian market for products is unique in many 
ways. It is large and growing, and among the fastest 
in the world. Yet, in several categories, ebook readers 
in particular, many exciting options aren't available. 
Thankfully, Amazon ships to India. Speaking of 
Indian products there's the Infibeam Pi (and recently 
Pi2) that provide excellent value for money. Products 
such as the Leaf ebook reader and Wink reader don't 
exist any more. Hence, Kindle 3 is our winner, fol- 
lowed by the Infibeam Pi2 and the Pi. 

It's easy to get lost in the several products we've 
heard of. Yes, the Kindle has an edge, but it stands 
true to its merit as well. The basis for owning an 
ebook reader is simple. You like reading. But then, 
any device with a display should serve the purpose. 
There would be nothing special in a technology called 
e-ink display. This, also happens to be the USP of 
this product category. LCD displays have a reflective 
surface and with the need of a backlight, simply can't 
be read in daylight. You'd be better off with a laptop 
or a netbook then. That's a strict no! So the device 
should be as close to paper as possible. Of course, we 
can't get the touch, feel and smell of paper so we'll do 
without that for now. 

The weight of the device is important as well. 
As hard as you'd find to believe us, a 500-gram 
device feels like a ton when you're reading a novel. 
Considering that it's an electronic device, it needs 
batteries, and with that recharges. The longer each 
charge powers the device, the better. That eventually 
determines how long a trip you'll have company in 
your hands. 

Zerol Winner 
Kindle 3 

The Kindle 3 that we tested is now known as the 
Kindle Keyboard with 3G. There are five Kindle 

Kindle 3 

Price: ?7,367 ($139) 

Infibeann Pi2 

Price: ?9,999 

Infibeann Pi 

Price: ?9,999 

devices currently available in the Amazon Kindle 
store. These include the Kindle Touch, Kindle 
Touch 3G and a budget version at $79 (?4,127). 
However, considering that there's a touch-enabled 
device in the offing too, we recommend against it, 
for now. 

Worthy Mentions 
Infibeam Pi2 

The Infibeam Pi2 is an option you may consider, 
especially if you prefer reading vernacular lan- 
guages over English. You should know that our test 
centre found the response sluggish. The Infibeam 
Pi2 seems over-priced, especially when compared 
to the Kindle. Nevertheless, the fact that Infibeam 
has a base in India, may go in favour of it. As men- 
tioned earlier, we don't recommend touch-based 
devices for reading due to the glare they introduce. 

Infibeam Pi 

The Infibeam Pi was our Editor's Pick during 
the tests. Considering that the Infibeam Pi2 with 
Touch, extra storage space and a better build 
quality sells at ?9,999, it's a reason to wonder why 
Infibeam hasn't reduced the prices for the Pi. If you 
want a no-nonsense ebook reader, this might be the 
one for you. But then again, it seems too pricey! 

Digit I December 2011 1 


Graphics Cards 

After processors, it's graphics cards 
are the next really exciting category. 
As there are only two major GPU 
chip designers - NVIDIA and AMD 
- it's a closely watched battle each year. While last 
year AMD scored over the NVIDIA cards as far as 
both single and dual GPU cards went, this year the 
tables were turned in NVIDIAs favour. In fact both 
GPU makers haven't announced their next series of 
cards as yet. Generally by this time, newer genera- 
tion cards start showing up in the market, but this 
year we're still waiting for an official announce- 
ment on the availability of GTX 600 and HD 7000 
series cards. 

The GTX 500 series comprised the refreshed 
Fermi architecture with higher number of texture 
units and shader units than the GTX 400 series 
and it also took care of the heating and noise issues 
that had marred the GTX 400 series of cards. AMD 
started off with the HD 68xx series cards and later 
introduced its higher-end HD 69xx series in the 
single GPU segment. As time passed by, AMD and 
NVIDIA came out with newer cards covering every 
segment, and in each segment, AMD cards were 
outperformed by NVIDIA. 

Zerol Winner 


When it came to selecting one winner, we had to go 
with the ZOTAC GTX 590 as its scores were higher 
in over 50 per cent of our benchmarks. The GTX 590 
comprises a pair of GFllO GPUs (i.e. GTX 580) but 
is clocked at a safe 607 MHz which is slower than 
the 772 MHz on GTX 580. The GTX 590 was better 
in STALKER: Call ofPripyat, Resident Evil 5 and the 
Unigine Heaven 2.5 benchmark whereas in FarCry2 
and 3D Mark 11 the HIS HD 6990 was better. Per- 
formance in Crysis Warhead W2is within the margin 
of error. Overall this card is a monster and quite 
great even for a three monitor setup, thanks to 3 
GB of video RAM. 

Worthv Mentions 
HIS HD 6990 

This was the dual GPU card from AMD which gave a 
close competition to the Zerol winner in most bench- 
marks. The HD 6990 is basically two Cayman GPUs 
in CrossFire which means two times the specs of a 
HD 6970 card. That means 3072 shader processors, 
64 ROPs and 4GB of video RAM among other things. 

HIS HD 6990 

Price: ?39,000 

Matrix Edition 

Price: ^35,000 


Price: ^49,000 

Performance-wise it was the best as far as AMD cards 
went. As for the NVIDIA competition, it all boils 
down to what games you're going to play. Some games 
favour the NVIDIA card whereas AMD scores ahead 
in the others. So it's safe to assume that at the top end 
of dual GPU cards from both stables, performance 
really is a matter of the games you choose. 

ASUS GTX 580 Matrix Edition 

Coming from the Republic of Gamers series, the 
single GPU based ASUS GTX 580 Matrix edition 
is one superfast card. As far as single GPU cards go, 
the GTX 580 outperforms the HD 6970. This card 
is tailor-made for overclockers thanks to its features 
which include Direct CU II for faster heat dissipation 
and the glow of the backlight on the ASUS logo on 
the card changes colour based on temperatures. It 
has ProBelt voltage readout points. The TweakIT 
buttons allow you to tweak the voltages on the fly 
and the large red button on the PCB takes the fan 
speed to 100 per cent. Performance-wise, like we 
mentioned earlier, it beats any other single GPU 
card from present generation. Pricing is admit- 
tedly steep but if you have the cash to spend, you 
won't get a more feature-rich card which performs 
as wonderfully. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


iOmega Screenplay DX 1 TB 

Price: ^12,999 

sess all of the above fea- 
tures with a fat storage 
device built-in. The UI of 
most HD media players 
still is difficult to use, 
the upscaling quality 
on many players needs 
improvement, a few for- 
mats still remain unsup- 
ported. However, having 
said that, the HD media 
player manufacturers 
are headed in the right 
direction, and how these 
the products will evolve 
is something the year 
2012 will answer. 


Boxee Box 

The recently released 
D-Link's Boxee Box is a 
media streamer tiiat lets 
you find TV programs from 
the internetand deliver it 
toyourTV, In tine coming 
year, you will find a lot 
of companies launching 
Boxee based devices, 

HD Media Players 

Today, given the availability of huge storage 
options, the practice of accumulating multi- 
media content is growing rapidly. People 
have started archiving their favourite 
movies, music, images and all other possible sorts 
of media content. And with the advent of HDTV's, a 
strong desire to enjoy all the archived media content 
in HD glory has increased. The market demanded a 
device that could take all the stored media content and 
play them in HD clarity; HD media players were thus 
born. We have seen a flurry of HD media players espe- 
cially in the past one year, as the manufacturers try to 
pip each other. It is amazing to see how the HD media 
player market has evolved in the recent past. From the 
initial HD media players that couldn't support all for- 
mats of media - to those that could - then to those that 
incorporated all the networking abilities and to now, 
where the players pos- 




DLNA has finally become 
a standard protocol 
among smart products, 
You can now stream all 
your mobile or pc content 
to any DLNA certified 
device and vice versa, 

LG Smart TV 

Ifyou thought HDTV's 
were the next big thing, 
then probablyyou haven't 
heard of Smart TV's, 
LGand Samsung have 
already launched their 
Smart TV's in the market 
and are now pressing 
developers for new 
applications for them. 


It has by far the simplest 
User Interface yet and 
it also delivers fantastic 
upscaling performance. 
Price: ?11,990 

Asus 0! Play 

The Asus 0! Play HDP 
Rl delivers excellent 
upscaling performance 
and isbudgetfriendly. 
Price: ?5,465 

Zerol Winner 

This year the Zerol award goes to the iOmega 
Screenplay DX 1 TB. With 1TB of in-buih stor- 
age, easy to use XMB- styled UI and excellent 
performance, it's one of the best HD media play- 
ers available today. But what truly makes this 
HD media player a winner is the QWERTY key- 
board sporting unique remote that the player 
comes with. The remote is nothing like what we 
have seen on a media player before. It not only 
made the navigation a breeze, but also gave us an 
amazing web-browsing experience. The only dis- 
appointment we had with the device was the UI 
albeit easy to use, it lacks aesthetics. 

Worthy Mentions 

Not far behind are media players one each from 
Asus and Western Digital. The Asus O! Play 
HDP Rl, not only delivers amazing performance 
but also is extremely budget friendly. The WD 
Live TV Hub 1 TB on the other hand has the best 
UI among all the HD media players today. It also 
delivers a fantastic upscaling performance. 

Digit I December 2011 1 



m AWARD 9m 1 



It's safe to say that it hasn't been a smooth ride 
for Android in 2011. It has come under immense 
pressure from rival smartphone OSes. And its 
biggest rival has been the Apple iOS. Looking 
at how the two companies deal with the OS through 
its development and implementation stages, we can 
see how two differing approaches can still be hugely 
successful, within the same ecosystem. 

While Apple likes to keep a tight control on hard- 
ware, software and services. Android's success has 
been with the numerous smartphones from multiple 
handset makers. Secondly, Android has been more 
liberal and welcoming towards applications for the 
Android Market, something Apple has very strict 
guidelines about. 

While Android has generated superb numbers, 
there's a bit of a problem as well - the experience isn't as 
smooth and fluid as with an iOS device. This is where 
Apple's decision to keep a very close watch on the 
hardware has paid off Google can't really do that, with 
multiple smartphone makers involved. Case in point 
being the UI skins (HTC Sense, MotoBlur etc.) that 
smartphone makers install over and above Android 
OS, in an attempt to differentiate their product in the 
market. While testing these devices, we've noticed 
often that these skins also tend to hamper performance 

- badly written code, poor memory optimisation and 
features that load the hardware are the primary causes. 
Which is exactly why Google has made it clear that no 
customisations of this proportion will be allowed with 
Android 3.0 and beyond. 

However, while Apple has the iPhone, Google's 
Android comes on smartphones made by Sam- 
sung, HTC, LG and Motorola, to name a few. This 
allowed Android to be offered to the consumer at 
price points starting well under ?10,000 and being 
a price-sensitive market, that's exactly what helped 
the numbers. 

Zerol Winner 
Samsung Galaxy SII 

There's absolutely no doubt about it - this is the best 
Android smartphone you can buy at the moment. 
Excellent performance, a sleek form factor, impres- 
sive display and a surprisingly good battery life 

- what more can a smartphone offer? 
Detailed review: 

I ■ 


Samsung Galaxy SII 

LG Optinnus 3D 

Price: ^37,000 





. m 


HTC Sensation 

Price: ?29,600 

Price: ^32,890 

Worthy Mentions 
LG Optimus 3D 

If you pray to the Gods of 3D, how can you have a 
phone without 3D? Get this for an amazing multi- 
dimensional experience. 
Detailed review: 

HTC Sensation 

True to HTC tradition, this is a phone that looks 
good and whose raw OS performance is excellent. 
Detailed review: 

HTC ChaCha 

Offers the best of both worlds, with a touchscreen 
and QWERTY. For the social networking fans. 
Detailed review: 

TouchWiz 4.0 

The Galaxy SII boasts 
of Samsung's latest UI, 
called the TouchWiz 4,0, 
It completely replaces the 
default Android UI to pro- 
vide a unique experience 
and features slick anima- 
tions and transitions. 

HTC ChaCha 

Price: ^17,990 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


m AWARD 9m 1 



For the sake of offering more options to the 
consumers, we've kept Android smart- 
phones in a separate category, and the rest 
of the smartphones in this category, largely 
because of the sheer number of Android phones we've 
reviewed this year. And boy, have we seen some com- 
petition this year! 

However, the competition wasn't just offered by 
Apple's iOS. At the time of writing this, Microsoft's 
Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) based smartphones 
were trickling into the test centre, and we must say, 
we're impressed by what we see. We believe this will 
be the hottest smartphone OS next year, once we see 
enough handsets in the market. Earlier in the year, 
Symbian managed to get up for one more fight, with 
the Anna update really helping the truly terrible 
Symbian 3 get better and become more usable. Not 
to forget that Research in Motion (RIM) released two 
OS versions for the Blackberry smartphones this 
year - the 0S6 and the 0S7. Just shows the amount 
of work being put into making the OS come on the 
same track as iOS and Android, as far as the user 
experience is concerned. And did we forget Bada? 
No we didn't! Samsung has launched the Wave 3 in 
India, and we'll offer a detailed review of how Bada 
2.0 performs, soon. 

Zerol Winner 
BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 

This is the sleekest Blackberry smartphone we've 
seen till date, and brings the dual world goodness 
of a touchscreen plus a physical QWERTY keypad. 
Speaking of which, this keypad always makes us cry 
out with joy, for this is the 
very best we've seen in 
any smartphone till date, 
let alone a BlackBerry 
itself. The phone comes 
with the latest 0S7, and 
having used the OS6 
quite a lot, we can say 
that RIM is going in the 
right direction with the 
updates - superb per- 
formance, the Liquid 
Graphics, HD video 
recording and a very 
good touchscreen. 
Detailed review: 

Omnia W 

Price: ^19,990 

Nokia E6 

Price: ^16,160 

Worthy Mentions 
Samsung Omnia W 

This is the first phone that we reviewed with Win- 
dows Phone 7 post the Mango update (that bumped 
it to 7.5), and if this is how impressed we are, you can 
safely says WP is off to a flying start! The UI is abso- 
lutely smooth, and the background app load tends 
to make absolutely no difference. This comes as no 
surprise considering that the device runs on a 1.4GHz 
processor and 512 MB of RAM. The Mango update 
vastly increases the visual appeal of the OS as well 
as improves the functionality. The live tiles with their 
simple animations look especially slick. The device 
is also home to a gorgeous 3.7" AMOLED display, 
the only issue with it being the extremely cramped 
keyboard in portrait mode. But the performance, that 
is what makes us cry with tears of joy. This is what 
Android was supposed to be. 
Detailed review: 

Nokia E6 

This is the logical successor to the hugely successful 
Nokia E72, and this one builds on that brilliance. 
The new Symbian Anna OS is able to handle the 
fun bits as well as the BlackBerry rivalling usage 
scenarios. The device performs well, but it is let down 
by the choice of processor and RAM. A 680MHz and 
256 MB RAM just doesn't cut it anymore. The build 
quality of the device is very nice and it fits nicely 
in the hand as well. It's a heavy phone though. The 
battery life was surprisingly good, lasting almost 
two full days on a single charge. The build quality, 
slim form factor, a touch-screen that works, the very 
comfortable QWERTY keypad and the battery life 
is what really impressed us on this device. Placed 
bang in the middle of the BlackBerry Curve 3G and 
the Touch 9900, Nokia has its target clearly in sight. 
Detailed review: 

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 

Price: ?33,000 



Digit I December 2011 1 



Tablets as a device still evoke extreme reac- 
tions. It isn't really a case of the traditional 
love it-hate it reaction, but more of a want 
it-see no purpose scenario. However, that 
hasn't stopped the market from being flooded with 
a slew of tablets all out to take on that one elusive 
market leader, the Apple iPad. 

Simply put, there are two OSes in the battlefield - 
Apple's iOS and Google's Android, with WebOS out 
of the picture and Windows yet to make any solid 
appearance. Just like in the smartphone segment, 
one iOS device is fighting against literally a dozen 
Android tablets. And it's doing quite well in the battle, 
as the latest IDC figures suggest - the iPad has 68 
per cent tablet market share while Android has just 
27 per cent. 

The year 2011 saw the demise of HP's WebOS from 
the tablet market, but looking forward to 2012, we'll 
see a slew of Windows tablets. Going by what we've 
experienced with Windows Phone 7 post the Mango 
update, expectations are high. Android is finding 
it tougher than expected to match the experience 
offered by the iOS, with constant efforts to reach that 
goal. This struggle has been surprising, but also a 
validation of Apple's "closed" environment theory. 

Apple iPad 2 

Apple rules the tablet roost, and if you have no real budget, you 
just cannot get a better tablet than the iPad, Even if another tablet 
does overtake it on the performance front, the sheer amount of 
apps available would still win it at least a Best Buy Award 
Price: ^36,900 

Zerol Winner 
Apple iPad 2 

There really was no doubt about this one. The iPad 
2 was built on the good work of the first gen version, 
and offered more power in a slimmer package. At the 
same time, it kept features like the display the same 
as the previous one, following the adage of "if it ain't 
broke, don't fix it". Keeping the OS largely similar, 
Apple has ensured support for most iPhone apps 
on the tablet as well. And unlike Android, the "made 
for tablet" apps were available quickly, and in larger 
numbers. Plenty of Android tablets around, but buy 
this if you want the best tablet in the market. 

Worthy Mentions 
Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 

After much teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling, finally 
one tablet emerges from the Android stable that's well 
and truly capable of going up to the iPad 2 and not 
get an inferiority complex. And the Tab 750 is even 
slimmer than the iPad 2! Of all the Android tablets 
that we've tested, this one has a far superior perform- 
ance. If you're hellbent on buying an Android tablet, 
this is the one you should strongly consider. 
Detailed review: 

Motorola Xoom 

If for some reason you don't really like the Samsung 
Galaxy Tab 750, there's a very capable alternative in 
the Motorola Xoom. It performs well, has a good build 
quality with some unique design elements and in 
general, feels worth the price. The only real niggle is 
that it feels bulky in the company of such slim tablets! 
Detailed review: 


Samsung Galaxy 
Tab 750 

Price: ^36,200 

Motorola Xoonn 

Price: ^35,000 




Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 

iPod touch 4G 

Price: ?19,000 (32GB) 


The PMP is a dying breed, fast approaching 
extinction and very few people actually 
care about them. This was quite evident 
this year with very few new and notable 
PMPs being launched. The culprit here is the smart- 
phone. The mobile is our ever-present companion 
and with almost all phones coming with 3.5mm jacks 
and the ability to play back MPS files, it seems to be 
sufficient for most of us. Audiophiles will be sorely 
disappointed by this trend, but they're few and far 
in between. To curb their appetite, companies like 
Cowon and Sony keep churning out audiophile grade 
PMPs at intervals. The PMP has become so much 
more that in a way, you can say that the PMP has 
evolved into a smartphone or vice-versa. 

Zerol Winner 
Apple iPod touch 4G 

The iPod touch 4G is this year's Zerol Award winner. 
A PMP that needs no introduction, the iPod touch 
was the winner last year as well. Currently called 
the iPod touch 4G, the device comes packed to the 
gills with every feature that you could ever want on 
a portable device. Everything except a phone that 
is. Backed by a solid OS and the world's largest app 
store, this device is more of a portable computer than 
a PMP. The audio quality of the device is good as is the 
quality of volume levels. Of course, PMPs from Sony 
and Cowon are quite capable of providing competi- 
tive sound quality owing to the hardware they use, 
but very few devices can actually provide the kind 
of experience this device can. 

Sony NWZ E454 

Price: ?6,990 (8GB) 

Cowon C2 

Price: ?6,200 (4GB) 

Worthy Mentions 
Sony NWZ E454 

The Sony NWZ E454 is a feature-packed PMP in its 
own way. The features in question are dedicated to 
music playback, including lyrics support, variable 
speed playback, sectional looping, karaoke and even 
SenseMe technology (analyses your tracks and helps 
categorise them as per different moods). The device is 
well-built but the slippery finish meant that it almost 
slipped through our fingers a few times. The bundled 
earphones are decent in terms of sound quality but 
lack in comfort and noise isolation. Where the device 
does shine is in its audio quality. The playback on our 
reference HD428s was good and we had nothing to 
complain about. Another thing to note is the UI. It 
is extremely friendly and intuitive and more geared 
towards easy database management, reaffirming the 
belief that it's not just Apple that can come up with 
a good, intuitive UI. 

Cowon C2 

The Cowon C2 tries to pack in much in a tiny form 
factor which is good, but some things like docu- 
ments, notepad, etc., seem unnecessary. The resistive 
touchscreen is also quite sluggish. More focussed on 
audio, the C2 manages to provide excellent sound 
quality though the volumes levels are lacking when 
compared to the Apple iPod Nano. The bundled ear- 
phones are decent and provide good isolation, but we 
feel that a good set of lEMs will bring out the best 
in this device. It supports almost all audio formats, 
including lossless formats such as FLAG and WAV. 
This, coupled with the superb audio quality and the 
provision of an expansion slot, make it a worthy con- 
tender in this category. 

Digit I December 2011 1 



m AWARD 9m 1 




It was a busy year for the point-and-shoot digital 
camera segment, with smartphones sporting 
very competent imaging capabilities, digital 
cameras had to up their game to justify their 
existence. The usual megapixel race was replaced by 
the race for newer, smarter sensors with the latest tech 
like back-illuminated CMOS sensors for better low- 
light capability, faster processors for speedy overall 
operation and better lenses to allow for more flex- 
ibility and creativity when filming stills and videos. 
Digital video recording in cameras almost took the 
same stage as still photography with most cameras 
sporting full HD - 1080p video capture and some 
even offering high-speed video capture at 60 fps. 
The industry focused on improving upon areas like 
low-light shooting, faster and smarter auto-focusing 
and offering more optical zoom in compact form fac- 
tors. The travel-zoom category saw the most action 
with cameras offering as much as 18x of optical 
zoom along with better quality sensors for low-light 
shooting, all compressed in a compact, pocketable 
form factor. 

Apart from the basics, manufacturers also 
included new features such as GPS, Wi-Fi con- 
nectivity, 3D capture and touchscreen-based 
models to create unique differentiators in a very 
crowded marketplace. 

The LCD screens saw a 
significant jump in res- 
olution, size and tech- 
nology. The next wave 
of point-and-shoot 
cameras in 2012 are 
expected to inch closer 
to professional quality 
output by using larger 
sensors, for capturing 
more detail and better 
high-ISO perform- 
ance. Cameras are also 
expected to drastically 
improve in the speed 
department, offering 
reduced shutter-lag 
and increased focus 
speed. The back-illu- 
minated CMOS sensors 



Back illumi- 
nated Sensor 
(BSI or BI) 

A back-illuminated 
sensor, also known as 
backside illumination 
(BSI or BI) sensor, is a 
type of digital image 
sensor that uses a novel 
arrangement of the 
imaging elements to 
increase the amount 
of light captured and 
thereby improve on 
low-light performance, 

Powershot S95 

Price: ^21,995 

in canneras 

High Dynamic Range 
(HDR) mode is useful in 
obtaining accurate expo- 
sure in extreme shooting 
conditions where it's 
difficult to obtain accurate 
exposure in the lightest 
and the darkest areas of 
the frame, It's done so by 
rapidly capturing multiple 
exposures of the same 
sceneand combining it 
into a single image. 

Olynnpus XZ-1 

Price: ?25,999 

are expected to almost become a norm with even 
the most basic cameras boasting improved low- 
light performance. 

Zerol Winner 
Olympus XZ-1 

The XZ-1 is by far the best point-and-shoot camera 
that we tested in 2011. The image quality of the 
XZ-1 is almost in the same league as the larger and 
more expensive micro 4/3rd cameras. Olympus 
has opted for a killer combination of a larger 
sensor and fast F1.8 iZuiko lens for the XZ-1, 
resulting in super-sharp images with lots of detail 
and punchy colors. The Olympus XZ-1 scored 85 
per cent in our performance test for exceptional 
performance in low-light shooting and its unique 
ability to offer very good control over depth of 
field, just like the dSLRs. While the image quality 
itself is sufficient enough to take it to the top spot, 
the rugged construction, brilliant 610K OLED 
screen, HD video capture, intuitive control ring 
around the lens and excellent art filters make 
Olympus XZ-1 the most desirable point-and-shoot 
camera today. 

Worthy Mention 
Canon Powershot S95 

The Canon Powershot S95 is the only camera 
that came close to the Olympus ZX-1, thanks to 
the F2.0 lens and a larger 1/1.7" sensor inside the 
camera. The Canon S95 scored 80 per cent in our 
performance tests. It offers HD video recording at 
24 fps. Apart from the image quality and speedy 
overall operation, the Canon Powershot S95 also 
excels in portability, being extremely easy to 
carry along. 

Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


m AWARD 9m 1 



The dSLR segment in 2011 was all about 
changing the perception of dSLRs from 
being strictly for the serious shooters 
and professionals to a viable alternative 
for end-users. Pricing played an important role in 
bringing the dSLR segment closer to the common 
man; one can now buy a fairly capable entry-level 
dSLR for under ^30,000. Video was a big addition 
to dSLRs with many entry-level as well as enthusiast 
models offering full-HD video recording. Vendors 
like Sony and Nikon also launched compact models 
to attract buyers who were put off by the bulky 
bodies of the traditional dSLRs. In a bid to main- 
tain the image quality gap against the micro 4/3rd 
and compact system cameras, sensors across all 
dSLR categories went through a refresh, improving 
on high ISO performance and dynamic range as 
compared to the previous generation. Similarly, 
most of the default kit lenses offered by the newer 
models came with image stabilisation as a default 
feature, something that's popularly associated with 
the point-and-shoot segment. Upgrades in the LCD 
screen size and resolution and standardisation of 
the live-view mode indicates focus on end-users, as 
they would find more value in a live-view mode as 
compared to the hard-core dSLR users who swear 
by the accuracy of the optical view-finder. 

Zerol Winner 
Canon EOS-ID Mark IV 

Our test lab reviewed a wide range of dSLRs 
in 2011 and there was one dSLR that we found 

Nikon D7000 

Price: ^74,950 (with 
AF-S 18-105mm VR 
Kit Lens) 

Nikon D5100 

Price: ?39,9SO (with 
AF-S 18-55mm VR 
Kit Lens) 

hard to fault, the Canon EOS-ID Mark IV. This 
professional dSLR topped our performance 
charts, scoring 80 per cent. The ID Mark IV even 
managed to go past the more expensive full-frame 
Nikon D3x dSLR in the low-hght tests. The Mark 
IV has a crop sensor, called APS-H by Canon, that's 
larger than APS-C. It offers the best of both worlds 
- better performance in low light than APS-C 
sensors and higher burst rates than in full-frame 
models. The camera is built like a tank, has great 
in-hand feel, tight seams, weather sealing, metal 
body - the works. With its high-speed shooting, 
and amazingly clean and detailed output quality 
of up to ISO 3200, the ID Mark IV is really meant 
for action sports shooters or for pros looking to 
shoot wildlife. 

Worthy Mentions 
Nikon D7GGG 

The Nikon D7000 came extremely close to the 
Canon EOS-ID Mark IV in terms of pure image 
quality performance, although it might not have 
the build quality or speed of the Mark IV. The 
high-quality sensor in the Nikon D7000 produced 
breathtaking images all the way upto ISO 3200, 
preserving a good amount of detail and keeping the 
noise at minimal levels. The overall performance of 
the Nikon D7000 is evidently better than the more 
expensive Canon EOS 7D and the Canon EOS 60D, 
enough said. If you're looking for a solid enthusiast's 
dSLR that will serve you well till you're ready to 
enter the world of professional digital photography, 
look no further than the Nikon D7000. 

Nikon D51GG 

The Nikon D5100 is another gem that shows similar 
characteristics as the Nikon D7000. Scoring very 
high in the image quality department, the extras 
in terms of Full HD video recording, fast focusing 
system and a compact yet rugged body ensure all the 
ingredients for a perfect entry-level dSLR. 

Canon EOS-ID Mark IV 

Price: ?2,59,995 (with kit lens) 



Digit I December 2011 1 



m AWARD 9m 1 


Gaming Laptops 

In terms of pure performance on a mobile com- 
puter, gaming laptops reign supreme (along with 
mobile workstations). They're as powerful as 
any mainstay desktop PC, earning themselves 
the title of "desktop replacements", besides being 
great for fragging. 

Not much has changed with gaming laptops over 
the years. Today, all manufacturers boast Intel-based 
chipsets with high-end quad-core processors (eg: the 
latest Sandy Bridge Core 17 chips), while the laptop's 
accompanying graphics are sourced either from Nvidia 
or AMD - the GeForce 500M and Radeon HD 6000M 
series, respectively, currently doing the rounds. 

For added graphics chops, Nvidia's SLI and AMD's 
CrossFireX are added. Some gaming laptops do sup- 
port stereoscopic 3D displays for gaming in 3D, but 
apart from a few models launched this year, the trend 
isn't widely prevalent throughout the industry. Due to 
the larger frames of gaming laptops, 14 to 17-inch form 
factors manufacturers are trying to improve and fine- 
tune the end-user experience - for e.g., MSI's G series 
laptops has Dynaudio speakers onboard, possibly the 
best sound we've heard on any laptop till date. 

The full gamut of connectivity ports is another 
plus. We've only seen Blu-ray ROMs in a select few 
made-to-order gaming laptop configurations, and we 
hope it becomes a de facto standard in gaming laptops 
very soon. 

Zerol Winner 


The overall best performing gaming laptop of the 
year, and winner of the coveted Zerol awards is the 
ASUS G74SX. The G74SX narrowly out-performed 
the Alienware M17x; the ASUS laptop sports a 173- 
inch full-HD widescreen display, an Intel Core 17- 
2630QM processor, 16 GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive 
and NVIDIA GeForce GTX560M graphics with 
3GB dedicated memory. This monster machine 
easily handles the latest and greatest games without 
breaking a sweat - Far Cry 2 at 1920x1080 and High 
settings ran at 46.1 FPS, while DiRT 3 2it 1920x1080 
and maximum settings ran at 22.6 FPS, very good for 
the laptop's hardware. A great buy if you can shell out 
the ?1.2-lakh premium it demands. 

Worthy Mentions 
Alienware M17x 

While we speak highly of the Asus G74SX, we'd also like 
to mention the Alienware M17x which gave the ASUS 

Alienware M17x 

Price: ^1,65,000 



Price: ?1,19,999 



Asus G74SX 

Price: ?1,20,000 

gaming laptop 

If you want the lightest 
gaming laptop out 
there, just goforthe 
Alienware Mllx, It has 
a compactll-inchform 
factor and weighs around 
2 kgs, but has the right 
hardware to pack a 
performance punch, 

Razer Blade 

It's the company's flagship 
17-inch gaming laptop, 
with 10 dynamic keys 
and an LCD screen to 
the right of the keyboard 
that supports multitouch 
input, Specs are in line 
with any modern gaming 
laptop capable of handling 
latest 3D games. 

laptop a great run for its money. Apart from pure per- 
formance, the M17x's biggest draw is its iconic design 
and customisable glowing LED lights. Great buy for 
someone looking for a distinctive gaming laptop to 
show off at LAN parties. 


Apart from high-performance, the GT680R gaming 
laptop from MSI has Dynaudio speakers, and with that 
comes one of the best audio experiences 
we've ever encountered on a laptop. 




Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


m AWARD 9m 


^ ril 


Netbooks have been around ever since 
ASUS launched the 7-inch Eee PC back 
in 2007. The word "netbook" was coined 
by Intel to promote a new platform aimed 
towards a new market segment wanting mini-laptops. 
These are extremely small, light and compact to carry 
around. Not great in terms of number-crunching 
performance but they offer 6-7 hours of battery life. 
Not bad for a sub-?20k mobile PC right? 

Since then and now, tablets are outselling and 
replacing netbooks as the fastest-growing consumer 
and personal technology segment. These tiny mini- 
laptops have come a long way. In such a short span 
of four years, Intel has rolled out several iterations 
of the Atom Pineview chipset - 45nm - while a 32nm 
update to Atom, code-named Cedar Trail, is sched- 
uled for launch some time later next year. 

Look forward to netbooks based on Intel's Cedar 
Trail 32nm chipset with up to two cores, DDR3 RAM 
support, 1MB L2 cache, DirectX 10.1 support and 
clock frequencies of up to 2.13 GHz in the coming 
year. We have no doubt these hardware updates will 
help Intel and future netbooks tame the Internet, 
which has definitely been improved and refined since 
when netbooks first debuted back in 2007. Don't rule 
out AMD just yet, they're cooking upgrades to the 
existing Fusion APU (CPU + GPU on same silicon die) 
line to counter Intel's strides in the 10-inch netbook 
and 12 -inch thin-n-light laptop range. Who will win? 
The consumer, most definitely. 


Acer Aspire 
One 522 

Price: ?18,203 


Price: ?23,600 


Cloud storage 

Since netbooks have 
physical constraints 
and are meant to be 
low-priced, they're 
seldom equipped with 
high-capacity hard 
drives, To negate that 
problem, ASUS offers 
free cloud-based storage 
of yourdata, up to 
500 GB free for a year, 
All you need is a fast 
internet connection, 

Designer netbook 

KarimRashid is unlike any 
other netbookyou've seen. 
It dresses itself in a reptilian, 
crocodile-skin exterior that 
feels premium and quite 
exclusive. The designer sur- 
face extends from the screen 
lid to the bottom panel, 
ensuring the netbook is mis- 
taken fora high-end designer 
accessory. Will make heads 
turn, let us assure you. 

Zerol Winner 
Acer Aspire One 722 

There weren't a lot of netbooks, to be honest, 
as the category dipped on account of the tablet 
charge all over the world. Still, some OEMs did 
launch a few netbook offerings. Out of them, the 
best performing netbook we tested was the Acer 
Aspire One 722, sporting a 11.6-inch thin form 
factor and based on AMD's Fusion chipset. Not 
only does the Aspire One 722's AMD C-50 APU 
match up to Intel Atom's CPU performance, but 
its onboard AMD Radeon HD 6250 DirectX 11 
graphics ensures better graphics potential than 
any Intel Atom chip. Plus, the 11-inch netbook 
offers very good battery life - just over four 
hours. It is undoubtedly the best performance 
netbook of this year. 

Worthy Mentions 

Coming in behind, a close second and third 
would be the Acer Aspire One 522 and Asus 
Eee PC 1015PW, respectively. Out of the two, 
the Acer Aspire One 522 is based on the AMD 
Fusion chipset while the Eee PC 1015PW has an 
Intel Atom chip inside. Both netbooks are very 
good for the price they're sold at and a safe bet 
to go with if you can't get your hands on the Acer 
Aspire One 722. 

Acer Aspire One 722 

Price: ^18,999 

Digit I December 2011 1 



Printing, copying and scanning are so yesterday. 
Today's MFDs come with these and many 
more features such as cloud printing, also 
known as e-printing, and dedicated apps for 
printers. With a heavy reliance on e-mailing, we wonder 
how long the fax functionality on MFDs will last. 

Zerol Winner 

HP OfficeJet Pro 8500A Plus 

It's one of the most good-looking MFDs that we've ever 
come across in our labs in a long time. This MFD comes 
with four colour cartridges - C,M,Y and K and two extra 
print heads - C+M and Y+K. 

What we really liked about this MFD is its ability to 
do so many things apart from just print, copy and scan. 
The e-print functionality allows you to take prints by 
sending the document on an email ID. It has Pictbridge 
connectivity as well as an option to print directly from 
memory cards. The Google Docs app lets you print docu- 
ments from Docs without even powering on your system, 
as long as the network connectivity is available. This 
just takes printing over the air to a completely new level. 

Worthy Mentions 

Brother MFC-J615W is a more compact MFD com- 
pared to the HP OfficeJet Pro 8500A Plus and 
offers network printing - both, wired and wireless. 
Epson ME Office 960FWD gave the best price-to- 
performance ratio and is worth a mention. It had 
won the Best Buy award in our comparison test. 


Price: ^10,390 

8500A PLUS 

Price: ?18,499 


Nothing much happened in the photo 
printers segment this year, apart from 
manufacturers launching new printers 
to refresh their respective printer product 
lines. Here are the winners: 

Zerol Winner 
Canon Pixma iP4870 

Hands down, the Pixma iP4870 was the best photo 
printer we tested this year. Photo prints from the Pixma 
iP4870 reproduced skin tones and glow extremely well, 
and saturation levels were just right. Gradients were 
smooth, reflection and shadow were believable, and the 
overall photos were crisp. In terms of spewing out prints 
from its tray, it was the fastest printer we encountered. So, 
both, in terms of speed and photo print quality, the Canon 
Pixma iP4870 is the Zerol Award winner for this year. 

Worthy Mentions 

In terms of performance, the HP OfficeJet 6000 e609a 
was one of the star attractions this year. Not only was it 
one of the highest scoring in terms of pure performance 
(time taken and quality of prints), it is also feature-rich. 
Colours, details and black levels were much better in our 
test photo prints on the OfficeJet 6000 e609a compared 
to most others. 


Price: ^8,155 

Epson ME Office 

Price: ^14,999 

HP OfficeJet 
6000 e609a 

Price: ?4,999 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


m AWARD 9m 1 



Price: ?S,399 

Wireless Routers 

With the rising number of people 
adopting broadband internet in 
the country, Wi-Fi routers (oth- 
erwise uninteresting, mundane 
boxes) are in great demand and enjoying a revival 
of sorts after a brief lull in sales the past couple of 
years. Not only are they useful for giving your PCs 
and laptops the freedom to access the web without 
any ethernet cables, but having a wireless router 
in your home allows internet access to compat- 
ible HDTVs, game consoles, NAS boxes, media 
streamers, tablets and smartphones. 

Almost all wireless routers are phasing out sup- 
port for WEP, the encryption protocol that's no longer 
safe. Routers featuring Wi-Fi 802.11n, gigabit eth- 
ernet ports, operating in single band frequencies are 
pretty much the staple. However, we're starting to see 
wireless routers that sport features largely applicable 
in the near future, but they're still selling at inflated 
prices compared to others. What are these slightly 
advanced features? Things like IPv6 support (as IPv4 
addresses are set to exhaust next year), dual-band 
operation (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz support), 3G data card 
support, multiple USB ports to connect storage devices, 
media players, etc. are still features present in a select 
few, expensive routers right now. But with so many 
different companies trying to outmatch each other, 
expect prices of such routers to fall in the coming year. 
However, keep in mind that sporting a myriad of fea- 
tures and delivering maximum performance are two 
mutually exclusive aspects of a router - one may lead 
to another in some cases but not for all. 

Next year, we look forward to comparing simul- 
taneous dual-band routers and check what sort 


Price: ?5,999 

Belkin Basic 

Price: ?2,399 


DLNA routers 

Digital Living Network 
Alliance or DLNA certi- 
fied routers go one step 
closer to aciiieving true 
wireless home entertain- 
ment nirvana, Plug in a 
hard drive with media 
and access it through a 
DLNA compliant device 
within the network- 
could be a HDTV, a PS3 
orXbox360, or more, 

Boost router's 
signal strength 

Asimple way to boost your 
router's signal strength is 
by changing its operating 
channel. Use a free Wi-fi 
scanning tool like inSSIDer 
to see how many Wi-fi 
networks exist in your 
vicinity and whatchannels 
they operate on. If the 
channel's crowded, just 
access your router's admin 
interface and switch to a 
less congested channel. 

of transfer speeds they can offer. Since the 5 GHz 
channel isn't used by many devices, transfer speeds 
are significantly higher compared to the 2.4 GHz 
band which is crowded. 

Zerol Winner 

Of all the routers we tested this year, the best per- 
forming one definitely was the TPLink TL-MR3420 
and it fully deserves our coveted Zerol Award. It was 
the best router in terms of total throughput speed 
tested from three fixed distances, whether it was 
transferring small 50MB image files or streaming a 
full-HD 1080p movie. Not only was the TL-MR3420 
well-built and mighty in performance, it also had a 
very good feature set and connectivity options - four 
LAN ports, a USB port and support for 3G data cards. 
It didn't have dual-band support but unless you con- 
stantly transfer a lot of files between devices, this fea- 
ture shouldn't matter. 

Worthy mentions 

A couple of routers that came close to upsetting the 
winner were the TPLink TL-WR1043ND and Belkin 

Basic. On performance, the former managed to score 
65 per cent and the latter, 63 per cent, respectively. The 
TL-WR1043ND looks almost identical to the winner, 
while the tiny, portable Belkin Basic reinforces the 
point that very good performance and feature set are 
mutually exclusive. The Belkin router, in particular, 
is a great buy for its relatively low price in comparison 
to the other two TPLink devices. 

Digit I December 2011 1 



01 AWARD 2011 


Gaming Input 

What counts as the best gaming key- 
board or the best gaming mouse is 
a question that perhaps goes back 
to the times when PC games in their 
present form came into existence. In the end, it boils 
down to what you're comfortable with as a gamer. We 
had a tough time selecting winners for this category; 
most of the tests were more or less, subjective. All the 
same, the winners are packed with a host of features 
which will be useful to nearly all gamers out there. 


Zerol Winner 
Logitech G510 

The keyboard oozes awesomeness all around. The 
thing is loaded with features -a 160x43 mono- 
chrome backlit LCD screen with 5 navigation but- 
tons, 18 macro keys and 3 macro profiles, which 
fundamentally results in 54 macro keys, 5-KRO, a 
nifty "drum" style volume control, gaming mode and 
audio headers. It also throws in on-the-fly macro 
recording and profile switching. The LCD screen 
which shows your HUD when inside a game, Win- 
dows Media Player controls, date/time, RSS feeds 
and the current CPU/Memory load feels a bit gim- 
micky (one seldom plays WoW, with the eyes glued 
to the keyboard) but even with the LCD chopped 
off, it remains an excellent keyboard. 

Razer Black Widow Ultimate 
Stealth Edition 

This is actually a decent piece of hardware for those 
who don't want keyboards to look and feel like a 
spaceship dashboard, and just a keyboard with 
a game mode with few 
macro keys thrown in. 
What works against this 
keyboard is its exorbitant 
price and the measly 1-year 
warranty period. 


Zerol Winner 
Logitech G9x 

This nifty little gadget is 
a brilliant piece of engi- 

Razer Black 
Widow Ultimate 
Stealth Edition 

Price: ^7,299 

Loaitech G500 

Price: ?3,995 


Price: ^5495 

neering, providing a host of features to customise it 
according to your liking. Left and right-click buttons 
provide excellent feedback. The scroll-wheel works in 
two modes - the ratchet mode and frictionless hyper- 
fast scrolling mode. Precision laser tracking and 200 
- 5700 dpi resolution make this mouse extremely 
accurate and blazingly fast in response. It also sports a 
"Wide Load" attachment for a comfortable palm grip 
and the "Precision" attachment to those who prefer a 
claw grip. With a multitude of features, it will serve as 
an excellent companion on your fragging escapades. 

Worthv Mentions 
Logitech G500 

This mouse is one mean critter. It has a huge chassis, 
which surprisingly, is extremely comfortable during 
use. It also features the usual high-precision laser 
tracking, weight tuning, multi-profile support, 
on-the-fly dpi and profile switching. The build is 
extremely sturdy - you'll have to call in a demolition 
crew even to put a dent on this beast. 

CM Storm Inferno 

This mouse is decked with a lot of bling. It packs 
in boatloads of buttons, profiles and settings for 
tweaking. But it seems that the build quality was sac- 
rificed in lieu of the extra features. Despite pleasant 
ergonomics, it still feels a bit plasticy in the hand. 
Inspite of this, it's not a bad deal for someone who 
wants to do much more than just point and click 
with the mouse. 


Price: ?5,795 

Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


DTH services in India really matured 
this year. Last year, we had started to 
see a couple of channels in HD such 
as National Geographic HD and Dis- 
covery HD World. This year, DTH service pro- 
viders went all out to woo customers with their HD 
goodies. With set-top boxes having HD recording 
facilities on board, it was a battle of which service 
provided maximum HD channels and longer hours 
of recording. 

But this HD war also prompted certain DTH 
players such as Dish TV and Reliance Digital TV 
to make false claims over the number of true HD 
channels they could provide. Dish TV advertised 
its 45 HD channels with star ambassadors. Techni- 
cally they were beaming 10801 content, but it was 
all upscaled content. In our exhaustive testing we 
cleared these doubts. Even Reliance claimed to 
have 250 channels in its bouquet with "HD like 
quality"! That's the most ridiculous tagline one 
could ever use, isn't it? 

Always remember, true HD content is that 
which is actually shot in HD and transmitted as 
HD. By that definition there are only Discovery 
HD World, National Geographic HD, Movies Now, 
ESPN HD, Star Cricket HD, Star Plus HD, Star 
Movies HD, Star World HD, Star Gold HD, Travel 
XP HD and iConcerts HD channels that are true 
high-definition. Don't fall for tall claims of 50 or 
250 HD channels. 

Zerol Winner 
TataSky+ HD 

TataSky+ HD is the winner of the Zerol Award 
this year as its overall feature set and perform- 
ance trounced its competition. It has one of the 
most intuitive and responsive user interface, and 
doesn't require a steep learning curve. The biggest 
bane of this provider, specially for football fans, 
was the absence of the Ten Sports bouquet, but was 
added after our comparison test. Also, since our 
test in May, TataSky has come out with an iPhone 
app along with an option to use your phone as a 
remote by plugging in a mobile infrared acces- 
sory in the phone's 3.5mm audio jack. TataSky has 
also introduced catch-up TV which allows you to 
download all the shows that you may have missed 

Videocon d2h 

Price: ?4,950* 


Digital TV HD 

Price: ?4,790* 

TataSky+ HD 

Price: ^4,1 

out on or not kept on record. All this for free. As a 
DVR, the TataSky+ HD scored much higher than 
its competitors. 

Worthy Mentions 
Videocon d2h 3D HD DVR 

Videocon d2h 3D HD DVR is the other feature-rich 
HD recorder which also boasts of being India's 
only 3D HD set-top box. Actually, TataSky+ 
also has an HDMI 1.4a standard cable, which is 
required to transmit 3D content. But as there's 
hardly any 3D content being produced in India, or 
being broadcast for that matter and add to the fact 
that the 3D TV marketing blitzkrieg has given way 
to that of Smart TVs, we don't think 3D support in 
your set-top box will add any value for now. But 
Videocon d2h is the only service currently offering 
the highest number of true HD channels. 

Airtel Digital TV HD Recorder 

The value DTH service provider in the country has 
to be Airtel Digital TV HD, with economical cost of 
ownership for a year and a decent bouquet of HD 
channels thrown in, this is the service you should 
go for if your budget is limited. Also features such 
as controlling recording mechanism from your 
Airtel-enabled cellphone is an added incentive 
for the professional on the move. 

*Price includes cost of set-top boxand instaUation charges 

Digit I December 2011 1 


Agent 001 

5 Angry Birds alternatives 

Fun With Death, Trucks & SkuLLs, Canon 


Idea smartphones 

Idea has Launched smartphones 
to promote 3G 

Agent 001 
agent001@thinkdigit. com 

The death of my earphones, a 
sad day in my Hfe, but a good 
one as well. Time for a 
change, an upgrade to 
something better, bigger, clearer 
and louder. It was high time I got 
myself a good pair of headphones 
in a decent budget. As I spend a 
lot of time travelling, I wanted 
something that was portable 
to some extent, but also fully 
capable of taking advan- 
tage of a headphone amp 
or my PC's sound card if 
the need arose. Time to hit 
the streets (or the internet, 
as the case may be). 

Straightaway the head- 
phones that come to mind are 
the Sennheiser PXIOO, KOSS 
PortaPro and the Grado Sr60i. 
All of the above headphones 
are designed to be portable and 
can be folded up in some form 
or the other, the PX 100 being 
the most compact of them all. The KOSS 
headphone in particular bears special 
mention. Retailing for about ?4,000, the 
Porta Pro is a very old design, but has 
been well received by the public, plus, it 
comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime 
warranty. A very good deal for the butter 
fingered amongst us. The PXIOO comes 
in 2 variants - the older PX 100 1 and the 
current PXIOO II. The PXIOO II retails 
for about ?2,800 and is a very good buy, 
especially compared to the Porta Pro. 
The audio quality is quite similar with 
very little noticeable difference under 

Your personal slice 
of audio nirvana 

With the plethora of headphones available in the nnarket, we 
help you pick the ideal headphone nnost suited to 
your needs 

normal use. Ditto the PXIOO I, which, if 
you can hunt around for, can make for 
a killer deal at around ?1,800. Unfortu- 
nately, it's no more in production and will 

take some effort to find. This brings me 
to the Grado Sr60i. I've never actually 
tried these headphones and was sorely 
tempted to place an order for it based 
on the very positive reviews it received. 
Only available online and in a few select 
stores, it retails for approximately ^5,000. 

For the budget conscious, I spotted a 
pair of Sennheiser HD202s for ?1,300. 
A very decent set of headphones, it can 
easily match Sony and Philips head- 
phones worth much more. It also comes 
bundled with an extremely long cable so 

you can happily connect it to your TV and 
enjoy the sound from the comfort of your 
couch. If you can't find the PXIOO I, the 
sound quality of the Sennheiser PX80 is 
quite close to that of the PXlOOs and it's 
definitely worth it at the price. 
One important thing to note about 
all the headphones mentioned 
above is that they all have imped- 
ance ranging from 16 ohms to 
38 ohms. This is important as 
higher impedance headphones 
will be difficult to drive using just 
a PMP or your onboard 
sound card and you'll 
lose out on volume 
and depth as well. 

Since I own a port- 
able amp (E5) and have 
a dedicated sound card 
(Xonar Essence), I wanted some- 
thing a little more powerful. After 
much scrounging around, I finally 
spotted the Sennheiser HD595 
and Audio Technica A900. Both 
are brilliant headphones and have 
received some excellent reviews 
so it was a very tough decision to 
make. Specification-wise, both are quite 
similar, the major difference being in 
the price, ?11,500 for the 595 and about 
?14,000 for the A900. Finally I settled 
on the Sennheiser HD 595, mainly since 
most audiophile reviewers claimed that 
the difference was not much, and the fact 
that the A900, at ?14,000 are just too 
expensive. A relative in the right place can 
get them for you at barely $200 (?10,000). 
If I didn't have an amp or sound card, I 
would have settled for the Grado Sr60i 
without any hesitation. If only the 
A900s had been cheaper though.. .0 

Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


Sold in more than 

90 Countries 

Virtual iCe^boanJ \ AdrancKt Rrw.^ | fj;hiocf Phitodwi | Gaming iMock | Fotdor A 1^ SwDurfiy 


=.— -MEl^ ' *^« ['- 


Agent 001 

Find lost keys 

Finder RFID Locator finds your 
keys for you 

Jawbone UP 

Available in a range of colors, tiiese bracelets send 
you health reminders to get up and stretch or eat 


I'm 17 years old and need some help updating 
my old PC. I have all the basic components 
and want to update my motherboard, proces- 
sor, graphics card and RAM. I want to keep 
the cost Low. The PC will be mostly used for 
gaming so it should be capable of playing all 
the games. There's no need for higher FPS in 
games as I don't have the budget to buy an 
expensive graphics card. Please give me prod- 
uct names along with their prices. And is AMD 
A8-3850 or i5-2500k better? 


® Looking at your requirement - 
moderate gaming and regular tasks 
- we advise you to go for the AMD 
system as the Intel Core i5-2500K will 
require a budget in excess of ^25,000. 
With an AMD Llano processor, you can buy 
a cheaper graphics card and then use the 
combined power of the integrated graphics 
and the discrete card we're suggesting. 

• Processor: AMD A8-3850 - ?7,000 

• Motherboard: Gigabyte A75M-UD2H 

• Graphics card: XFX HD 6670 - 

• RAM: Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 
RAM - ?2,500 

[E Laptop for ethical hacking 

I have a ^35,000-45,000 budget and am 
confused whether to buy DeLL or Lenovo (pref- 
erably DeLL 14r and 15r or Lenovo IdeaPad 
Z series). I've heard that Lenovo has good 
accessories bundled but DeLL's servicing is 
better than Lenovo's. 

FoLLowing are my requirements: 

• RAM: 4 GB 

• Processor: 2nd gen i5 2430 
or 2nd gen iS 2410 

• Graphics card: For Dell - AMD 
Radeon HD 6470m or NVIDIA GT 
525M; For Lenovo - NVIDIA nl2p 
gvl or NIVIDIA GeForce GT 520M 

• Screen size, battery life, HDD 
size and style: Doesn't matter 

I'm a Computer Science student, average 
gamer (NFS, StorCroft2, etc) and wiLL use 
multiple OSes to Learn ethical hacking. 

Please suggest similar configurations from 
other brands available for cheaper. 

Joseph Joyodev 

© For your needs, buy the Acer Aspire 
5830TG Timeline X laptop. It has a 15-inch 
screen, comes with a Core i5-2410M 
processor, oodles of RAM and HDD space, 
and NVIDIA GeForce graphics with enough 
gaming chops for casual gaming. It fits very 
well into your budget. Read the full review 
here ( If you can't lay 
your hands on the Aspire 5830TG, I 
recommend the Dell Inspiron 15R as it allows 
you to pick and choose the components 
online - 1 can't say about an exact model with 
a specific configuration because Dell keeps 
changing it on their web site ( 
laptops). But seriously, the choice is yours. 

Acer TimeLlne 

Also you might want to keep an eye on the 
"Top 10 Laptops" section on 

S! Building a rig for under 35k 

I wanted to build my rig. Following is the 
config I've decided upon: 

• Processor: Intel Core iS 

• Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68 V - ?11,800 

• HDD: Seagate 500GB 200 RPM - ^1,700 

• Memory: GSkill2x4GB 
1600 MHz -?3,000 

• Cabinet: Cooler Master AF 922 - ?6,700 

• PSU: Corsair TX650 - ?5,400 

The total amount comes up to ?38,900. 1 
would like to bring this amount to under 35K, 
without affecting performance much. What 
do you suggest I change? Also, let me know 
where I should buy these from. 

Horsh Kotok 

-J Looking at your rig and the absence of a 
dedicated graphics card, you don't need such 
a high-end power supply unit or cabinet. So 
you can get more economical parts such as: 
Corsair 500W CX PSU for ?3,200 or the 

Cooler Master CM Elite 311 for ?1,900 (if you 
want a vanilla cabinet with no frills) or NZXT 
Crafted Series Guardian 921 RB for ?4,000 
(attractive looking cabinet) 

This will cut down your pricing from 
^12,100 (for the PSU and cabinet you've 
chosen) to ?5,100 (if you go with CM ELite 
311) or ^7,200 (if you go with NZXT cabinet) 
getting your budget under ^35,000. But note 
that you've not added a graphics card or a 
monitor in the rig, so that will take your price 
up further. 

There are online resources from where 
you can get them such as or 
smcinternationaLinifyou're not getting great 
prices at your local components store. 

[E Graphics card for gaming 

I have a Dell Inspiron 530s (slim). I need a 
decent graphics card that can support games 
such as Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Grand 
Theft Auto IV etc. 
My configuration: 

• Processor: Intel Pentium 
e5200 dual core @ 2.50 GHz 

• Motherboard: Dell OryOOZ 

• Graphic chipset: p35/g33/g31 

• RAIVI:2GBddr2 

The problem is that the cabinet being slim, 
only low profile GPUs will work. 

The ones I've shortlisted are: ATI Radeon 
HD 4650, Zotac GT520 PCI Express xl and 
Sapphire HD 6450. My budget would be 
?5,000. Please give more suggestions and 
recommend the best solution. 

Varun Ship 

Tl The GT series of cards is not meant for 
gaming. In fact, any low power GPU for that 
matter is not good for gaming. They're ideal 
for HD content, and not much else. 

If you're serious about gaming, the least 
you should look for is HD 6670 and above. 
HIS Low-Profile HD 6670 is a half-height 
form factor card, but you'll need to check for 
its availability in your locality. Fl 

HIS HD 6670 
Low profile card 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 

Android officially 
open source... 

Finally, the dark "closed 
source" chapter in the 
history of Google's mobile 
operating system - Android - 
is now closed. The source code 
for Android 4.0 has now been 
made available to the devel- 
oper community 

With the release of 
Android 3.0, Google had 
decided to withhold the 
source code of Android, and 
promised that it would be 
available in a future release. 

That future release would not 
be in the 3.x series. 

Since Android's source code 
is stored in a Git repository it is 
possible to look back in history 
and access the code for Android 
3.0 "Honeycomb". According to 
Google's Android Open Source 
Project Engineer, Jean-Baptiste 
M. 'JBQ' Queru, Honeycomb 
was a "little incomplete" and 
developers should focus on 
"Ice Cream Sandwich". There 
aren't any tags demarcating any 

particular state of the Android 
source code repository as 
Android 3.0. 

However, with the history 
intact, this does mean that 
the Android 3.x code is open 
source as well, and can prob- 
ably be used for Android hacks 
such as CyanogenMod. 

For detailed instructions 
on downloading and building 
the Android source code visit You can 
read the original announce- 
ment about the availability 
of the source code on the offi- 
cial Google Group at 
dec-11-2. Beware though, you 
need to be calm as a cucumber 
to compile the Android source 
code! Although quite straight- 
forward, the source code 
itself is a 6 GB download, and 
requires over 25 GB of space for 
building. In fact, this require- 
ment could exceed 80 GB for a 
full set of builds. You will also 
need 16 GB of RAM! > 

Read this article online at Please share 
your comments on our 
Facebook page. 



Google announces 
BiqQuerv service 

»Perform Lightning fast 
analyses on datasets - even if 
tiney contain billions of rows, in a 
matter of seconds! BigQuery is 
an SQL-Like tooL tiiat is currently 
preview-onLy and available to a 
Limited number of enterprises 
and developers. To be included 
in tine waiting List, you need to fiLL 
tiie form at: 

Get Drupal t-shirts! 

»If you Love tLie DrupaL 
community it's time to sLiow 
your Love. For every donation 
of $50, you get enroLLed as a 
member and become a proud 
owner of a DrupaL t-sLiirt! 

*Node.js for Windows 
now available for 

»ALtliougLi based on 
JavaScript, Node.js doesn't run 
on a web browser It is a server- 
side, event-driven environment 
based on V8. It is aimed at web 
servers. UnLike conventionaL 
tLiread-based communication, 
Node.js impLements node- 
based communication. Node, 
js simpLy enters and exits a 
Loop after executing \he input 
script. To downLoad, go to: 

Plugins, Try 
WordPress Hacks 

»Tired of cLioosing pLugins 
to get tLiat specific feature 
in your WordPress bLog? 
ExpLore tLiese cooL Liacks 
to get extra juice out of tLie 
popuLar PHP framework 


^Cappuccino 0.9. 

»TLiis open source 
framework is based on 
JavaScript and frees you 
from tLie compLexities of 
HTML, CSS and DOM. | 

*No one's perfect! 

»To err is Liuman. But 
Learning from faiLure is 
wise. On an emotionaL 
note, aversion to criticism 
makes sense. But not on 
a business-minded LeveL. 
Here's a post by CLiristopLier 
Hawkins that's stiLL reLevant. 


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devworx> I December 2011 1 91 


The modern web 

ONE PLATFORM to rule them all 

<Rapid improvement in HTML5 and CSS3 has triggered browser vendors 
to embrace latest standards to stay competitive> By Kshitij Sobti 

One of the more interesting things about the latest iteration 
of HTML is that it intends to make the whole process 
of rendering a web page fool proof. One of the primary 
limitation of the previous generation of standards has 
been the way browsers handle pages that aren't standards-compliant. 
This, unfortunately, varies across different browsers. This necessitated 
the use of tricks and browser- specific code that made web develop- 
ment an odious task. HTML5 obviates all that by defining the rules 
for rendering such erroneous pages, as part of the standard. With 
new generation standards in place, and assuming that the browser is 
standards compliant, you should see the exact same page replicated 
across all browsers! 

If you feel rampant growth in adaptibility of mobile devices is a new 
trend and hence standards-compliance of mobile browsers would 
be a major concern, you'd be surprised to know that it's the other 
way around. Most mobile OSs today ship with a modern browser 
that supports the latest web standards. In fact, browser statistics 
reveal that mobile devices are better prepared for newer standards. 

»GMAIL APP for tablets and smartphones with offline support, has a new UI optimised 
for touch as well. You can download Gmail Offline from the Chrome App Store 

All major smartphone platforms, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, MeeGo, 
webOS, and bada include browsers with good support for emerging 
standards.The only platform lagging in support is Windows Phone; 
hopefully not for long. 

It is safe to assume that the device capable of running your application 
also has a standards-compliant browser. More so on mobile platforms 
than on desktops actually. 
92 devworx> I December 2011 1 

Another important fact to consider is that unlike desktop platforms, 
mobile OSs offer a limited set of APIs that restrict access to the device. 
The web offers an even more restricted set. However, if you can create 
the same experience using web APIs as the device APIs, the web is 
obviously a better choice! 

The web is also incredibly open, and that is something to embrace. 
The App Store (or any other store) could block your application based 
on their arbitrary rules, but they cannot block your web applications 
without crippling the device's browser. 

A number of platforms are now embracing web standards as a means 
to create applications. MeeGo's successor, Tizen, is an HTMLS-based 
platform, webOS entirely allows web applications, iOS allows pinning 
web apps as normal apps, and Android too can have bookmarks on 
the home screen. 

The web s expanding scope 

You may wonder though, can you really make a full-fledged appli- 
cation that runs in the browser? 

Any programming language will offer you a syntax for describing 
logic, along with a standard library that exposes some basic system 
functionality. C and C++ are preferred over other 
languages when it comes to system programming 
as they offer unprecedented control over the native 
hardware. Although for most tasks it is easier to imple- 
ment working code in many other languages. While 
JavaScript makes is incredibly simple to add some 
logic to web pages, it is limited on several other fronts. 
This was for a good reason of course; but, it also limited 
what was possible inside a browser. 

This wasn't the only barrier. Imagine something 
like Wikipedia at a time when the internet was still new, 
slow, and expensive. How convenient would it have 
been for people to access and edit an encyclopaedia 
over a faltering dial-up connection, while paying large 
sums of money for the privilege? No, at that time even 
something as simple as a text-based encyclopaedia 
might have seemed unsuitable for the web. 

The internet now reaches more people, it has 
become ubiquitous, cheap, and fast, and the Wikipedia 
model is thriving. Some now look at the increasing prevalence of web 
applications with disdain, because apps don't fit the browser paradigm, 
but that is changing. 

Today it seems odd to use a native email client when it can all be done 
in a browser. Even though WebMail has all the failings of a website, it is 
slower than a native client, it is not accessible offline, and it isn't as well 
integrated with your system. These disadvantages are fast disappearing 


though. As more people store their photos and docu- 
ments online, it is only a matter of time when editing 
them online will feel as natural. 

Imagine an online image editor created a decade 
ago. Such an "application" would not have been 
able to read a local image, or manipulate it in 
the local browser. At most the user could select 
an image, upload it to the server, specify some 
operations to perform, and get back an edited 
image to download. Also such an "application" 
would not work offline, and would be terribly 
slow if your images were even a few MB. It is 
obvious why no one would use such an app. 

Now look at how things stand today. The new 
File APIs will allow a web app to open and edit local 
files, and the Canvas API allows one to manipulate 
graphics making it possible to edit images in the 
browser itself. This is also helped by the fact that 
JavaScript is fast enough to do this in the browser 
now. Using new specifications for offline applica- 
tions, a web app can be designed to work even when 
there is no connectivity. Other than the fact that it is 
running in the browser, this is quite similar to any 
native application. 

It is unlikely that web based applications will 
ever reach the same parity in performance or 
features as native applications, however they can 
offer a different set of advantages that can weigh the 
scales in their favour. Web applications are easier to 
develop and update, and all your users run the latest 
version.There is no need to install the software, or 
uninstall it, just open the site and it works. 

The web as a platform is becoming increasingly 
powerful as new standards continue to be proposed 
based on actual needs of developers. You can see a 
list of some of the things that you can achieve using 
new web standards in the sidebar. 


Is there really an advantage to go native now? Sure 
performance is a concern if your application requires 
heavy processing. Or is it? Consider YouTube, 
each uploaded video is converted to a plethora of 
formats that are to run on all manner of devices. 
Many YouTube users are uploading from devices 
that aren't even powerful enough to encode video, 
so YouTube does it for them. Another example is 
Autodesk Homestyler that lets you model houses 
in 3D in your browser; these can then be rendered 
in high quality by Autodesk servers so they can 

A number of pLatforms 
are now ennbracing web 
standards as a means F 
to create applications" 

^Windows 8 UI for 

»David Washington, Sr Program 
Manager, Windows User 
Experience Team, IMicrosoft demos 
the Windows 8 UI for tablets 
Duration > 01:21 



^Improved search in | 
Windows 8 ~ 

»Brian Uphoff, Program 
Manager, Search, View, and 
Command Team shares new 
search functions > 02:45 

t jQtjejV 

*jQuery Mobile 

»The first update for jQuery 
Mobile 1.0 has been released. 
Here, Raymond Camden gives an 
introduction to jQuery Mobile. 
Duration > 46:22 



*JDK7 in a nutshell' 

»At O'Reilly OSCON Java 2011, 

Joe Darcy simplifies Java 7. 

Here's the larger picture of how 

Java has changed from JDK 1.2 

through the years, to where it is 


Duration > 09:34 


be viewed even by users having systems too slow 
to do the rendering. As you can see, in these cases, 
the performance of a web application can be signifi- 
cantly more than that of a local app. You will find 
that most disadvantages have a counter advantage. 

We have now grown used to the concept of offline 
apps, or apps that don't need an internet connec- 
tion to work. However even native applications are 
increasingly becoming internet aware, and thus 
internet dependent. Whether it is for activation or 
updates, or even for downloading the application in 
the first place! Internet is becoming a requirement. 

Today an average user will browser the internet 
for an application that fits their need, download it, 
install it, and finally run it. If it costs, then you have 
to pay for it and probably activate it as well. This 
process may need to be repeated for each update 
or upgrade. 

Now compare this to a web application. You 
browse the web for an app that matches your needs, 
you open the app, and it just works! If you need to 
create an account, that is an added one time process, 
and payments are usually recurrent with no need to 




■ ■■ Hh l -fl 

»A 3D scene rendered by Autodesk Homestyler 
All possible on a web browser with realistic textures 
and effects 

pay for upgrades. It is actually more convenient to 
open the website since downloading and "installing" 
the software isn't required. Add to this the fact that 
you can do this whether you are running Windows, 
Linux, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, BlackBerry or any 
esoteric OS running on any esoteric device as long 
as it supports a web standard capable browser, you 
don't need to pay again for a license. In the end, 
the process of using a web application is also one 
of downloading (your browser does this, and if 
supported it caches it), "installing" (or creating a 
bookmark), and then launching (via the bookmark 
or URL). 

Today if you are looking to create an appli- 
cation that will reach mobile, tablets, desktops, 
and perhaps even TVs, there is one "runtime" / 
platform you could consider developing for; and 
that is your browser. > 

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devworx> I December 2011 1 93 


JavaScript Alternatives 

<Open web standards are about freedom and access, there is one freedom 
that open web developers are not afforded by the standards, and that is the 
choice of Languages used for web deveLopment> By Kshitij Sobti 

If you're a web developer, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are your 
bread and butter. While open standards are awesome, the very 
fact that they're standard, or, in other words, unchanging means 
that there will be those who love them and those who hate them. 

Native developers are used to having a plethora of choices when it 
comes to development: Assembly, C, C++, C#, VisualBasic, Objective-C, 
Ada, Java, Python, Ruby, Lisp, Perl or, heck even JavaScript! Native 
developers are spoiled by choice, and all web developers have is Java- 
Script. Or do they? 

While browsers don't support any scripting language other than 
JavaScript, web developers have found ways around this limitation to 
give them access to a growing number of languages. Recently, Google 
announced a JavaScript alternative called Dart that they'd been devel- 
oping. Let's look at some alternatives to JavaScript. 

Before we get there, ever wondered how such languages work 
if the browser doesn't understand them? Well, all these languages 
"compile" to JavaScript. So while you can code your application in 
any one of these languages using a preprocessing tool, whatever 
code you write will be converted to equivalent JavaScript. It is this 
"compiled" JavaScript that you will finally include in your web page 
so it can run in the browser. 

It is important to understand that these languages don't add any 
new "features" to JavaScript. What you can do is still limited by the 
limitation of the browser and JavaScript, but how you code it will differ. 

This is one of the more popular and active JavaScript alternatives. It 
is a favoured scripting language of the Ruby on Rails web develop- 
ment framework. 

The CoffeeScript compiler is written in CoffeeScript itself, and is 
available as a package for Node.js. In fact, you don't even need to com- 
pile CoffeeScript code to JavaScript before running it in the browser. 
You can just include the compiler along with the CoffeeScript code 
to have the compilation performed in the browser itself. This is great 
for testing, but is something that obviously doesn't make sense in a 
production website. 

CoffeeScript has been inspired by Ruby, Python and Haskell, so 
you will find borrowed features and syntax from those languages. 
The code sample is fairly reminiscent of the above languages for those 
familiar with them: 
square = (n) -> I * I for I in [l..n] 
document. write square 10 

This code defines a function called square that returns an array 
containing the squares of the first 'n' numbers. After that we use that 
function to write the squares of the first 10 numbers to the page. 

CoffeeScript code is much more compact and to the point, and 
so is the JavaScript code this generates — try for yourself, Cof- 
94 devworx> I December 2011 1 

feeScript is included in the DVD. CoffeeScript has numerous syntax 
improvements for working with classes, objects, arrays, loops and 
so much more. It is well supported, and the JavaScript it produces 
has equivalent, or sometimes even better, performance as hand- 
written JavaScript. 

Clojure (with a 'j') is a language that compiles to run on the JVM, so 
it can be considered an alternative to Java. ClojureScript is a subset 
of the Clojure language that can be compiled to JavaScript and run 
in the browser. 

Do not confuse Clo(j)ure with Clo(s)ure, which are a set of tools 
by Google for optimising JavaScript. In fact, Google Closure tools 
are a big part of Clojure where they are used to optimize JavaScript 
produced by Clojure. Yes, it's a little confusing, even more so when 
you consider that Clojure is pronounced as "closure". 

For those looking for a break from the usual curly braces and 
C-like syntax, ClojureScript will be a fresh breath of air. It is a dialect 
of List, and thus has a completely different syntax. Here, take a look 
at the same example, done in ClojureScript: 
(ns example) 
(defn A :export square [n] 
(for [x (range n)] 
(.write js/document 
(reduce str 

(interpose "," 

(square 10))) 

This too is defining a function called "square" that returns a list 
of all the squares of all numbers up to "n". The "interpose bit adds a 
comma between each number, and the reduce bit combines them as 
strings. The (.write js/document bit is calling the JavaScript "docu- 
ment.write" function. 

GWT, RubyJS and Pyjamas 

»GWT or Google Web Toolkit is 
a framework for developing cli- 
ent-side web applications using 
Java. It slnould be listed above 
Inowever it is more tlnan just a 
Java to JavaScript compiler It 
provides an entire framework 
and toolkit, wlnicli includes a 
declarative UI coding language, 
a UI designer, widgets, etc. tlnat 
call all be used in Java, but 

compile to JavaScript. In tine 
process GWT also optimizes 
and minimizes your code. 

RubyJS and Pyjamas are 
ports of GWT tlnat work with 
tine Ruby and Pytlion languages 
respectively. So if you are inter- 
ested in coding in Java, Pytlion, 
or Ruby you should check out 
GWT, Pyjamas and RubyJS 


The entire optimised code for this is around 2000 lines! The reason 
for this is that ClojureScript provides an entire framework that is 
working behind the scenes to improve the way JavaScript works, and 
unfortunately that framework isn't going to go away if you don't use 
it. In short, ClojureScript is for creating full-fledged web applications 
- not for "Hello World" examples— and that is where it will shine. 

This language is more than just a JavaScript alternative. Instead, 
JavaScript is one of the outputting formats. Code written in haXe can 
be converted to source code (or bytecode) for Flash (for both AVMl, or 
Flash 6 to 8; and AVM2, Flash 9 onwards), Neko, PHP, ActionScript, 
JavaScript, C++, Java, and C#. Java and C# are still in development. 

This essentially means that you could write your entire web appli- 
cation in haXe! From the server- side code (running as PHP, on the 
Neko VM or even C++), the client side JavaScript, the client-side Flash 
content, and even the iPhone app (in C++) - why not! 

With code shared between server and client you can easily pass 
data from client to server as the same classes can be used on both side. 
Code can be shifted between client and server with ease before finding 
the perfect mix of client and server performance. Over and above the 
benefits of one language across platforms, haXe brings type checking 
to PHP and JavaScript (which lack this feature), a powerful package 
and class syntax and much more. 

haXe will be familiar to those already know ActionScript / Java- 
Script as it is based on ECMAScript 4, at one time a successor for 
JavaScript, and the basis for ActionScript. So let's take a look at a 
sample, the same example again: 
import js.Dom 
class Main [ 

public static function nnain() { 
new Main(); 
js.Lib.document.write(Main.square(10).join(", ")); 


public static function square(n : Int) : Array < Int > { 

var i : Int = 0; 

var result : Array < Int > = new Array < Int > (); 

for (i in i...n) [ 
result.push(i * i); 


return result; 

The main function of the application class will be called automati- 
cally on launch. Here too, the code is rather too long (over 300 lines). 
However, with a full fledged application, it can be efficient. 

Finally we come to Dart, the new JavaScript alternative intro- 
duced by Google. The fact that Google backs it, makes Dart quite 
important; not only because they created it, but because they 
want it to eventually become a language supported in all browsers 
- directly, without translation to JavaScript. It is a little ironic a 
Google employee proposed making the script tag's type="text/ 
javascript" optional, because JavaScript was the only scripting 
language supported by browsers. 

Dart adds a lot to JavaScript while keeping a similar syntax. A 
JavaScript developer will not find it difficult to understand Dart code 
or write it. The syntax and feature set of Dart seems to have been 


»Opa is an alternative to tlie 
server and client stack of your 
web application. It's designed 
specifically for making web appli- 
cations tlnat will run on multiple 
clients, and servers and includes 
a programming language, a 
server and even a database. 

To create a web application, 
you write code in Opa, wlnicli 
compiles to an application. Tlnat 
application now Inandles tlie 
server side (handling requests. 

accessing the database etc.) and 
client side (the user interface, 
etc) requests. 

Both the code that has to run 
on the server, and the code that 
has to run on the client will be 
written as part of the same ap- 
plication, and Opa will automati- 
cally create the HTML-based 
interface with jQuery for interac- 
tivity The part of your code that 
goes to the server and client is 
managed automatically! 

influenced by the need to make code easier to optimise. Dart makes it 
simpler to create web applications, rather than simple scripts. 

Dart includes Classes and interfaces for more structures web 
applications, and an optional types that can help make the code easier 
to understand and optimise. Dart applications have a main() function 
that is executed to begin with. Dart also has a system of libraries that 
will allow easy reuse of code. 

Currently the compiler for converting Dart code to JavaScript has 
to be built from source, as there is not prebuilt binary for any platform. 
However, a light Eclipse based IDE called "Dart Editor" is available 
that does the compilation for you. 

Now let us take a look at the same code once again from a Dart 
#import('dart : dom'); 
class Example { 
void run() [ 
HTMLDocument doc = window.document; 


List < int > square(int n) { 

var result = new List < int > (); 

for (int i = 0; i < n; i-^-^j { 
result.add(i * i); 


return result; 


void main() { 
new Example().run(); 

This could obviously have been done without a class, but this can 
serve as an example. Now, if you were shocked that haXe produces a 
300-line JavaScript, and Clojure produced 2000 lines of JavaScript, 
we hope you're sitting down now; because this above code translates 
to 167472 lines of JavaScript and weighs around 6MB! This code 
includes the JavaScript implementation of all of Dart's features and 
libraries. Dart is still in development and this is clearly very un- 
optimised code even if it is for the entire framework. Of course when 
/ if it is supported in the browser you will need to only include the 
above code. Printing even the relevant bits of JavaScript here will be 
a waste of space, but you are free to try the above sample in the IDE 
to see the code it produces. > 
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devworx> I December 2011 1 95 


»"we invested 

a lot in cleanin 

up our APis"» 

»Dries Buytaert, creator of DrupaL, 
in an exclusive ciiat witii devworx, on T 
the underlying piiilosophy, and Drupal 8 

» Drupal IS a superior platform. But it s diffi- 

cult to find good manpower. Any comments? 

Drupal is often used for building pretty com- 
plex websites. It is, in a way, the necessary 
evil. In order to build these complex enter- 
prise-level projects, you do need complexity. 
At the same time, what's also happening 
is that with such widespread adoption of 
Drupal, the demand (or adoption) is much 
higher than the supply of good resources. 

Part of it is complexity, because it is a com- 
plex system. But part of it is also the need for 
more trained personnel. 

» Are you open to the idea of having Drupal 

certification programmes? 

Oh yes. I've always been open to the idea. But 
it's good only if it's done well. The best example 
is of Cisco. It actually means something to be 
Cisco certified! 

» Could you guide our readers 

to valuable learning resources? 

At Acquia, my company, we con- 
duct webinars that you could 
attend. As a customer, you get 
access to all sorts of training 
resources. Also there's, 
the Drupal website, again with a 
lot of resources. 

» What are the core 

shortcomings in Drupal 7 that 

are addressed in Drupal 8? 

Interesting! There are many 
(smiles). We're always very critical 
about ourselves. One of the most significant 
criticism in Drupal 7 is increased complexity. 
So in Drupal 8, we invested a lot in cleaning 
up our APIs. We could do that because we 
break backwards compatibility. There are a 
lot of things. There is always a lot that needs 
to be improved. 

Read the entire interview online at Join us on Facebook 
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*f rom the shelf 

» suggested reads, that you couLd 
consider buying, to augment your skiLLs 

Android Application 



»This is a natural 
complement to the 
Android documentation, 
and includes ready-to-run example code for 
implementing eacli feature mentioned. 

Steve Jobs: The 

»ln this exclusive 
biography that has been 
widely spoken about, 


Steve Jobs has shared details about his life 
with Walter Isaacson. 

Microsoft Excel 2010 
Bible (with CD) 

»Microsoft Excel is a 
powerful tool. Written by 
Excel guru and Microsoft 
MVP John Walkenbach, this book has over 
1,000 pages of techniques and tricks in it. 

You code. You write as well! 

»Wewantto hear from you. If 
you enjoy code, and want to share 
interesting gems with the developer 
community, please write to us today. If 
you're innovative and above the crowd, 
we could have opportunities for you! 
You're only limited by your imagination. 
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One Click 

»lt has been said that if 
the internet had a CEO, 
it would be Amazon chief 
Jeff Bezos. Here's his 

story of how he built a succesful empire 

online. A must read. 


»These book recommendations are purely 
suggestive. We have no allegiance with 
any publisher, service provider or reseller. 
Prices may vary depending upon several 
factors. Prices mentioned here are compiled 
at the time of going to print. If you want 
to recommend an interesting book to the 
developer community, please write to us 

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(Wired Corner) 


ON PC? = 

Keeping all the speculations and — 

hype aside, we ask the question: ~ 

"is Skyrinn for PC really the best ^ 

ganne ever?" Find out nnore about ^ 

the ganne in this interesting article ~ 

where the Skyrinn universe and its ^ 

level of detailing is teared down. ^ E 


Why does Jinnnny Wales stare down — 

at you every now and then fronn a ~ 

Wikipedia page? Get to know the — 

real picture behind the donations ^ 

of Wikipedia and its sister sites. — 11 E 


Ever since the arrival of iPad, ~ 

tablet nnanufacturers have been E 

trying their level best to beat Apple ^ 

at its own ganne. We've seen far ^ 

too nnay tablets in the past two — 

years including the Kindle Fire. ^ 

Here are 12 reasons why it sucks. ^ E 


It seenns like the next iteration of — 

the iPhone would conne with an ~ 

airbag-like nnechanisnn. Ashock ^ 

nnount systenn would sit between — 

the body and the display of the ~ 

phone to protect the device when it E 

falls down. ^ E 


Siri has created quite a buzz 
since its launch on the iPhone 
4S. Here's presenting Siri's 
clone should we say TellMe voice 
activated app by Microsoft. 

Do you happen to be one of those who can't 

t will prove thatyc 


Save the GPS! 

The future of the GPS is at stake, 
with plenty of enemies abound our 
artificial satellites. Brad Parkinson, 
the father of GPS shares his insights in 
this article over why the future of GPS 
looks grim. 

Faster than light 

Sub-atomic particles able to fly 
through any matter better known 
as neutrinos seem to be beating 
light at its own game -speed. 
A team of scientists called The 
Opera Collaboration is currently 
experimenting with neutrinos. 

Rise of the super soldier 

Special ops commandos is one of the 
world's elitist fighting units. SOCOI^ 
which is the agency behind them 
is working on introducing special 
invisible equipment which would make 
them nearly indestructible. 

Digit I December 2011 1 97 


i ^pvpa 


How did 

the micro 


come into 

being? From its earliest 

sightings to its use today 

in digital signages and 

ultrabooks. Here's an 

interesting infograph. 


Malcolm Gladwell, author of 
Blink and Tipping Point, gives 
us his take on the biography of 
Steve Jobs. According to him, 
Jobs was more of a Tweaker 
than an Innovator. 


Here's presenting a host of 
sounds that you've probably 
never heard. Why, you ask? 
Because they're a dying species. 
Only a handful of them exist. 


This article looks into the fact 

why we share a love-hate 


with the 

media. Why 

is it that 

we love to 

trash it and can't seem to live 

without it at the same time. 


Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet 

The best small tablet for reading books 

and magazines - By Sascha Segan 



nif^rTAf Copyright © 2011 

■urTiij™^ ^^^ °^^'^ Publishing 

nlcTmlRK Holdings inc. 

The reader's tablet is back. The new 
Nook Tablet delivers the best color 
e-reading experience available, 
especially for magazines and for 
childrens' books. It's a better e-reader than 
the Amazon Kindle Fire ($199, 4 stars), our 
Editors' Choice for small tablets. But the Nook 
doesn't quite match the Fire on music, video or 
apps, and the Nook Color ($199, 4 stars) offers 
the same great e-reading experience for less 
money. Make no mistake, the Nook is a very 
good small tablet, but the Fire delivers a better 
all-around tablet experience, and the Nook 
Color offers better value as a color e-reader. 

Physical Design and 
User Interface 

Feeling a little more 'book-like' than the 
Amazon Kindle Fire, the Nook Tablet is sig- 
nificantly taller and slightly wider at 8.1 by 
5.9 by 0.5 inches (HWD) thanks to its much 
bigger bezel, but it's lighter at 14.1 ounces com- 
pared with Amazon's 14.6. There's a standard 
3.5-mm headphone jack, and a curious little 
loop in the bottom left corner, which serves as 
both a handle and a way to conceal the reader's 
MicroSD card slot, just like on the Nook Color. 
In fact the Nook Tablet and the Nook Color are 
almost identical save for the a slightly lighter- 
color metallic finish. The Tablet has physical 
Power button and volume controls on the side 

panels as well as a single, "N" -shaped home 
button at the bottom of the 7-inch, 1024 -by- 
600 touch screen. 

Barnes & Noble has made a big deal out of 
how its IPS LCD screen is less reflective than 
Amazon's, but after using both screens for long 
periods taking several photographs of each, 
I found I had to squint to tell the difference. 
It's there, but it's by no means pronounced 
enough to be a dealmaker. Both displays are 
much less readable in daylight than the e-ink 
screens on devices like the Amazon Kindle 
Touch ($149, 4 stars). 

The Nook Tablet, like the Amazon 
Kindle Fire, runs a very highly customized 
version of Android 2.3 on a TI 0MAP4, 
IGHz dual-core processor. But the Nook's 
user interface looks nothing like Ama- 
zon's (or, for that matter. Android's.) 

Rather than shelves, here you have three 
free home screens where you can plunk 
down large icons representing your favorite 
books, magazines, or apps. (No widgets; this 
isn't standard Android.) Along the bottom 
of the screen are your most recently used 
items in a scrollable list, along with some 
links to promotional screens plugging B&N's 
various stores, and its favorite music and 
video related apps. (You can hide those links.) 

Press the Home button, and you'll get seven 
main options: Home, Library, Shop, Search, 
Apps, Web and Settings. Your Library contains, 
on separate panes. Books, Magazines, Newspa- 
pers, Apps, Kids, and My Stuff, a catch-all for any 
of your own music, video or document files you 
may store in the Nook's 1GB of user-accessible 



memory or on a MicroSD card up to 32GB. You 
can also create your own custom shelves within 
My Stuff to arrange books by topic, for instance. 
Notice what's missing: Unlike on the Kindle 
Fire, the Nook lumps music and video under 
the catch-all of "Apps," and breaks out books, 
magazines, and newspapers more distinctly. 
That's actually on purpose, and it shows one of 
the major differences between the two tablets. 

Barnes & Noble Is a 

Nobody beats Barnes & Noble when it comes 
to books. If childrens' books are going to be a 

98 Digit I Decennber2011 1 








Don't we all just love sharing 

Kevin Rollins who served as a chief 

Want better productivity and faster 


interesting stuff with our 

executive of Dell was replaced by the 

browsing, then it's tinne to upgrade 

If you spend nnost of your 

audiences on social networks? 

connpany's founder Michael Dell. Is 

the technology you're surrounded 

tinne inside a web browser 

With so nnuch infornnation and 

it true that founders who stick for 

with. For this, Lifehacker's quick 

then chances are that you rely 

data at our disposal, things nnight 

too long with the connpany tend to 

guide to technology would conne 

on your connputer for pretty 

turn the other way around. At 

flush out new blood? Find out in this 

to your aid. 

nnuch everything. Here's an 

least the author of this article 


interesting article articulating 

thinks so. 

this fact. 


big part of your tablet experience, this is your 
tablet. Nook books for kids are full of anima- 
tion and interactivity They often offer read- 
along audio versions as well as the ability to 
record your own voice, if you want to read a 
distant child a bedtime story (Recording your 
own voice is exclusive to the Tablet; it isn't on 
the Nook Color or the Kindle Fire.) 

Nook magazines flip pages more 
smoothly than the Kindle, and when you 
double-tap on articles in the magazine 
page view, the text pops out in an attractive 
scrolling column. Magazines and books— 
especially cookbooks, from what I saw— can 
also incorporate embedded audio and video. 

Compared with these, the Kindle's 
childrens' books look like cheap flatbed 
scans, its cookbooks lack panache, and 
its magazines look awkward. 

The Nook's whole UI encourages you to keep 
reading. On the home page, the top status line lets 
you jump back to the most recent book you were 
in. A pop-down menu shows your most recently 
read books and magazines. An omnipresent 
small book icon at the bottom immediately reo- 
pens your book to where you left off 

Adult books are better than on the Kindle too, 
mostly through an interface with fewer myste- 
rious icons and more clearly explained options. 
I also greatly prefer the Nook's accounting of 
pages and chapters over the Kindle's weird, dis- 
connected "locations." 

Barnes & Noble enhances the reading 
experience with its 700 brick-and-mortar 
stores, letting you read anything you want 
for an hour on the in- store Wi-Fi network, 
letting you browse physical magazines and 
tomes before buying them electronically, 
and offering up its staff to suggest books. 
Amazon has nothing to compete with that. 

The one area the Kindle triumphs is in 
comics. The Nook has a limited selection of 
comics, and you pinch to zoom. The Kindle will 

have Comixology as well as exclusive DC comics, 
double-tapping lets you flip through specific 
panels, and you can load a third-party comic 
reader if you have CBR-format comic files. That's 
a much broader comics experience. 

... But It's Just a Bookstore 

Barnes & Noble is a bookstore. It isn't a music 
store, or a video store, or an app store. And 
that's where the Nook Color falls short. 
Tapping on the music and video options just 
brings up a list of preferred third-party apps. 
There's no tightly integrated music or video 
store like on the Kindle or the iPad; in fact, 
right now there's no way to legally download 
videos to the device at all. (B&N says a down- 
loadable video service is coming next year.) 

You can stream videos from Netflix and 
Hulu Plus, and play music from Pandora and 
Rhapsody. This all functions just fine. But the 
Kindle has even better streaming options, plus 
downloadable music and video, and the Kin- 
dle's speakers are louder; the Nook Tablet's 
speakers can sound anemic at times. 

The Nook Tablet also falls way short 
on apps. Sure, it has an app store, but you 
can count the number of apps in some cat- 
egories on two hands; this is much, much 
smaller than Amazon's app store, which is, 
in turn, smaller than the Android Market. 
And unlike on the Kindle, Barnes & Noble is 
flat-out opposed to users running apps not 
available from its store. There's a worka- 
round, but it's kludgier than sideloading 
on the Kindle, and Barnes & Noble could 
easily shut it down with a software update. 

Barnes & Noble says it currently has more 
than a thousand apps, with a focus on games 
and childrens' apps, and it's adding hundreds 
each week. Fashion, cooking, travel, and health 
apps will especially ramp up over the next few 
months, the company said. But because Barnes 
& Noble is so intently curating its store, it looks 

like there will just be less of a selection than 
Amazon has now, and over time. 

The Nook store has some prominent, 
top-line apps, but its list is extremely 
shallow. While you can find Evernote, Pan- 
dora, Netflix, Hulu, Bejweled, Flight Control 
and Angry Birds in there, I could only find 7 
of 38 tablet-relevant top apps from our Top 
50 Android Apps hst. There's no IMDB, no 
Slacker, no Yelp and no Cut the Rope, for 
instance. It's a high-quality selection to be 
sure, but a very tight one. 

You can load your own content if you have 
a Windows PC (there's no Mac compatibility), 
but only 1GB of the Nook's internal 16GB is 
available for files from your PC. (Another 12GB 
is available for files downloaded by apps on 
the device.) The answer: pick up a MicroSD 
card and slip it into the Nook's convenient 
slot (something you won't find on the Kindle 
Fire). You can use the whole card, up to 32GB, 
for your own data. 

The Nook Tablet played our H.264 and 
MPEG4 videos at up to 1080p HD reso- 
lution, but no other video formats. Music 
played in AAC or MP3 formats either 
through wired headphones or through the 
tablet's somewhat anemic speaker. 

Battery life, at 4 hours, 22 minutes of video 
playback time, was slightly shorter than the 
Kindle Fire, which scored closer to 5 hours, 
and is on the low side for a 7-inch tablet. 

Networkingp Web and Email 

Like the Kindle Fire, the Nook is a Wi-Fi only 
tablet. Also like the Kindle Fire, the Nook 
connects to 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi networks, but 
only on the 2.4GHz frequency band. The Nook 
comes with the standard Android 2.3 Web 
browser, which supports Flash, along with a 
POP/IMAP email program. 

Read the rest of tiie article liere: 

Digit I December 2011 1 99 



Learn the secret to 
success and life itself 
by Photoshop guru 
Russel Preston Brown 
in this Di^it TV exclu- 

sive video. The video 
was shot during the 
Adobe MAX 2011 
event. Find the video 
in this month's DVDs 

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For a list of all the links from this 

section head over to 

or scan the QR code above with 

vour mobile device 



ASUS announced its latest 
line of ultrabooks. Featuring 
2"^° gen i7 processors, 4GB 
of RAM. a 256GB SSD and a 
ciiiclet-style keyboard, alltiiis in 
a slinn 0.1 1-inch thick chassis. 
This prenniunn device will retail 
at approxinnately ?89,900 in the 
Indian nnarket. 

Annazon's "iPad killer" tablet 
has hit the shelves, it sports 
Android 2.3 OS and runs a 
dual-core 1000MHz processor 
with 8 GB storage and 512 MB 
RAM. The dinnension of the 
tablet is 7 inches with a 1 024 
X 600 pixel resolution. Approx. 
price is ?1 5,000. 


Sporting a super AMOLED 
display, the Galaxy Note is a 
brick-sized phone fronn the 
Sannsung stable. The phone is 
packed with features such as 8 
MP rear and 2 MP front cannera 
and 1 6 GB of in-built nnennory 
Priced at approx. ?35,000. 




i^ G H 






A \ 


G i 



w h 


ri V J 






N J 


H i 



M O 

F K G 






F < 

5- ] 



U L 


t PL E 






C \ 





V A 

D R X 








U i 



R T 


E V J 






F 1 





M e 


L C A 






G : 


O * 


L M 


t 1 A 











B C 

T F O 






e i 





U Y 

y u R 






C 1 


K \ 



I L 

c R e 






R i 


M i 



A W 

V rt A 






H . 


M \ 



E S 

K O O 






R ^ 


q 1 



P D 

E e H 






U \ 


R 1 



R W 

X I T 











B I 

There are 
24 words 
in this word 
jumble. Try 
to find all 
of them in 
under ten 
Level 3 
(5 being 


Make sure your boss doesn't catch you goofing off with 
one of these playing on your screen 

Unleash your fingers 1 -Ml 

This Sannsung Galaxy S2 ad is 
a well-executed concept using 
"dancing hands". 

I Met the Walrus 05:15 

Brilliant piece of aninnation 
featuring voice of John Lennon 
in an interview conducted by 
Jerry Levitan in 1969. 

Splitscreen: A love story 2:25 

Winner of the Nokia shorts 
2011 Award this short film 
was nnade on a Nokia N8. 



e all know our ABCD, but not like this. This Collector's Edition, to continue our celebration 
of being (over) a decade old, we decided it was time to put a stake in the ground. Of all the 
millions of products, of all the people who contributed to those same products, or all the 
tech companies and technologies, of all the cultures that emerged and of all the major events 
happening around the world - in the past decade that Digit has existed - which ones would we choose 
to signify a letter of the alphabet? Bringing this vast list down to a mere 26 items would be impossible, 
but we did segregate them all into categories, and after days of heated debates, arrived at Digit's A to Z of 
technology. We've also colour coded the alphabets in a simple RGB (red, gren, blue) format, to segregate 
our picks into Technologies and Products, Culture and Events, and finally. People and Companies. We 
know no one is going to agree 100 per cent with our picks, but that's OK, neither could any of us. We 
would love to get your feedback and your thoughts about this list though, so make sure to write in to 




. r ^ . 

People /> 
and < 



A-Z of Tech 



Applications 114 

.PC Software 11^ 

" I 

Home ■ 

Entertainment 12™ 

The Web 126 

PC Hardware 130 

Digit I December 2011 1 



Keitai Culture 

You must have heard the term 
"Keitai culture" numerous 
times used in reference to Japan. 
In Japanese, "Keitai denwa" lit- 
erally means "portable phone" 
and because of the extent to 

which the Japanese use their 
mobile phones, it has given rise 
to a "mobile ^— — * 

phone j^Uinf# J 

culture" or 
"Keitai cul- 
ture". Mobile 
phones have 

become a ubiquitous part of 
not just the Japanese culture, 
but prety much everywhere on 
earth! Even here in India, we're 
slowly going the Japanese way, 
and for lack of an Indian word 

just yet, developing our own 
Keitai culture. Much like the 
Japanese, we're also connected 
to our phones 24x7, browsing 
on the go. We've even started 
customising our phones with 
colourful covers, stickers, etc. 
In fact, you hardly see youth 
talking to each other anymore 
- instead you find their thumbs 
going 300 characters a minute! 


Jobs, Steve 

If I is for the iPhone, then the 
"J" has to be the man behind 
the iPhone, iPad, iPod - Steven 
Paul Jobs. A man who could 
get on the stage and absolutely 
convince you that his product 
is the best you could get. The 
keynote speeches Jobs delivers 
are simply a treat to listen to - 
those who want to learn the art 

of presentation, the keynotes 
are a must watch. Steve Jobs 
possesses the "Reality Distor- 
tion Field" - the term Apple 
engineer Burrell Smith used 
to describe Steve's charisma 
and his ability to convince 
you of just about anything. Of 
course, there are also hundreds 
of Apple employees behind 
all Apple's products, but we 
have to feature the man whose 
vision they were all following, 
and the man largely credited 
for bringing Apple back from 
the brink of bankruptcy to 
now the biggest tech company 
in the world! R.I.P Steve. 


If we had made this same 
list last year, A would most 
certainly be "Apple", however, 
the sheer growing popularity of 
Google's Android has made it 
possible for every single person 
on this planet to hold a smart- 
phone in his hand (whether 
said smartness of phones is 
ever utilised is a question that 
still remains unanswered). 
Google making Android "Open 
Source" opened the smart- 
phone flood gates as many 


Peter Chou is 
one of the three 
founders of HTC. He has 
served HTC Corporation 
as the Chief Executive 
Officer and President 
since April 30, 2004. It 
was under his leadership 
that HTC launched its first 
Android phone and has now 
established itself as one of 
the leading players in the 
mobile and tablet category. 

manufacturers started bringing 
their version of smartphones, 
and now you get them for as 
low as 7k. We only hope that 
Google doesn't get carried away 
with the acquisition of Motorola 
mobile and lets Android 
remain "Open Source". 



We give you three 
reasons why you 
should root your 
Android device: 

1.) Just because you can: you have 
a beast... unleash it. 
2.)While most devices have a 
lot of potential, manufacturers 
limit the devices a little. Root 
it and the full power is at your 


ust broke^}^ I ^^i 
> only in May ^^^^B 

Android powered gadgets just broke^hS 
200 million barrier. In was only in May 
that the number of Android powered 
gadgets crossed the 100 million mark 
but with over 550,000 android devices 
getting activated each day, this doesn't 
come as a surprise to anyone. I 

command - overclock, remove 
unwanted OEM customisations, 
and improve the performance of 
your device drastically. 
3.) Installing unavailable options 
and features: You can get Wi-Fi- 
Bluetooth tethering, and install 
all the features you wanted but 
were not available. You can add 
custom keyboards and take 
advantage of a better keyboard 
for the typing experience. Of 
course, remember that rooting 
voids warranty. We hold no 
responsibilities if you brick or 
damage your mobile device in 
any way. That still won't stop 
you, will it? 

Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.cor] 



It makes its way 
to our list for being the first 
Playstation certified mobile 
device that runs on Android 
2.3 Gingerbread. The Xperia 

Play has opened a whole new 
dimension for gaming on 
mobile phone device. What 
■ «• -mi 


With more IM apps 
coming up and the 
cheap texting rates, 
recent reports show that people 
prefer texting over calling. 
But why this change? A lot of 
psychological factors drive why 
texting has become the more 
dominant form of communica- 
tion apart from the fact that it's 
cheaper. There are the obvious 
few advantages of texting like - it 
allows for asynchronous interac- 
tion and aids discrete conversa- 
tions, allows you to say things 
which otherwise you might not 
say. When you text someone 
you don't give away information 
relating to your whereabouts, 
which otherwise be evident in a 


One of the most 
battles is hap- 
pening right here in the 
mobile industry. You guessed 
it right.. Patent Wars. Apple 
and Samsung have been 
the center of attraction 
even though there are other 
companies in the battle. And 
we said interesting because, 
both Apple and Samsung 

makes it different is it has 
managed to infuse the Sony 
Playstation PSP with itself, 
which means you can play 
games like you would on a 
PSP It features a IGHz Qual- 
comm Scorpion processor 
and the Adreno 205 GPU, 

using which it delivers 
smooth graphics, and 
a slide-out panel with 
full-fledged gaming 
pad. The 4-inch 
display, which is the 
LED backlit LCD 
^ type - delivers excel- 
lent display with vivid 
colours is nice to play on. 
However the UI has its share 
of stutters and slow moments. 

phone call from 
the background 
noise; texting is 
way of decep- 
tion. Moreover, 
texting allows you to set the 
tone and pace of the interaction. 
Texting allows the user to pin 
down every single thought of 
his, which may or may not be 
possible in a phone call as a lot 
external factors affect it. This 
texting culture has its disad- 
vantages too - it has plagued 
the young minds with the text 
language i.e. Using of acronyms, 
which is slowly becoming 
the dominant language in all 
walks of their life. It sure is 
hell as annoying when people 
use text language in mails. 

depend upon each other and 
if the relationship between 
the two were to go bad, both 
are going suffer heavy losses. 
While searching for the all 
the events that unfolded 
right from the inception 
of the war, we came across 
two infographics that really 
manage to sum up the entire 
war so far. Here have a look - 


There existed 
basically just 
three kinds of 
keyboard layout on a mobile 

touchscreen devices. Swype 
is one such example. It is still 
an on-screen QWERTY key- 
board, but what's different 
here is, it lets you type by 

device viz. QWERTY, Multi- 
tap, SureType, but in the past 
few years we have seen many 
new input methods making 
their way in to mobile 
devices, especially for the 


When Windows 
phone was launched, it lacked 
many important features when 
compared to the likes to iOS 
and Android. But with the 
recent Mango update, slowly 
, I but surely it is emerging as one 
ofthe more promising mobile 
platforms around. With 
Mango, Microsoft seems to 


Yikes! I bricked 
my phone! The 
smarter phones 
get, the more common errors 
get when we fiddle with them. 
Not only does messing with 
custom firmwares, OSes and 
rooting sometimes throw up 
problems, but the fact that 
phones have become flimsy 

just sliding your finger over 
alphabets with requiring you 
to only lift your finger after 
a word. If you are a texting 
freak, then this keyboard is 
your nirvana. 

have fixed a lot ofthe 
features it lacked. 
In the otherwise 
boring category 
filled with Android, 
iOS and to an extent Black- 
berry phones with occasional 
appearances from Symbian, 
the entry of Windows phone 
comes as a refreshing experi- 
ence. However, it remains to 
be seen whether Microsoft can 
leverage its new found warrior. 

and tiny doesn't help either. 
The clumsy amongst us have 
found this out the hard way... 
Thankfully, we're seeing more 
metal in the bodies of new 
phones - even if it is more 
for heat dissipation than 
anything else, because ofthe 
more powerful CPUs - at least 
they don't smash as easily as 
before when you drop them. 


^22,500 is the asking price for refurbished iPhc 

: prices to go down. While people eagerly await for 
^hone 4S to be available in India, this offer in the 
le is worth considering. What's more, reports sugge: 
3le might also offer a one-year warranty on these uni 

Digit I December 2011 1 




2012, the year in which Amazon will enter the Indian 
market. Amazon reportedly has been having talks with, and Amazon is 
currently building a team of 200+ people, which will be 
headed by Madhu M. Amazon is also planning to estab- 
lish a warehouse in India's financial capital, Mumbai. 

Flash on 

Adobe just announced that 
it will be killing the Flash 
Player for Android and the 
BlackBerry Playbook in 
favour of HTML 5, while it 
will still continue to support 
AIR. A year and half ago 
Steve Jobs in his open letter 
explained why Apple doesn't 
support Flash. It is very 
evident why Adobe is making 
this move, HTML 5 is way 
better in terms of providing 

content and 
not harsh on 
battery life, 
thus making 
for a better 

mobile experience. Of course, 
using AIR, people will still 
get all the apps they need 
from the Adobe platform, 
and it's mainly streaming 
video on web pages that will 
be affected - and honestly 
it's just been easier to stream 
video in non-Flash format to 
mobile devices thus anyway... 

—-• — ^ • ^ — •-•-• 


(LiMo) Linux 
Mobile Founda- 
tion, is an non- 
profit organisation working 
towards providing a completely 
open Linux-based operating 
system for mobile devices. 
'MeeGo', that was seen running 
on Nokia N9, is one of the efforts 
of LiMo. It was along with Intel 
and Nokia, that LiMo made 
a joint effort to build MeeGo. 
Apart from Intel and Nokia, 
Aminocom and Novell also 

E5 Nokia 

Why choose 
the Nokia E5 
of mobility? The reason 
is, it recently became the 
world record holder of run- 
ning multiple apps at the 
sametime. The Nokia E5 
managed to run an unbe- 




played an important part in the 
MeeGo project. However, on 
27th September, 2011 an Intel 
employee announced their 
collaboration with Samsung 
along with LiMo to replace 
MeeGo with Tizen. Tizen is 
reportedly said to be launched 
in 2012. We can't wait to see 
what happens when the mobile 
industry gets a true open- 
source operating system. 

lievable 74 apps at the same time, 
whereas the previous record 

holder the Samsung Omnia 
HD had managed to run 
only 62 apps. What this 
signifies is the beginning 
of the race to multitask on 
your phone, which is the 
ascension of the humble 
mobile as the main com- 
puting device for the world. 

Mobile World 

This is paradise for all you 
mobile device lovers out there. 
Mobile World Congress, a 
yearly event that acts as the plat- 
form for world's largest exhibi- 
tion for the mobile industry 
and also comprises of confer- 
ences featuring prominent 
Chief Executives from across 
the world and from all fields of 
the industry The 2011 MWC 


took place in Barcelona, Spain, 
which saw a number of popular 
products such as Samsung 
Galaxy S II, HTC Flyer, Galaxy 
TAB 10.1 being showcased 
apart from a exciting lineup of 
speakers. The Mobile World 
Congress 2012 will also be held 
in Barcelona, Spain from Feb- 
ruary 27 to March 1, 2012. Go 
to wwwmobileworldcongress. 
com to know more about the 
most important mobile event. 

—-• — ^ • ^ — •-»* 


Huawei was 
founded in 1988 
by Ren Zhengfei 
and today is the second largest 
mobile telecommunication 
infrastructure equipment 
maker in the work. Huawei 
came to India in the 
year 1999, when they 
set up the first R&D 
center in India at 
Bangalore. It pro- 
vided direct employ- 



ment to 6,000 people. Huawei 
has tied up with Indian 
operators like Bharti Airtel, 
Vodafone, Reliance, Aircel to 
provide telecom solutions. 
Huawei has played a contrib- 
uting role in the growth of 
the Indian telecom industry. 
It currently serves 45 of 
the world's 50 largest 
telecoms operators, 
while its products and 
services are deployed in 
more than 140 countries. 


I could not stand for anything 
else - love it or hate it, you 
cannot simply ignore the fact 
that the iPhone completely 
changed what we thought 
of mobile phones. The 
iPhone set a high-standard 
for the user experience and 
simplicity and four years 
later the competition is still 
catching up with what it 
has to offer. Had it not been 
for the iPhone, we possibly 
wouldn't have Android. 
Although it is perhaps 
nothing more than an iPod 
touch with the ability to call. 

it's still the most popular 
selling mobile device. The 
iPhone is not the perfect 
device, it has its share of 
drawbacks, but thanks to 
great marketing and even 
better product design, the 
world cannot get enough of it. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 

Near Field 

Bump! Tap! Exchange data 
and more. The reason NFC has caught our 
eye is because of the endless possibilities 
this technology holds. It lets you exchange 
data between devices in close proximity to 
each other, be it sharing files or business 
cards, starting a multiplayer game ses- 
sion, can be used as an ID card, making 
payments , etc. Smartphones makers have 
started manufacturing mobile devices 
with NFC chips as a standard now and it 


is only a matter 
oftime before we 
find ourselves 
using it for all 
sorts of things. 
The process 
of initiating 
a connection 
with another 
device takes a 
mere 0.1 sec- 
onds compared to around 6 sees with 
Bluetooth and you can expect speeds 
of upto 424 kbps. Plus it's cool to use! 


Recession? What recession? Thankfully, there are 
enough and more companies that continue to make 
devices that stoke your tech desires and make you go, 
"Ooh, I want!". In all honesty, our Droolmaal section depends heavily 
on these manufacturers, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Of 
course, only the richest of the rich can really afford these, or many of 
them are just concept devices, or even just crazy works of art - made 
to just show off a company's capabilities. Do we care? Of course not. 
It's the aspirations that we all have to own devices from Vertu, Stuart 
Hughes and the rest that make tech interesting, and also make other 
manufacturers offer even more at our budgets. 


Dual-core chips are a thing 
of the past, it's now time for 
Quad-core action. If you 
needed any more proof that the core wars 
have officially come to the mobile segment; 
ASUS has already unveiled the first quad- 
core tablet running a Tegra 3 processor. 
While, the ASUS Fee Pad Transformer 
Prime will be the first quad-core tablet, 
and the HTC Fdge is touted to be the first 
quad-core smartphone to hit markets. 
Just like in the desktop space, more cores 
not only means more performance, but 
also optimised CPU loads, and as 
a result, better battery life. Plus, 
it's always super-cool to have a 
quad-core portable device. If the 
snappier performance, more 
fluid user-interface, flawless 
1080p playback, 3D gaming and 
the likes aren't pull enough, you 
should soon see vanity stickers 
on phones and tablets - much like 
the vanity dual core, quad-core, 
six- core, Intel Inside, etc. stickers 
we sporte on our PC cabinets. 


However, don't fall for the hype just yet, 
especially if you already have a dual-core 
phone. It would be wise to wait for better 
versions of these CPUs a year down the 
line, and also for apps that are written 
specifically for four (or more) cores.. 


Your eyeball view. 
Our technology new. 

Element of Success 

Add a little attitude to all your presentations with IBall's 

2.4GHz Wireless Presenter. Probably the most powerful 

presentation tool an executive will ever hold ! 




with laser pointer 


• Built-in laser pointer WARRANTY 

• USB Micro Receiver 

• Left & Right button for Previous & Next Slide. 

' Toggle button to switch between two applications. 
• On/off switch to save battery life. 

• Can be used as a mouse with Trackball & Left 

click button. 

• Blank Screen button to draw attention towards the 


D 3. I I Enliancing laptop computing. . „ \>Vn\i \V^ | Over 20 million iBall products sold 

Best IT World (India) Pvt. Ltd.: Email: 
Mumbai - 022 - 6774 5100 / 3081 5100 / 9820723393, 
Ahmedabad - 079-2743 6373, Bangalore - 080-4124 3646, 
Bhubaneshwar - 0674- 329 7372, Cochin - 0484- 232 4706, 
Chennai - 044- 4216 8561, Dehradun - 0135- 324 4481, 
Guwahati - 094357 31463, Goa - 080070 35766, Hubli - 
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400 5840, Ludhiana - 0161 - 441 2099, Nagpur - 0712-325 
381 1 , Nashik - 095526 04485, Pune - 093723 37752, Patna - 
0612- 326 0947, Raipur - 0771- 329 3674, Ranchi - 0651- 324 
4199, Secunderabad - 040- 2789 4847. 



It was just around a 
decade back that we 
saw the first mobile 
phone with a camera module - 
the Sharp J-SH04. Do you want 
to take a guess at how many 
pixels it encompassed? It had 

110,000 - pixels, for those who 
aren't laughing, that's a mere 
0.1 MR However, not long after 
this, the mobile industry went 
ablaze with the craze for camera 
phones. From selling 3 million 
units in 2001, the industry saw 
the sale of 500 million units in 
2006. In fact, the manufacturers 
then were coming up with series 


of dedicated camera phones, few 
of the notable ones were from 
the K-series phones by Sony 
Ericsson. Apart from launching 
dedicated camera phones, the 
fight for encompassing higher 
mega-pixels also took off around 
the same time. From 0.1 to 0.3 
, and then as high as 12.0 - the 
mega-pixel war still rages - 
albeit not with as much fervour 
as before. Today, it's all about 
pixels still, but instead of still 
images, it's more about video 
quality. Thanks to TV manufac- 
turers spending all the big bucks 
on advertising and making 
"HD" a household phrase, 
phone manufacturers now just 
flaunt their device's ability to 
shoot HD videos as a USP. All of 
us now expect, at a minimum, 
to have one converged device 
that is a phone, digital camera 
and camcorder all rolled into 
one - only if it also computes 
is it considered a bonus! 

Windows Phone market 

ytm I I ■■ ■■ 1 place now holds more 
^T. V^ J V^ V^ V/ than 40,000 apps 

Just a year after Win- 
dows Phone was launched, the market place now is home 
for more than 40,000 apps. While the Apple App Store 
offers more than 5 lakh apps and the Android market place 
offering more than 3 lakh apps, Windows Phone still has 
a long long way to go. But the rate at which apps are being 
developed for the Windows platform it wont be surprising 
if it crosses the 50k mark by the end of 2011 or by Jaunary 
2012 end; as of now 165 apps are being added every day. 

j Gorilla 
j Glass 

Manufactured by Corning, 
Gorilla Glass is an alkali- 
aluminosilicate thin sheet glass, 
which is specifically developed 
to be thin, light and resistant to 
damage. This makes it a perfect 
choice for the plethora of touch- 
screen mobile devices. There 
are many videos on the web 
that demonstrate the extent to 
which the Gorilla Glass can take 

a beating. It was a project that 
started in 2006 and as of today 
it used in as much as 20 per cent 
of all mobile handsets. Thank 
God someone is making these 
devices more sturdy. Watch the 
video at http://goo.gL/pPdH2 

BlackBerry '=' BiackBeffy 

If it's Business 
it's BlackBerry, 
no matter anyone 
says, BlackBerry devices are 
still is the favourite toy for 
suited men - despite Black- 
Berry (RIM) themselves 
trying to break the mold with 
their own ads. With about 
70 million subscribers (as of 
October 2011), it's obvious 
that RIM is still a force to 

be reckoned with. It also 
helps that a lot of Gen-Y have 
started seeing BBM as the 
best messaging solution out 
there - which it actually is. 
Whether you're a 'Blackberry 
Boy', or a CEO, especially in 
India, where BlackBerry plans 
have become even cheaper 
than ever before - RIM 
and it's BlackBerry devices 
are surely here to stay. 

—-• — ^ • ^ — •-»* 

Dont' you 
hold me 
Like that 

a hurry, or the fact that if one 
doesn't the competition surely 
will that causes such massive 

'Just avoid holding it in that 
way', was Steve Jobs infamous 
response when the iPhone 4 
struggled with reception issues 
- better known as the Death 
Grip. The HTC Sensation was 
another smartphone that faced 
a similar issue. It's baffling how 
tech giants could make such 
mistakes when designing their 
flagship phones. Perhaps it's 
because the pressure of having 
to release updated models in 

oversights. Whatever the rea- 
sons, be prepared for more such 
events in the future, and we'll be 
only too happy to report them to 
you, as and when they happen. 

—-• — ^ • ^ — •-»* 


From simply 
packing in fea- 
tures, manufacturers are now 
paying attention to the nuances 
of user experience. Small 
changes such as well thought 
out placement of physical keys 

on the device, to letting you 
access the camera and apps 
right from the lockscreen, 
etc, are much more impor- 
tant today than ever before, 
and billions wait to be made 
for those who get it right! 


Without a battery, 
all you can do with 
a phone is throw it at someone 
in anger, or use it to defend 
yourself, and even that will be 
unsuccessful, given that the 
darn things are so dainty and 
light these days. 
So what's hap- 
pening in battery ' 
research then? 
Wads of cash 
are being spent 
in this direction, 
but we seem to have hit physical 
and chemical limits, and it's 
pretty much just nap time for 
anyone trying to find something 
exciting here... come on nanote- 
chnology, or something... give us 
our 1 week battery, we beg you! 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


^ h} u :< 4 ■ e^ :Ti 1 Vi : [ 


lSHISH khoria 

MOL AccessPortaL Pvt. Ltd. (MOL India), 
Asia's Leading payment service pro- 
viders for online games, virtual worlds 
and social networks is experiencing Inuge growtln 
in the social gaming market of India. 

Social gaming, a relatively new plienomenon 
in India, is a concept that promotes social net- 
working via online games. Already a popular cul- 
ture in many parts of the world, social gaming 
has seen increased popularity among the Indian 
community. By including local nuances into 
the gaming environment, most of the social 
games are becoming more realistic as they 
represent the users' daily endeavours. These 
games not only help to bring the communities 
closer, the real-time rewards further entice 
users' participation. 

"Over 500 million people worldwide play 
social games and in India alone, more than 10 
million or over 50 per cent of India's Facebook 

users play social games," says Mr. Ashish Khoria, 
Country Manager of MOL India. 

Today, users in India are investing more 
time and money on online games. Many users 
play free social games like 'Farmville' and 'Pet 
Society'. Spending real money to enhance the 
gaming experience is growing. 

Ganesh Kumar Bangah, CEO of MOL says, 
"The audience and revenue growth forecast is 
tremendous and this presents an opportunity 
for marketers to promote their brands through 
social games. The user growth we are witnessing 
continues to increase beyond expectations. This 
is really a good time for companies to explore 
social gaming initiatives in India". 



MOL Access- 
Portal (MOL) is 
part of the MOL 
Global Group, 
one of Asia's 
leading payment service providers. MOL 
handles over 60 million transactions annu- 
ally and leverages on a network of more 
than 600,000 physical and online payment 
collection points across 80 countries. It is 
also linked online to 88 banks in 9 countries 
worldwide. MOL INDIA is one of the biggest 
Re-sellers of Social & MMOG Game Credits 
dedicated to Gaming Industry. For more 
information on MOL, visit 

Digit I December 2011 1 www.thinl< 107 



Whenever you 
blowup an enemy 
to bits or kick 
someone's a$$ from here to 
kingdom come, chances are it 
looks realistic because of the 
Havok engine. Some of the best 
in game physics in some of the 


best games ever created have 
run on this ubiquitous physics 
engine. The collisions, ragdoll 
effects and scatter trajectories 
rendered by the engine make 
games ultra realistic. Bioshock 
2, RE.A.R. 2, Half-life 2, The 
Witcher2 and many more on 
the A- list of gaming imple- 
ment the Havok engine. The 
best part is that it's cross plat- 
form, also supporting Xbox 
360, PS variants Linux, Mac 
and recently even Android. 


What do Dan- 
gerous Dave, Quake, Doom, id 
and Apogee have in common? 
Apart from being etched in the 
memory of almost every gamer, 
what they have in common 
is John Carmack. The legen- 
dary game 
and the co- 
founder of 
id Software 
has had a 
strong hand 
in shaping the gaming industry 
from its very beginnings. He 
developed several techniques 
- binary space partitioning, 
surface caching, and mega- 
textures, which gave each of 
his games a never before 
seen visual appeal. He's also 
an open source geek, having 
released the source code of 
Quake for Linux very early on. 

,^i( 120,000 

Is the number of people that the American videogame 
industry employs either directly or indirectly. Of these the 
people employed directly have an average salary of $90,000 
and together they generate or $25 billion in annual revenue. 

God of War 

Arguably one of the 

best games ever in 

the console space, 
Kratos redefined a$$ kicking. 
Heck, some would go so far 
as to call it the best game ever. 
So what if it turns mythology 
on it's head so much to make 
historians roll over in their 
graves? The game gave us some 
of the best and never before 
experienced gruesome thrills in 
any hack-n- slash. Even when it 
debuted on the PSP, God of War 
was the first game to stretch the 
device to it's absolute breaking 
point. For a tile like GoW, Sony 
let developers go beyond the 
222MHz cap, stretching the PSP 
to its full potential of 333 MHz. 
«*• -m^ 

Quake III 

Yes it's obvious, 

but what did you 

expect? We've 
been obsessed with the game 
for the past 9 years! Even 
today every machine at Digit 
has Quake III installed and 

is evoked at every issue closing. In fact, just before writing 
this piece a fierce one-on-one, instagib death match in DM17 
ended with a sore of 115-87. Anyhoo, QUI gave us so many 
things - strafe jumping, rocket jumping, rocket predic- 
tion, the railgun (to use on human players)! Nuff said. 

W ^^3 Thank God it's Sunday? Nope. Tokyo Game Show! 
'-^■^^^ A place that is part fantasy and part reality. A place 

where every gamer's wildest dreams come true. 
OK. We are exaggerating, but TGS is surely the place to be if 
you're a gamer. Like Gamescom, you have the who's who of 
gaming showcasing products, letting visitors try out never- 
seen-before tech and of course you have hundreds of arcade 
games lined up, hot booth babes dressed as your favourite 
game characters. There's more: a dedicated mobile gaming 
area, kid's area and an enclosure for careers in gaming. 


It's quite under- 
standable if the 
Xbox brand name 
doesn't bring to mind images 
of grandeur. But the console 


does have several industry 
firsts to its credit. At a time 
when the realm of HD or 
High Definition had not yet 
been breached, Xbox 360 
showed its early adopters 
what it was like to experi- 
ence graphics in HD. We're 
not saying great graphics, 
just HD. Way before this 
achievement, Xbox debuted 
its Xbox live service and gave 
console users a taste of what 
• PC gamers were enjoying 
for some time till then. 


If you don't want 
to be called a 
nOOb and get 
pwn3d, you need to level 
up to be 133t. The term 
Leet evolved 
from the word 
elite and is now 
used to describe 
skilled gamers 
and hackers. 
The writing 
style developed 
as an esoteric 
form made up of ASCII 
characters and errors that 
happen while frantically 
chatting during intense 
multiplayer sessions. Now 
it's almost a subculture 
that alienates non-gamers. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


Rush em nOObs 

The blitzkrieg of the gaming 
world, this is a strategy that 
involves barging in on your 
opponent with all your forces 





and allies. An "all-in" in 
terms of RTS games, this is a 
very risky manoeuvre which 
can result in your untimely 
death if not handled cor- 
rectly It is the equivalent of 
putting all your eggs into 
one basket and throwing it 
at an enemy's head in the 
hopes of killing him! You will 
end up with smashed eggs, 
but with enough eggs in the 
basket, you just might end up 
killing him! Shock and awe. 
Overwhelm and destroy. 


Popularly known as LAN 
Parties, the Bring Your Own 
Comp culture sees a large 
number of gaming geeks 
converge on a venue with 
their own gaming gear for 
extended sessions of mul- 
tiplayer gaming. Gaming 

enthusiasts bring portable 
machines, huge custom rigs 
and gaming peripherals. The 
trends has become so popular 
that case manufacturers 
have even come up with easy 
carrying handles and grips 
on their cases; even locks to 
protect precious innards from 
thieving hands. DreamHack 
the world's largest BYOC party 
had 13,292 machines con- 
nected to the LAN. Gamers 
play, abuse each other, show 
off their gear, OD on energy 
drinks, bust their bladders, 
and don't sleep for days on 
end. Ahh youth gone wild. 

Unreal Engine 

An important milestone in 
the evolution of gaming. 





the Unreal Engine forever changed the 
way games - most notably first person 
shooters - would look. The Engine 
was used to create America's Army, 

an ultra-realistic shooting simulation / recruiting tool used 
by the military. What other proof can there be of the realism 
offered by games developed in the Unreal Engine? And yet 
the best feature of this engine is it's omnipresent portability. 
It runs on virtually all conceivable platforms including 
Linux, Mac, Flash Player and Android. Some titles to qui- 
etly implement the Unreal Engine include games as diverse 
as BioShock, Gears of War 2, and Batman: Arkham Asylum. 

Kojinna, Hideo 

When this man says he's 

making an announcement, 

the whole gaming world 
comes to a standstill. Why? Quite simply 
Hideo Kojima was the force behind the 
immensely popular Metal Gear series. As 
a game director he has been featured at 

the top of several "influential people of gaming" lists throughout 
his career. He has even received two Lifetime Achievement 
awards for his contribution to gaming. Kojima's focus on 
stealth and the art of storytelling in games is what sets him 
apart. He's legendary for his use of multiple-camera angles in 
cut scenes, non-linear story lines, and of course having a very 
strong story that immerses the gamer ever so completely. 

Y do we ganne? 

The question is almost as important as Y we 
couldn't come up with a proper topic to write 
under Y But that apart, this in itself is worth pon- 
dering about. With gaming becoming so addictive over the 
years, the day won't be far when we'd require support groups 
like Gamer's Anonymous to be formed. Y do we have this 
compulsion to kick ass? Y this proclivity for exploring vir- 
tual playgrounds? The answers lie deep rooted in the human 
psyche. Some play to overcome challenges. Some play to feel 
like god. Some like to compete, while some are psychotic and 
if not given this outlet they'd probably end up chainsawing 
their families. So you see gaming serves a social purpose too. 

Meier, Sid 

If strategy and particularly 

4x (explore, expand, exploit, 

and exterminate) is what 
helps you get your game on, Sid Meier 
is your god. Among other titles, he's 
the creator of Railroad Tycoon and the 
immensely popular Civilization series. 
Apart from strategy Sid has several 
Flight Simulation games to his credit 

at the very outset of his career. Currently he is the Director of 
Creative Development at Firaxis, his own company and con- 
tinues to be a guiding light to budding gamers everywhere. 

33.6 per cent 

The share of Strategy games in the total number of game 
units sold in the United States. Quite unexpected isn't it? One 
would've easily assumed it would be first person shooters to 
dominate, and yet FPS comes a distant second with 9.7%. 

Digit I December 2011 1 




Ok there's no such thing as 
iGamer, we've made it up. But 
what else would you call this 
whole new breed of gamers 

Is the average age of the 
most frequent game pur- 
chaser according to a 2011 
^report published by the 
Entertainment Software 
Association. Of the most 
frequent game purchasers, 
^2% are male and 48% 

i are, hold your breath... 

I female! Women age 18 or 
blder represent a signifi- 
^A^antly greater portion of 
'the game-playing popula- 
tion (37%) than boys aged 
17 or younger (13%) 

who have emerged thanks 
to the iOS platform? The 
portable gaming industry 
was initially dominated by 
Gameboys, Nintendo's DS, 
PSP and the ilk. But with 
powerful hardware coming in 
phones developers soon real- 
ised that phones and tablets 
like the iPhone and iPad are 
very viable gaming devices. 
Utilising hardware such 
as gyroscopes these games 
provided gamers with newer 
experiences. Besides, getting 
your hands on new games 
was simply a download away. 

—^ — ^ • ^ — •-»* 


^ mt 


Second Life lets you explore a 

mirror world in virtual reality 

where you can do many of the 
things you do in real life - buy crap, be broke, get married, pick 
fights, get bullied, attend concerts, et al. Wait a minute, don't you 
do these things in real life anyway? So why would you want to do 
them all over again in cyber space?! Beats us. We can understand 
the gold rush post the initial hype, and yet thousands of people 
still flock to this once multi-player game and now a virtual chat 
room of sorts. Why does it feature here then? For it being the 
precursor to a new step in gaming. Even today specific islands 
do host customised role-playing games in this ghost-town of a 
virtual world. SecondLife could very well be a fledgling step into 
a form of gaming that is yet to be fully exploited and explored. 


No it's not some weird Japa- 
nese PrOn. Try to break it up 
and pronounce it; "On Game 
Net". That's it. OGN is a TV 


Looking at the 
world through the 
aiming reticle of 
an assault rifle has been, and 
will always be every young 


channel in Korea that shows 
StarCraft matches all the 
time. Well maybe not all the 
time, but having a channel 
dedicated to showcasing 
videogame matches is quite 
something. And showcasing 
just StarCraft is downright 
insane and freakin cool! 
Man those crazy Koreans; 
now all we need is a visa! 

boy's waking dream. Right 
from Wolfenstein 3D, the 
First Person Shooter genre 
became a rage and later on 
spawned an entire generation 
of gamers who lived for frags. 
Every year we see several FPS 
releases with game designers 
trying to redefine this old 
favourite genre. But despite 
several embellishments 
towards realism and game- 
play at its core it remains 
the same; power ups, health, 
big f ""kin guns and kills. 



With its Playstation line, Sony has been at the forefront 
of innovation in the console space. PS was the console 
that popularised the CD format of digital distribution, 
and the PS2 is the world's largest selling console with over 150 mil- 
lion units in circulation, and popularised the use of DVDs. The PS3 
did the same thing for Blu-ray Yes troubles with PSN (Play Station 
Network) off late have tarnished its former glory, but PlayStation still 
remains a strong name in the console space, with all eyes currently 
on the PlayStation Vita, the next version of the PSP handheld. 

•--• — ^ • ^ — •-»* 


Don't scoff at us for saying this, but all those OCD 
afflicted procrastinators of work who spend endless 

hours on social games - expanding their Mafia gangs, enlisting 

Vampires, and irrigating their farms - are also gamers. Gamers 

of a different kind but gamers 

nonetheless. And this new breed 

has come into existence purely 

on account of seminal work in 

social gaming by a small startup 

called Zynga. Starting of with 

the limited success of Poker, the 

company now has 200 million 

monthly active users, with games 

such as Farmville. Shocking. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 

Extreme 3D 

Vicw^oitic^ Ultimate experience ^ 


Film Pattern Retarder 3D 

' HDMI 1 .4 support enables 
3D images without delay 

' ClearMotiv™ II 2ms ultra fast 
response time creates 
blur-free action 

' Integrated speakers with 
SRS Premium Sound® for 
home theater quality 


Stiutter Glasses 3D 

• Super fast 1 20Hz frame rate 
produces incredible effects 

• HDMI 1 .4 support enables 3D 
images without delay 

• ClearMotiv™ II 2ms ultra fast 
response time creates blur-free 

• Integrated speakers with SRS 
Premium Sound® for home 
theater quality 

For Sales contact: 

• North: Abhishek Gaur - 09891 001 763, • West: Rohit Mishra- 09373652839, 

• East: Nil Bhowmik- 09831457341, -Tamil Nadu, Karala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh: Mallikarjuna: 09900599899, 

For more product information, visit us at 


*Actual product specifications may vary depending on the model. SGG ttlG difiGrGnCG" 



Talking about 

in gaming is like 
talking about Steve 
Job's influence in the 
making of the iPod. 
But for a company 
that initially tried 
running ahem "Love 
Hotels", did incred- 
ible feats in the 
gaming industry 
It's known for leg- 
endary titles such 
as super Super 
Mario brothers, 
Donkey Kong 
as well as con- 
soles such as the 
NES (Nintendo 
System) and 
Later on Nin- 
tendo went on 
to create the Nin- 
tendo DS and Nintendo Wii 
which completely changed 
the way people played games 
Joysticks and D-pads became 
old news, and overnight 
video-games became a thing 
to do for almost everyone. 


It wasn't just 
teenagers who were 
gaming now, suddenly older 
people started hosting Wii 
themed house parties and 
doddery grandmas were 
playing tennis in their living 
rooms. Ok we're exaggerating 
a little but you get the idea. 


Is the amount most analysts estimate Blizzard m^!^ |^ ^ ^ 
annually in revenue from World of Warcraft. Consid- 
ering Blizzard made around $250 million in 2005, 
estimates suggest that currentlyit makes around 
$1 billion from its subscriberf 11.5 million u^^f§? 


A mix of Exercise and 

Gaming that finally 

got couch potatoes to 

drop their gamepads 

and move their a" " 
without compromising on their 
daily fix of video game entertain- 
ment. Motion gaming completely 
upturned the earlier ideology that 
gaming makes people sedentary. 
It's roots lie in rudimentary kits like 
Power Pad for Nintendo Entertain- 
ment System and Arcade games 
like Dance Dance Revolution. But the genre really came into major 
spotlight with the release of Nintendo's Wii (and its peripherals) 
when motion gaming as a whole revolutionised the way games 
are played. What followed was Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect, 
together taking gaming in the living room to all members of the 
family not just the young people. But is it just limited to fitness and 
sports themed games? Not quite. Even mainstreams game franchises 
are soon going to bite in on the action. BioShock Infinite is slated to 
have support for PS Move while the Kinect will play nice with the 
upcoming Halo CE. A port of Arkham Asylum is also rumoured 
to be under development for the recently unveiled Wii U. So in the 
end, the take away is pretty obvious - "We like to move it move it"! 

World of Warcraft 

What WoW did was to take what was thought of by 
most as "hardcore" to what now is thought of as an 
everyday thing. Millions of non-gamers worldwide have 
now become addicted to this as a way of life. We're pretty sure you've 

heard of people dying after 
48 hours of continuous 
gaming, or people getting 
married in-game, etc. Apart 
from all this silliness, the 
Corrupted Blood Incident 
for instance was used by 
Epidemiologists to study the 
spread of diseases. It was 
a game glitch that players 
intentionally exploited 
in 2005. It gave scientists 
clues to how humans 
would behave when 
infected with a disease. 

Counter Strike 

Surprise surprise! We couldn't have wrapped up 
with a gaming A to Z round-up without talking about 
Counter Strike, right? In India, at least, CS is as much 
a part of popular culture as it is simply a product. Essentially 
a Half-life mod developed by Minh "Gooseman" Le and Jess 
"Cliffe" Cliffe, the game quickly became a part of international 

gaming tournaments. Clans 
formed and there are people in 
the world who make a living 
out of playing CS profession- 
ally. On the flip-side there are 
whispers of CS provoking 
crazed gun massacres, leading 
to bans and all round parental 
outrage. Yet most of us just 
want to get our hands on 
Global Offensive which is 
scheduled to be released early 
next year. Fire in the hole! 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 



When the x86 architecture was first created, it 
wasn't made keeping in mind its now ubiquitous 
usage - gaming. Unlike consoles that have the 
same hardware specifications for each device, PC hardware 
is different. This presented an enormous problem while 
developing games. Along came DirectX from Microsoft that 
created a programming interface between the OS and the 
underlying hardware. When manufacturers came out with 

components all they had to 
do was ensure that they gave 
a DirectX compatible driver. 
After this any I/O function 
written by the programmer 
for the component simply 
worked as required! In a 
way it transformed a sophis- 
ticated calculator into an 
entertainment device. The 
latest version of DirectX (11.1) 
features stereoscopic 3D. 

Artificial Intelligence 

As absurd as it may sound, perhaps the single most impor- 
tant factor that gave rise to single player gaming as well 
as promoted multiplayer gaming was AI. Games are fun 
because of the illusion of intelligent gameplay that non- 
human players can sometimes exhibit. What started off as 
mere pattern based puppetry for CPU players soon tried 
to emulate tactical behaviour. Of course game AI still has 
a long way to go. We can experience quite disappoint- 
ingly when Nightmare bots become easy frags. Yet when 
you still scoff, "look at that dumb bot", you have in a way 
acknowledged its human-ness, and in a small way AI has 
succeeded. But where AI fails multiplayer online gaming 
thrives. No AI can yet replicate the absolute random- 
ness of a nOOb on meth or the strategic brilliance of the 
Koreans. Taking a page out of this realm, the next revolu- 
tion in AI may be to learn and teach itself based on these 
zillions of bits of game data created from online matches. 


We're not talking 
about cute little 
turtles toppling over 
and falling off the screen. We're 
talking about content that's the 
reason the ERSB put that black 
and white M (Mature) box on 
your latest gaming title. These 
days a game is no fun without 
chainsaws, disembowelment, 
blood, gore, shrapnel and body 
parts flying around. Hey don't 
judge us. There's inner peace to 
be found in mindless violence. 

47 per cent 

Of the games being played online are Puzzle/ 


11% are Persistent Multi-Player Universe games, 14% 

are Downloadable games such as Bejewled, 16% are^ 

Action/Sports/Strategy/Role Play, and 12% are others 

HD Entertainment in yeur Heme 

• H D MEDIA R l_ A Y E R #, 



OiPlay Mini Plus \ 



ASUS - No.l in Quality and Hrrvlcpv 

I Toll Free No. 1800-2090-365 I For Feedba 

Digit I December 2011 1 



Digitus Primus 

No, this is not the scientific name 
of a Digit reading primate. Evolu- 
tion is a long drawn out process 
taking millions and millions of 
years. One thing we didn't realise 

though, at the time 
n we stepped down 
-^^^^J 1^^ from the trees was 
^^r I that, the "Digitus 

^^^L^^^J Primus" has been 

one of the greatest 
gifts to mankind ever Of course it 
wasn't much used, though your 
sixth grade biology books would 
beg to differ With the advent of 
the mobile phone however, these 
have really come of age, with 
apps and entire interfaces being 
designed around them. For those 
of you who haven't figured it out 
yet, we're talking about thumbs! 


Consider this situation, you 
so very badly want to buy a 
phone made by X. X-Phone 
looks lovely, has a gorgeous 
UI and the camera of your 
dreams, however, you also 
have the very decent Phone 
Y running on a more popular 
platform and hosting the app 
of your dreams. Something 
to improve your productivity 
no end. Angry Birds, what- 
ever. If it wasn't for apps like 
PhoneGap, which bridge 
the "gap" between various 
platforms by providing a 
consistent platform to host 
your app, you would be left 
with bland looking Y simply 
because your app won't 
run on the gorgeous X! 


The amount of money, that Apple makes solely on the sale 
of apps from the iTunes App store. The store has grown 
in popularity so much that now an average of ten mil- 
lion apps are downloaded daily. With developers num- 
bering in the hundreds of thousands, the sheer number 
- of apps available has hit record heights as well. 

^ 3iinhc 

ifwif^^iiiTiMtM' iMTTimi «rTni itmrnnii 


That ever-growing, gluttonous creature that only gets faster 
with time. Snake is to mobile gaming what Doom was to 
the PC. The game was a staple feature on almost all Nokia 
devices for almost a decade and is the most popular mobile 
game on the planet. For a game that started out as a students' 
exercise in BASIC, this is quite an achievement. Now though, 
despite being such a good game. Snake is dying out. Nokia 
still retains the copyright to the 3D version of the game (by 
far the best version) and has no plans to release a remake in 
the foreseeable future. A sad day indeed for mobile gaming. 


There are few among us who 
had the pleasure of owning 
and playing on the N-gage 
devices from Nokia. The device 
was way ahead of its time and 
boasted of some of 
the best 3d games 
of its era. Originally 
meant to be a direct 
competitor to Nin- 
tendo's GameBoy 
device, the N-gage 
just couldn't keep 
up due to the 

lack of games and being an 
expensive device. Nokia didn't 
give up hope however and 
continued to develop N-gage 
as a platform before releasing 
it as a service in 2005, on the 
N-81. This service was again 
not well-received and Nokia 
had to finally discontinue the 
service completely in 2008. 


Who would have thought that hurling screeching 
birds at starving pigs' heads holding out behind 
flimsy wood, stone and glass structures would turn 
out to become one of the most popular mobile games ever? Rovio 
certainly didn't. Angry Birds is currently the most popular mobile 
game and boasts of over 500 million downloads to date. You 
, really must feel for the poor, suffering pigs though. 

^Wk How would you feel if you were just about to boil 
^^^^f an Qgg and you suddenly saw a black bird hurtling 
m^^^ toward you while screaming insane invective, only 

^^ to turn red and blow up at your feet in a puff of 
KU V I U black feathers? An unnerving experience for sure. 


A French game developer, 
Gameloft is almost syn- 
onymous with the mobile 
gaming scene. Owned by 
the Guillemot brothers, the 
owners and founders of 
Ubisoft, the company has 
always enjoyed exclusive 
rights to some of the biggest 
games on the PC and console 
platforms. The company's 
products have won many 
awards including "game 
of the year" ior Assassin's 
Creed in 2008. The com- 
pany is also famous for its 
"Asphalt" racing games. 


While most people would be 
running around looking for 
lost menu cards when they 
were hungry, Deepinder 
Goyal decided to actu- 
ally deal with the problem 
instead of fluttering about, 
and, started off by creating a 
way to manage and digitise 
the piles of restaurant menus 
that he and his friends used. 
The result was Zomato. 
The web app now covers 
over 2000 restaurants in 
Delhi, Kolkatta, Mumbai, 
Pune and Bangalore, with 
plans to expand further. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 



X-Men is a 
web site that was started by a 
handful of guys 
in 2003, with 
the sole purpose 
of starting a 
community to 
discuss mods and develop- 
ment for XDAs (PDAs with 
Xtra features). Eight years 
down the line, the site is now 
home to almost three million 
developers and end-users 
and is the definitive site to 
come to for information 
regarding Windows Phone 
and Android devices. The 
site sports detailed reviews of 
the devices, especially HTC, 
along with their application 
packages and custom ROMs 
for each, if available. A site 
that you must visit if you own 
a device of either platform. 

Freeman, Jay 

Many have moaned and groaned 
and cursed Apple for its "big- 
brother" type control of the app 
store. Nobody however, had the 
courage to stand up to it. Jay 
Freeman has 
done just that. 
The fact that 
Apple banned 
his app from 
its store didn't 
stop him. He 

went along anyway and launched 
his own app store, Cydia. The 
app store currently provides 
developers and hapless iOS 
users alike with a "democratic" 
alternative to iTunes. Testa- 
ment to the popularity of the 
app store is the fact that many of 
the much-hyped iOS 5 features 
were already implemented 
and available on jailbroken 
devices via the Cydia store. 

Kindle Cloud 

Amazon boasts of the largest 
e-book store 
in the world, 
being a 
host to over 
e-books from 
over 130 

publishers. Amazon of course, 
saw no point in restricting 
access to only the Kindle and 
thus released the Kindle Cloud 
Reader. Not wanting to pay 
Apple for allowing people to 
use Amazon's own services, 
the cloud reader was devel- 
oped to be a web app capable 
of allowing access to its entire 
online library without the need 
for iTunes. This was a move to 
get away from the overbearing 
policies of the iTunes app store. 

•-^^ — ^ • ^ — •-»* 

Laurs, Ilja 

"Appsolutely Free", the 
motto of Getjar. It's hard to 
believe that 
there's an 
f'^f^^^^H ^PP store 
that is 
free and hosts enough apps 
to rival even the likes of the 
Android and iTunes mar- 
ketplaces. Started in 2003 
as a platform for developers 
to get access to a multitude 
of devices for testing, the 
site is now host to free apps 
and has served over a bil- 
lion downloads so far. To 
Ilja Laurs, the brainchild 
and founder of Getjar we 
say, appsolutely brilliant! 

Crowley, Dennis 

A man featuring in Forbes 's 
40 under 40 list of Business's 


hottest rising stars of 2010 must not be taken 
lightly, Dennis Crowley is the CEO of foursquare, foursquare is 
a location-based social networking website for mobile devices 
which allows users to "check- in" to venues. It also introduced 
the concept of a "Mayor" and achievement badges where the 
user who "checks in" earns these titles or badges. We have 
our very own mayoral battles going on in our office itself. 

Ojanpera Tero 
(Ovi suite) 

A radio engineer by profession, 
Ojanpera Tero was the execu- 
tive VP and CTO and CSO of 
Nokia. He was also the man 
behind Nokia's Ovi store as 
well a its "Comes with music" 
service, all of which bombed 
in the market. Many people 
do blame him for Nokia's 
loss, and are, arguably, cor- 
rect to some extent as he was 
responsible for the Symbian 

platform which is now just 
barely managing to even gasp 
for breath. However, Nokia is 
not giving up on him so easily, 
especially since he has spent 
21 years of his life shaping 
the company into what it is 
today. He is now being sent off 
to head a Vision+, a company 
that will invest Nokia's money 
into app development for the 
emerging WP7 app market. 



mobile Ramm 

A^orth last year. App sales have taken offal 
m incredible scale, outselling even online 
nusic purchases 10 to 1. OS and mobile 

succeeded tnous 

akes in a m 

Digit I December 2011 1 




Whatsapp allows you to stay 
in touch with your friends, 
relatives, acquaintances, etc. via 
whatever internet access you 
have on your phone or device. 
You can easily send group chats, 
share images 
and videos 
and so 
much more. 
push services 
and being 
platform independent, all that 
you would require is that your 
friends have the same app and 
your device is registered and 
you are set. The only draw- 
back? Whatsapp is free only 
for a year and requires usage 
and activation fees after that. 

Augmented reality 

The future is augmented. The 
future is now. Augmented Reality 
is no more in the realms of sci- 
ence fiction. Apps are available 
right now that can turn your 


is what Angry Birds makes from ^ 
its ad-supported free versions ' 

alone. This mobile game has spread 
like wildfire and there is barely a 
platform that is unsupported and, 
with over five hundred million- 
downloads so far, Rovio is set to 
make billions from this game. 


Yongzh, or Yong 
Zhang as he was 
originally named 
is best known as the creator of 
the Nesoid, Snesoid, Gensoid, 
N64oid, Ataroid, Gearoid and 
Gameboid series of emula- 
tors, with the pious purpose 
of bringing classic console 
gaming goodness to mobiles. 
Since it was illegal, his devel- 
oper account was shutdown 
and he has now been kicked 
off the Android app market- 
place. He still gives his apps 
away for free on SlideME. 

QR codes 

A QR code can 
contain quite 
a bit of data 
for their size and you just 
need a phone with a camera 
and compatible software 
^ to read them. Everything 
I is being converted to QR 
codes now, download links, 
advertisements, shop- 
ping tags, business cards, 
profile photos, etc. Next 
we'll be tagging our kids 
with QR codes and replace 
addresses, building names, 
number plates, etc. as well. 

device into a tricorder with a 
database backbone similar to that 
of the hitch-hiker's guide to the 
galaxy. All the information you 
would ever need can be at your 
fingertips at the click of a button. 
AR will soon be a way of life. 


Fancy yourself a modern 
Beethoven in the making but 
limited by your lack of musical 
knowledge or even the rudi- 
mentary knowledge regarding 
the use of musical instruments? 
Bloom is the app for you. Much 
like the theremin (http://bit. 
' ' ly/licBj4) of yore, this app allows 
' ' you to create music by just tap- 

ping anywhere on the screen, 
the position of the tap deciding 
the tone and pitch. You can quite 
literally tap like a maniac using 
the full power of multi-touch 
to create psychedelic master- 
pieces that are uniquely yours. 


You remember your old 
granny or teacher used to 
complain about you saying, 
"It's no use, 
this one's 
head is 
always in 
the clouds!" 
How right 
they were! 
This app allows you to store 
all your flitting thoughts, 
memories, photos, etc. in 
the cloud and allows you to 
access them from anywhere. 
A virtual extension of your 
brain, it syncs to the cloud 
almost instantly. Beware 
the day the servers crash, 
your brain will be reduced 
to slush and you'll have not 
a thought in your head! 
-^^ — ^ • I 


App developers have slowly 
started realising that your 
phone's camera can be so much 
more than just an image capture 
device. With the right processing 
software, such as Handyscan, 
you can convert any document, 
image, etc. 
into a very 
handy and 
If you're 
feeling lazy enough, you can 
even scan your signature 
and digitally sign your docu- 
ments after that. The app even 
allows you to scan and fill up 
forms. The fabled paperless 
office can start right here. 


When it comes to apps and 

app stores, it is the sheer 
numbers that boggle the mind. The store 
at the top of this "mind-boggling" list is 
iTunes. Starting off with about 200,000 apps in 2003, we 
are quite sure that apple was smugly confident that they 
had kick- started a revolution. We live in an age where the 
success or failure of a platform is defined by the number 
of apps available in the market, and the iTunes store is the 
yardstick by which other app stores are measured today. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


Mobile wallet 

Mobile wallets? An inter- 
esting concept. The idea 
behind this is that you can 
use apps like mChek to 
complete your transactions 
and thus avoid the necessity 
of carrying a wallet around 
with you. The problem is 
the adoption rate, people are 


wary of this new technology 
and are unsure of what to 
expect. What happens when 
your phone is stolen? Do the 
thieves have access to your 
bank account? The tech- 
nology has potential and only 
needs secure implementation. 


"Men don't ask for directions. A 
well-known fact and why should 
we? We're ultimately going to get 
where we're supposed to go and 

■"' J^^^^^^^^B 














''^is what the advertisers are paying for 
in-app advertisements this year. By 
2014, this number is expected to double. 
i^CWThis is good news for us as the cost of 
mobile gaming has steadily declined. The number of free 
apps available has gone up as well, along with a decline 
in the number of users willing to pay for them. Around 
S8per cent of the top 200 highest grossing apps are free! 

we are perfectly capable of getting 
there without outside help and 
we'll get there in our own time. 
What's the tearing hurry? Turn- 
by-turn navigation? Hah! That is 
just something to keep the missus 
happy, though it's always nice 
to get directions on twisty roads 
Makes us feel like rally drivers!" 

Vox Populi 

chat bots and 

voice recogni- 
tion software such as Siri, have 
provided mobile devices users 
with a new level of control, one, 
which implemented well, can be 
extremely functional as well as 
fun to use. There are drawbacks 
though. Talking to your phone 
would require a certain style, 
something that will make you 
end up sounding like a version 

of HAL or GLaDOS as you go 
around chatting with your phone 
in an accented monotone. 

Universal Translators 

Current generation translators har- 
ness the power of your mobile device to 
provide you with real-time translations. 
You can now travel to the far ends of 
earth, comfortable in the knowledge that 
language will not be a barrier. Just ensure 
that the others enunciate their words 
correctly and speak a known tongue. You 
may have guts, barging into a group of 

aboriginal cannibals, hoping to save the helpless maiden about 
to be impaled on a spit with a vague idea of talking them out of 
it, but you won't have any left when they're done with you. 

JVM / Java 

JVM is the quintes- 
sential platform for 
embedded systems, 
especially mobile devices Without 
this, the mobile app revolution would not have really taken off. It 
was one of the first systems to allow for true platform independ- 
ence, an essential factor in the development of the mobile app 
marketplace. Much as some might curse Java for being restric- 
tive and not as customisable (s40 vs s60), the very fact that it 
could run on almost any device, regardless of brand or manufac- 
turing process, is a huge boon. The platform is so popular that 
Google actually developed a variant of their JVM as the basis 
for their extremely popular Android OS, named as Dalvik. 


i^ ! * ^ * > r[t^ ^ 

HV^ - m^% h qva^vv ^^ ^v^Ic^p f- w^* 

"^ Nfessional Monitors 

It ^* fll -^ «w ^3** ^' 


Digit I December 2011 1 



iTunes, not again 

iTunes users may seldom 
complain about its sluggish per- 
formance and how its not the 
best music management appli- 
cation, however the truth is that 

iTunes revolutionized the way 
we listen to our music on the 
go. It all began when Soundjam 
MP was purchased in 1999 by 
Apple and was released in 2001 
under a new name - iTunes. 
However it wasn't until 2004 
when iTunes got it's true iden- 
tity. Major GUI changes were 
made to the program and along 
came the famous cover flow 
design which has inspired a lot 
of user interfaces ever since. 
iTunes also brought along with 
it the whole idea of purchasing 
a song for 99 cents. This wasn't 
heavy on the pocket and lis- 
teners resorted to this new way 
of buying music rather than 
downloading illegally. Apart 
from syncing music, videos and 
podcasts the Genius feature 
got added in 2008 which now 
recommended songs based 
on your listening taste. There 
might be better music man- 
agers than iTunes out there 
but this is where it all began. 


Back in the days when Steve 
Jobs was invited by Xerox to 
their office, they showed him 
three things. First was object 
oriented programming, the 
second thing was a network 
of about a hundred Alto 
computers all using email, 
but it was the third thing 
which left Jobs speechless it 
was GUI. Jobs stealing Xer- 
ox's idea and implementing 
it on Apple machines is all 

part of history now. GUI 
has played a major role in 
the way we interact not 
only with our computers 
but also with our mobile 
devices, our MPS players, 
GPS devices and so on. GUIs 
that are common for both 
PCs and tablets is where the 
wave seems to be heading, 
especially with the Windows 
8 metro style GUI which 
is tablet ready. A similar 
interface was used in Zune 
MPS players and now Win- 
dows phone 7 ships with it. 


$ 2.9 billion is the amount that companies lose due to software 
piracy annually and this is just from the developing countries. 
In UK Business Software Alliance offers a bounty of 20,000 

^^^ pounds to employees who inform of their company's illegiti- 

^^^p mate software practices 


Ever since the dawn of the 
Internet, piracy has spread 
its wings and ruled the 
underbellies of the world 
wide web. We doubt there's 
anyone out there who hasn't 
indulged in any sort of piracy 
till now? However harsh 
piracy might be on software 
and programme developers 
it's always the consumers 
of cracked applications who 
walk away laughing. Back in 
the early nineties annual loss 

File system 

File system organises 
and retains data in a 
hierarchical structure 
enabling it to be retrieved 
later once the program is 
terminated. It also controls 



to software companies from 
piracy was a staggering 15 bil- 
lion dollars, this number now 
stands at more than 50 billion 
and most of it comes from the 
Asia region. We all love our 
websites which have a pirate 
ship on it but that doesn't 
stop the copyright laws in our 
country to get more stringent. 

•-»* — ^ • ^ — •-»* 


Expanded as Richard Matthew 
Stallman better known as a 
software hipppie is an advo- 
cator of free software. Stallman 
has been the brain behind the 
GNU project whose main aim 

the naming convention of 
files authorising which 
characters can be used and 
how long the name of the file 
can be. Both the operating 
system and the file system 
are closely tied where some 
file systems provide access 
to the data and metadata. 
Data storage devices such 
as hard disk drives, optical 
discs and flash memory 
all use file systems. File 
allocation table (FAT) file 
system which was originally 
developed for the DOS 
system was held up in 2006 
due to issues in its patents. 

has been to develop sufficient 
amount of software so that 
users may never need to pay for 
it. He's also the president and 
founder of Free Software Foun- 
dation (www.fsf org). Witty guy 
that he is our last conversation 
with him resulted in this T am 
located somewhere on Earth, 
but as far as responding to email 
is concerned, I appear to be well 
outside the solar system'. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 



We all have been victims of worms, trojans, 
malware, adware, phishing and all sorts of 
viruses you can name. The instances of such 

malicious code has only multipied in the true sense of its 

name over the past 

couple of years. Take 

this for reference in the 

year 1990 there were 

357 unique malware 

pieces on PCs. This 

increased to more than 

55 million by the end 

of2010. Stuxnetand 

more recently Duqu 

are fine examples 

of craftsmanship of 

deadly viruses which 

caused havoc in the 

state of Iran and the latter spread through P2P networks and 

moved from less secured areas to secure zones. 

Open Source 

The philosophy of Open 
Source originates from the 
idea of having the right to 
share, modify and redis- 
tribute software. The story 
of Open Source begins with a 
printer, which was installed 
in Richard Stallman's organi- 
sation where he worked as a 
programmer. Once Stallman 
was having trouble with his 
printer, he tried to re-install 
the software but that didn't 
work, so he contacted the 
printer's manufacturer and 

asked him for a copy of the 
source code of the printer's 
program so he could fix any 
bugs that were in it. He was 
refused the data citing trade 


We can't really imagine 
programming or developing a 
software without APIs. They are 
the building blocks of a code and 
the better these blocks are the 
better the output is. Application 
programming interface is given 
out to developers by most of the 

Open source 

mark issues. This is what led 
to the development of GNU 
license, FSF and Open Source 
culture. Stallman has been at 
the forefront of the movement 
ever since. 

operating environments. This 
enables the developers to code in 
accordance with them. APIs can 
be language dependent which 
means it can accessed by using 
the syntax and elements of a 
particular language or APIs can 
be language independent where 
these components can be called 
from various programming 
languages. The Android SDK 
has the most amount of open 
APIs today. 


What started as Linus Tor- 
valds's experiment in 1991 
became a thriving industry in 
less than ten years of its incep- 
tion. Linux revolutionised the 
way we use technology today 
It's everywhere around you, 
its in your phone, it powers 
the servers which bring you 
Facebook, Google and the 
entire web, it powers your 
ATM machine and runs the 

1^— — ^ • I 


Although a kernel 
^^ is an integral part 

of a computer it 
is not necessarily required to 
bridge the gap between the 
hardware and the software 
to run it. Back in the day 
computers were reset and 
reloaded in between execu- 

world's supercomputers. There 
is a new Linux distribution 
system coming out every three 
months. And it's not just about 
spreading free love Red Hat 
was the first Linux company 
to have come out with an IPO. 
Linux founder Linus had a little 
incident at the zoo with a pen- 
guin and that's how the Linux 
mascot came into the picture. 

tion of programs, this slowly 
changed when debuggers 
and program loaders were 
left in memory between 
runs. This made the forma- 
tive part of kernels. Today 
kernels act as a bridge 
between applications and the 
data which is processed at 
the hardware level. 


Social media channels recently 
had this comparison chart 
trending, where Steve Jobs and 
his contribution to the world 
and Dennis Ritchie and his 
contribution to the world were 
compared. The end result of 
this was that inspite of Jobs 
being hailed as the messiha of 
technology he wouldn't have 
got his dues if it wasn't for 
Dennis Ritchie. He's considered 
to have "helped shaped the 

digital era" his contributions 
have been enormous in forms of 
UNIX operating system and C 
programming language. He was 
also commonly known by his 
nickname dmr 

is the approximate number of employees that Adobe has cur- 
rently. Adobe has a network of about 27 offices the world over, 
out of these two are in India. The Bangalore office currently 
employees about 400 people 

Digit I December 2011 1 




$ 6.3 billion is the amount that companies lose per day due to 
virus attacks according to Mcafee's annual security report. 
Another report says that around 200 million machines are 
infected by malware on a daily basis 




JUDCon is a developers 
conference that takes place 

annually and deals with 
JBoss community projects. 
The next event is scheduled 
to take place in India on the 
24th and 25th of January 
2012. JUDCon attracts 
several core developers and 
other heavy weights 
from the commu- 
nity each year and is 
targeted at meeting 
and understanding the 
issues faced by JBoss 
developers. The event 
is spread over two days 
of workshops focusing 
on community interac- 
tion and development. 

—-• — ^ • ^ — •-•-• 

Brendan Eich 

Brendan Eich is credited with 
co-founding Mozilla corpora- 
tion and inventing Javascript. 
In his initial years at Netscape 
he was given the task to make 
web pages more dynamic. 
Javascript developers hail him 
as the mighty lord himself He 
started working on a scripting 
language and came up with 

Zip file 

Users generally 
haggle with file size issues 
especially when they have to 
share it with someone over the 
internet. All of this changed 
with Zip file compression 
coming in the picture in 1989. 
Developed by Phil Katz the 


which was 

part of 



2.0. Netscape 

became the 

first Java 

licensee and 

Livescript became Javascript. 

Brendan later co-founded 

Mozilla and holds the position 

of CTO in the organization. 

He joined the board of Ajax. 

org this year in March. 

Zip format derived its name 
from something that's fast 
and swift. PKZIP missed out 
on the opportunity to bring 
Zip format to the Windows 
platform first simply because 
developer Phil Katz wasn't 
fond of Windows. Zip file 
compression has made it 
easier for users every where to 
share large data files. 


Hackfest is a fast and produc- 
tive way of getting work done 
which would otherwise take 
weeks or months to finish. 
Hackfest involves a bunch 
of coders sitting together 
and fixing bugs, adding new 
features or putting out a 
regular release of the software 
or distro they are currently 
working on. The Zeitgeist 
team, a group of hackers at 

an Open SUSE hackfest in 
2009 accomplished mammoth 
work in just four hours which 
would have normally taken 
several weeks to complete. 
Hackfests generally happen 
locally within a community 
of people which have been 
working together closely on a 
project. A hackfest comprises 
of several teams, each team 
is given a task to complete 
and at the end of the hack- 
fest all teams compile their 
work together resulting in 
completion of the project. 


We all share a love hate 
relationship with our beloved 
OS. And the most intense of 
them all is with the Windows 
platform, several BSODs and 
head aches later most of us 
still seem to crawl back to 
our PCs. It may be because of 
our habituation to Windows. 
PC lovers find themselves 
alienated on a MAC or an 
—-• — ^ • I 


Essentially software used by 
organisations is referred to as 
enterprise soft- 
ware. Year on year 
companies invest 
millions of dollars on 
enterprise software, 
although it wasn't h 

Ubuntu machine. Maybe not 
so much on Ubuntu but MAC 
yes. Windows XP still rules 
the roost with a 48 percent 
market share, with Windows 
7 at 34 percent, Windows 
still is the most loved OS. 

means that the organisations 
in this business collectively 
achieved effective usage of 54 
percent which is the highest 
ever. Effective usage refers 
to the rate of investment and 
effective user engagement 
in this software category. 

until early this year 
when positive results 
started to show. 
Enterprise soft- 
ware usage topped 
over 50 percent for 
the first time, this Enterprise 



Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


Mac OS 

Mac fanboys might be ready 
to draw wands or what- 
ever the hell it is they carry 
around the moment they hear someone 
diss their beloved OS or its 'creator'. 
It's true however that all of us have 

our favorites. The Mac OS X came from a Unix and a NeXT- 
STEP based background. As of August 2011 the Mac OS X 
has a share of about 7.31 percent in the OS market. After a 
number of years in tussle with Microsoft, Mac OS remains 
a niche favorite. What created a buzz in the OS market with 
it's release treaded on a silent path later and exists in today 
only in a handful of machines. However Mac OS X has main- 
tained itself over the years as a cool OS, something which 
is classy, incredible to look at and is cool to work with. 

Yahoo messenger 

Talking about Yahoo messenger truly takes one 
down memory lane. It was one of the first tools that 
made social networking a reality. Back in the glory 

days of Yahoo messenger chat rooms 

used to be full with random ASL requests 

popping up every now and then. A whole 

chatting culture got evolved because of 

it. Personal and group chats became the 

fad of the season with specialized chat 

rooms coming into the picture. Initially 

released under the name of Yahoo pager in 1998 it brought 

with it concepts such as Buzzing, music status, avatars and 

integrated address books. Its currently in its 11th version. 


Ubuntu gets its name from 
a Southern African phi- 
losophy ubuntu, which 
mean humanity towards others. Its 
one of the most famous Linux distri- 
butions and is funded by Canonical. 
Ubuntu comes out with a new version 
every six month since 2004. There's long term release com- 
mitment with every fourth edition of Ubuntu which means 
that security patches and other bug issues would be resolved 
and updated by the Ubuntu team till the next fourth release. 


Isn't it kind of sur- 
prising that a tiny 
little software which weighs a 
few KBs is capable of down- 
loading several GBs of data. 
We're talking about the bit tor- 
rent client jitorrent. jitorrent 
has been in the foray of peer to 
peer protocol for quite some 
time now. With its more recent 
releases jitorrent started 
legal content 


Nullsoft's claim to 
fame is Winamp 
music player, apart 
from that the company has also 
created SHOUTcast MPS which 
is a media streaming server. 
Nullsoft is basically a parody 
on Microsoft, 
its mascot is a 
south Amer- 
ican sheep 
like animal 

known as a llama. Nullsoft's 
Winamp has been one of the 
most famous media players 
which has almost directed the 
way we consume our music. 


Indian IT employees are paid one fifth of a salary as compared to 
their US or European counterparts. This is also because of the fact 
that India produces a huge pool of English speaking graduates 
each year making it easier for IT companies to recruit in mass. ' 

^, y*^ ^ of two essential 

codecs - MPEG-4 
Part 2 and H.264 MPEG-4. 
DiVX as a codec has gained 
immense popularity in the 
past few years mainly due its 
video compressing qualities 
while still maintaining high 
picture quality. It's one of 
the most preferred codecs to 
rip a particular file. French 
hacker Jerome Rota and his 
colleague reverse engineered 
a codec when a video refused 
to play in Windows Media 
Player, and the rest is history. 


You might hate 
T^BES^ it or love it but 

you can't ignore 
the Quicktime player. Cur- 
rently in its tenth avatar 
Quicktime supports about 
a handful of formats and 
requires additional com- 
ponents to play a variety 
of other codecs. Debuting 
in 1991 Quicklime's devel- 
opers played the famous 
1984 Apple ad on a Mac 
in Worldwide Developers 
Conference promoting it 
as a multimedia add-on 
for System Software 6. 

Inspiring Innovation • Persistent Perfection 

I— t Series 

Stunningly Light, 

Powerfully Beautiful 

The prices, specification and availability of products is subject to change without prior notice. Products may not be 
responsible for any typing errors in specifications. Kindly check with your local dealer for exact details. *Conditions apply 

Toll Free No.: 1800-2090-365 

markets. Products & 

shown are for representation purpose only; actual products/s 

may vary. ASUS India 

Digit I December 2011 1 




TiVo to the western 
world is what DVR 
or Digital Video 
Recording is to the rest of us. In 
existence for little over a decade 
now, TiVo was the first device 
that could 
record cable 
content on 
a hard disk 
rather than 
TiVo also introduced the world 
to TV guides, or on-screen 
programme information, much 
to the joy of couch potatoes the 
world over The product became 
iconic and soon added words 
to the English lexicon such 
as "TiVo'ed" which meant to 
record any TV show TiVo or it's 
modern day avatars, the DVRs 
have very recently hit our shores 
but are catching on quickly 

Bose, Amar 

Yes we know 
Audiophiles (refer 
to A) reading this would turn 
up their noses, but that doesn't 
take away the contribution of 
Amar Bose to 
the field of Psy- 
and of course 
the fact that he 
is one of the 
richest people in the world. He 
was elected a Fellow of IEEE, 
1972 - for contributions to 
loudspeaker design, two-state 
amplifier-modulators, and 
nonlinear systems. The com- 
pany he founded in 1964 Bose 
Corporation, is well known 
even in non- audio enthusiasts 
circles. It may not provide the 
best value for money offerings 
but hey it forms an important 
part of home entertainment. 
More so also because of the 
unique space saving design. 

32,000 kg 

The weight of the world's largest HD TV currently in opera- 
tion. Set up on the Charlotte Motor Speedway somewhere 
in America, this TV measures a whopping 200ft by 80ft. 


Universal remotes 

If any device has had the 
maximum contribu- 
tion to laziness at 
home, it has to be the 
remote. This innoc- 
uous little clicker lets 
the pro-convenience 
user sit back, relax 
and comfortably add 
on a couple of pounds 
while surfing his 
favourite channels. 
Over the years, the 
remote has evolved 
quite a bit. From 
controlling only one 

device they expanded their 
reach to many peripherals. 
Some years ago Logitech 
and Philips came out with 
really fancy remotes from 
the Harmony and Control 
Panel series respec- 
tively. These things 
had three figure 
dollar prices, and 
came with touch 
screens. The most 
recent generation of 
remotes sport Qwerty 
keyboards to pair 
with web-capable 
Smart TVs and 
HD Media Players. 
What's next? Thought 
controlled remote 
implants? Maybe. 


Digital Living 
Network Alli- 
ance is simply a 
standard for which devices 
can be certified. Such DLNA 
certified devices can easily com- 
municate with each other on a 
home network. Devices range 
from TVs, AV Receivers, Home 
Theaters, Network Storage 
Drives, Cameras, Gaming Con- 
>f i^i 

CES 2010 

At Consumer 
Electronics Show, 
held every year at 
Las Vegas, the stars of the tech- 
nology world announce cutting 
edge innovations to spellbound 
audiences. The show sees several 
"world firsts" and has always 
been dazzling visitors right from 
its debut in 1967. But one edition 
from recent years that stood 

soles, to even Printers. All these 
devices can share media with 
each other. You can play a movie 
from your NAS box on your HD 
Screen, upload or print photos 
from your camera and basically 
have digital media accessible 
from anywhere to any device. 

apart was CES 2010. Hailed as 
the year of 3D, the show saw 
several innovative products 
from the likes of Samsung, LG 
and Sony. But Intel and Alios- 
copy showcased screens that 
stole the show - 3D displays that 
don't need those dorky glasses - 
Autostereoscopic displays. We 
also saw several small products 
such as the AR Drone that 
added their own unique flavour 
to the cutting-edge melange. 

|, ^ Audiophile 

HgSfl AnAudophile 

H^BSi is someone who 
takes his audio 
seriously; way too seriously! 
They are an arcane lot who'll 
survive on instant noodles for a 
whole year if they have to, just 
so that they 
can invest in 
that high-end 
difficult to 
procure piece 
of audio equip- 
ment which costs the equiva- 
lent of a kidney on the black 
market. While most of us 
would be happy with high 
quality cables, these guys sell 
an arm and leg to get gold 
wires. Jokes apart if we were 
to define Audiophiles, they are 
a community of enthusiasts 
who are constantly engaged 
in improving audio reproduc- 
tion at home by investing in 
equipment and software that 
will enhance their aural experi- 
ence. Can usually be spotted 
using words like "lush, sparkly 
bright, sonorous texture, wide 
soundstage" to describe audio. 

,« • 


speaker dia- 
phragms are supposed to be 
extremely light, and they can't 
get lighter than this. Plasma 
speakers are massless speakers 
which use plasma arcs to heat 
the air and produce changes 
in air-pressure and hence, 
sound. Of course, you would 
require a high voltage source 
and Helium, not to mention 
that the Ozone gas produced 
is actually poisonous and can 
kill you. At $23,000 for a high 
quality driver, this is a very 
expensive way of committing 
suicide. But, who cares? In the 
quest for audio nirvana certain 
sacrifices have to be made. 
Check out the video at: 


Digit I December 2011 1 



What is the point 
of having a fancy 
home theatre 
system with a vast collection 
of movies and video if you 
don't have the right software 
to support that hardware? It's 
like having a fancy PC and not 
installing an OS. This is where 
XBMC comes in. It is an open- 
source media centre system 


specifically designed for home 
theatre systems. Featuring a 10 
foot UI, screen size will never 
be an issue as far as legibility 
is concerned. Supporting a 
multitude of features including 
third-party plug-ins, easily 
editable code and a thriving 
open- source community, this 
media centre OS is the Android 
of the media centre world. 


Klipsch audio 

This venerable audio equip- 
ment manufacturer has been 
in operation since 1946. Their 
most famous speaker has to 
be the Klipschorn, or Khorn 
as it is better known. The 
speaker was patented in 1946 
and now, more than 60 years 
down the line, the design is 
still their flagship loudspeaker 
set. Klipsch has always had 
a firm belief in horn loud- 
speakers and their designs 
mirror this. A 
company with 
a multitude 
of products 
ranging from lEMs to 
professional quality loud- 
speakers and PA systems, 
Klipsch is one of the old-time 
greats of the audio world. 


refers to a resolu- 
tion higher than the 
traditional standard-defnition 
resolution. There are three 
factors that ^^^^^^ 

define HD- the 
number of lines 
in the vertical 
display resolu- 
tion, which is 

either 1080 or 720, the scan- 
ning system it uses - progres- 
sive or interlaced and third the 
number of frames per second 
- progressive scans stands at 
60Hz and interlaced at 50Hz. 
The newest term buzzing in the 
industry is 4K. 4k is essentially 
a resolution of 4096x2048 
and is an emerging standard 
for resolution in the industry. 
In contrast to SD resolutions 
that are represented by number 
of vertical pixels 4K is repre- 
sented by horizontal pixels. 
With the world rushing to buy 
HDTV's, one question still 
haunts us - Is there enough HD 
content? Sadly, there isn't! But 
with the help of upscalers like 
HD media players one can get 
HD-like quality by upscaling 
lesser resolution videos to HD. 

Gerry 0' 

The Director of Strategic 
Development of Sky TV, 
this man heralded the 3D 
TV revolution in the UK 
with the launch of the SKY 
HD 3DTV service. With the 
limited amount of 3D con- 
tent currently available in 
the market, it is nice to have 
3D content directly avail- 
able on your TV set. Sub- 
scribers for the service were 
so many that the profits 
of SKY went up by over 4 
per cent this year alone. A 
trend we hope to see in our 
country in the near future. 


IPTV as a tech- 
nology is relatively 
new and still 

evolving. In simple terms, 
Internet TV or IPTV, is 
video and audio delivered 
over the Internet. With 
IPTV, you can stream 
programmes to your TV, 
mobile device or PC. What 
sets IPTV apart is the access 
to a wide variety of content 
as compared to a cable TV. 
Video on Demand (VoD) is 



This slim black coloured egg 
shaped dock speaker system 
from Bowers & Wilkins has 
one of the most unique form 

one of the killer features you 
get with IPTV. VOD is not just 
restricted to movies, and you 
can record TV programmes 
for later. However, IPTV 
has one huge drawback 
- it requires high band- 
width, and as we know, 
that's the one area India 
suffers. Even a slight dip 
in the bandwidth will result 
in a delay in the video and if 
the data is unreliable, you can 
expect more delays. But we 
hope that will change soon. 

factors, with the dock connector 
projecting above the speakers. 
The interesting part apart from 
design is its ability to play music 
over the air from your iPod, 
iPad or even your PC or Mac 
using your home network. 

Electrostatic headphone 

In production since 1959, these headphones are extremely 
expensive to make and require a high voltage source just 
to power them (440V). Traditional drivers use wire coils attached to 
diaphragms and a permanent magnet mounted behind. This whole 
cumbersome setup, not counting the permanent magnet, is what moves 
back and forth to produce audio. Electrostatic transducers use an 
incredibly fine diaphragm, one that is lighter than the air enclosed by 
the cups, placed between 2 plates. This diaphragm is then charged with 
electrons, a process which takes a minute or two, and the audio signal 
then creates an electrostatic field which pushes or pulls the electrons, 
which in-turn move the diaphragm to produce audio. The quality of the 
sound produced by such a system is extremely precise, with distortion 
levels that are 30 times lower than those of the best loudspeakers in 
the world! There is no damping required as there is no resonance, the 
diaphragm is so light that the surrounding air is sufficient as a damper. 


The sound level, in decibels, at which your chest walls will 
start to vibrate, cause changes in your respiratory rhythm, 
and even cause a gag reflex. This is the sheer volume 
j)f noise that a space shuttle makes when taking off. 

Digit I December 2011 1 




Jeremy Kipnis, a 
music engineer and producer 
put together a home-theatre 
that is sure to get entertain- 
ment junkies around the world 
insanely jealous. The entire 
setup cost him a ridiculous 
US $6million. If you are keen 
to know what equipment the 
system constists of, here you go - 
For the Video - A mammoth 18 
X 10 -foot Stewart Snowmatte 
1.0 Gain Laboratory- Grade 
Motion Picture Screen, a 
Sony SRX-SllO Professional 
Video Projector with an 
ultra high 4K resolution. 
For the Speakers - An 8.8 
channel audio system with 
16 Snell 1800 THX Music & 
Cinema Reference Subwoofers, 
8 Snell THX Music & Cinema 
Reference Towers, 10 MuRata 
>»• -mi 

Satellite TV 

The coming of 
satellite TV and 
quality DTH services sounded 
the death knell of the local 
cablewallah. No more would we 
have to be at the mercy of the 
local cable operator and worry 
about downed channels, poor 
signal quality and exorbitant 
prices. We now do that on a 
much larger scale, only, there 
are big corporations involved 
instead. The signal quality has 
improved tremendously and 
all operators now support HD. 
These services come with their 
own little niggles though. Gone 
are the days when you could 
hook multiple TVs to the same 
connection and watch Formula 
1 while your parents watched 
their Saas Bahu serials. No more 
midnight "block- 
buster" movies, 
rainy days can 
sometimes mean 
no signal and 
many more. 

ES103A Super Tweeters 
and 3 Snell THX Music & 
Cinema Reference LCR-2800 
Center-Channel Speakers. 
For the Amps - 3 Crown 
Macro Reference Gold Ampli- 
fiers, 30 Mcintosh MC-2102 
Amplifiers, and 2 Mark 
Levinson N° 33h Amplifiers 
For Sound Processing and 
Decoding - 13 Theta Digital 

Generation VIII 32-bit 8x 
Oversampling Dual Processors 
To know more about the 
entire list of equipments 
and to know more head 
here -http://goo.gL/Gh3k6 
What will you do if you 
have US $6 Million? 

erials. No more 


LED Technology 

LED TVs are found in abun- 
dance now and are claimed to 
be the answer to all your movie 
watching dreams. However, 
actual LED TVs, where the 
LCD panel is replaced with an 
LED array, 
as in OLED 
or those 
huge bill- 
boards that 

you see, are very rare and quite 
expensive. Current generation 
TVs use LED back- lighting and 
while more power-efficient 
than conventional CFLs, 
there isn't much difference in 
quality. There is a technology 
called RGB Dynamic LED 
Technology, which uses red, 
green and blue LEDs cou- 
pled with dynamic back- light 
adjustments to considerably 
improve the contrast ratio and 
is something to look out for. 


W The cost of the world's most powerful sub. This mon- 
strous device converts your entire room into an acoustic 
chamber and uses a massive fan to generate a cone of air 

; through which it can produce bass frequencies of IHz! 


^\l Woofer 

One of the most 
devices in audio 
reproduction, the choice of 
woofer can make or break your 
system. It is important to note 
that a woofer is not the same as 
a sub-woofer. The 
former is good upto 
is only a true sub- 
woofer that can 
reach below that 
to produce clean 
below. What most 
people don't realise 
is that even though bass is sup- 
posed to be omni-directional, 
it is only true for frequencies 
below 35Hz, which few systems 
can reproduce anyway. Music 
has always been recorded in 
■«• i^i 


Movies and TV 
shows streamed 
via the internet on 
your television set is a concept 
almost synonymous with Net- 
flix, the American on-demand 
video service 
provider. At 
a minimal fee 
per month, 

you can watch unlimited 
movies or TV shows over the 
net. Till April 2011, it had over 
23.6 million subscribers. At 
the All Things Digital confer- 
ence this year, Netflix founder 
expressed his desire to start 
operations in South Asian 
countries including India. 
We hope it happens soon. 

stereo (we're not talking about 
pop here) and even for movies, 
all you need is a pair of head- 
phones and an iPod to know 
that the bass is in stereo at the 
very least. A pair of sub-woofers 
or better still, full-range stereo 
speakers are what you actu- 
ally need. Unless specifically 
recorded in 
mono, the 
bass is best 
in stereo. In 
fact, the x.l 
channel in 
your sur- 
round sound 
is actually referred to as the 
"boom" channel in Hollwood. 
No recording engineer in his 
right mind would ever recom- 
mend an x.l system for any 
kind of audio reproduction. 


The frequency response 
of a device is a measure of 
its response or output to a 
A particular input. In terms of 
w speakers, the response is plotted 
on a graph, and the response 
curve for a speaker or high-end 
amplifier should be "flat" in 
the 20Hz to 20KHz range - 
without any distortion of any 
kind. Audiophiles have argued 
about the perfect speaker, but 
ultimately, the consensus seems 
to be that it is best to have as flat a 
frequency response as possible. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


Optical media 

With optical media came digitization and a 
revolution in the way that content was viewed by 
end users. Optical media differed greatly from 
previous Analog media types such as magnetic tapes and 
vinyl records. The playback from a compact disk or DVD 

Cdoes not degrade in quality depending on the 
i number of times it's been played, unlike 
K its predecessors. The other factor that led 
H to a revolution of sorts was the quantum 
W leaps optical media made in terms of 
data storage capacity. Today a dual layer 
Blu-ray disk can store upto 50GB of data - an 
amount unimaginable about a decade ago. These vast fields 
of storage enabled encoding of high definition content and 
multiple channel sound amongst other things, taking the 
Home Entertainment experience to stratospheric levels. 

I^inato, Tokyo 

One of the 23 wards in 
Tokyo city, this place is 
the headquarters of the 
corporation that gave us 

Blu-ray technology, DVCAM 
standard, among many 
others. Yes we are talking of 
Sony corporation. And Sony 
is just one out of the 49 such 
conglomerates headquar- 
tered in Minato which also 
happens to have an insane 
density of over 10,000 
people per square kilometre. 

•-»* — ^ • ^ — •-»* 




Within the 
realm of immer- 
sive technology at home, the 
sort of holy grail to reach for 
has always been Virtual Reality. 
All technologies used in home 
entertainment today - right 
from things like stereoscopic 
3D displays to synced ambient 
lighting - all have one goal: to 
immerse you further into the 

content that you're watching. 
To try and appease all your 
senses innovators have come 
up with ways to tingle previ- 
ously untapped senses such as 
your sense of smell. Another 
home entertainment system 
blows hot air at you synced 
and co-ordinated with explo- 
sions in the movie that you're 
watching. But the next step 
would be directly feeding your 
brain - the controller of all your 
senses - virtual experiences. 

Quit wiiile you're aliead 

So you've got yourself a killer AV set up at home. 

Highend end receiver, floor slanders, Blu-ray player 
and all the works. You call your friends over and are blown away 
by the high octane thrills your latest block 
buster Blu-ray is able to unleash. You kick 
back with the Playstation 3 until you're friends 
decide to call it a night. In a few months though 
there seems to be something amiss. Soon you 
notice that you're spending more and more 
time at home, slowly detaching from the world. 
You're so immersed in your high definition 
world that the real world starts loosing defini- 
tion. This is what we call Entertainment Addiction Syndrome 
(EAS). The only known cure is to read technology magazines. 

^8 @ $5,000 

The number of speakers that comprise the "Wall of 
sound", a massive iPod dock, literally as large as a small 
wall, boasting of an output power of 120W RMS and 
costing $5,000. 

ggm Red One 

camera company 
is a renowned name in digital 
cinematography and Red One 
was their first camera produced 
in 2006. It has an 11.5 MP 
bayer pattern CCD sensor and 
is capable of shooting at a 4.5k 
resolution at 30 EPS. This is way 
beyond HD which is 1080p and 
with 4K resolution TVs coming 
in the near future, a lot of pure 
4K content will be made by such 
cameras. Last year's blockbuster 
The Social Network' was shot 
completely on a Red One camera. 

Woo Lee 

The 65-year-old 
Vice Chairman of Samsung 
Electronics Co., Ltd. joined Sam- 
sung in 1968 and was appointed 
president of Samsung's Semicon- 
ductor business in 1996. From 
then, there's been no looking 
back for Yoon. Under his leader- 
ship in October this year, Sam- 
sung Smart TV app downloads 
reached 10 million. They very 
recently announced a tie up with 
Google as well and are all set to 
debut Google TV 2 with their 
devices over the coming months. 

Versatile Series 

Stay Cool with Metallic Chio 

IceCool Technology ; First notebooks designed witin : 2nd generation 

keeps palm rests cool • multi-color aluminum textures • Intel® Core™ processor 

The prices, specification and availability of products is subject to change without prior notice. Products may not be available in all markets. Products S 
responsible for any typing errors in specifications. Kindly check with your local dealer for exact details. *Canditions apply 
Toll Free No.: 1800-2090-365 

shown are for representation purpose only; actual products/accessories may vary. ASUS India is not 

Digit I December 2011 1 






UGC spans everything gener- 
ated by users in the digital 
world. Everything from dis- 
cussion boards, blogs, wikis, 
social networking sites, Q&A 

databases, news sites, journals, 
photos, videos, et al, all of those 
exabytes of data lying on servers 
around the world are user 
generated. It usually stems from 
a desire to express oneself; it is 
the social incentive, some form 
of catharsis that people look 
forward to when they create 
content. It is one of the things 
that defines Web 2.0, and levels 
the playing field - as users also 
generate content, rather than 
just being passive consumers. 


A precursor to the 
modern day chat, 
IRC (Internet Relay 
Chat) was one of the most 
extensively used protocols 
for chatting. Even today, the 
top 100 IRC networks serve 
more than half a million 
users at a time. IRC was 
actually propelled into the 
spotlight during the gulf war 
in 1991. During this period 
information was relayed in 
real-time from around the 
world. After 2001 though, IRC 
saw its popularity decline, as 
other forms of chatting and 
filesharing took preference. 
However, all of the wise old 
hackers and a lot of the current 
day script kiddies still haunt 
the IRC networks. A good 
place to meet famous hackers, 
or to pick up a virus or two. 


A portmanteau 
of 'crowd' and 
'outsourcing' it was coined by 
Jeff Howe in a Wired Magazine 
article "The Rise of Crowd- 
sourcing", where he reasoned 
that the with the availability of 
latest technological advance- 
ments at low cost has decreased 
the disparity between profes- 
sionals and amateurs, and thus 
companies can take advantage 
of talents of the public and get 
their work done at the same 
time. Not just companies; 
governments, civil services, 
schools, colleges and other 
such organisations can harness 
the power of Crowdsourcing. 
One of the best examples of 
cloud sourcing is Wikipedia. 
It remains to be seen whether 
crowdsourced initiatives can be 
financially viable - it looks bleak ^ ^ 
though, if Wikipedia's pleas for 
donations are anything to go by. 

•-•-• — ^ • ^ — •-»* 


VoIP (pronounced 
voyp) is perhaps 
a relatively old 
technology. However, it's 
one of the more important 
technologies in use today. 
Thanks to Skype and also your 
local ISP providing VoIP at dirt 
cheap rates, making calls all 
around the world was never 
easier and cheaper. In fact, 
even in India, as broadband 
penetration increases at a rapid 
rate, we're starting to see more 
and more options for dedicated 
hardware devices that use VoIP 
to make calls. It's the perfect 
way to connect our villages to 
the rest of the world, because of 
the cheap running costs. 


This guy doesn't warrant any 
introduction, a blockbuster Hol- 
lywood flick has done the needful. 
This Harvard drop-out, started Facebook, 
the world's largest social networking web 
site from his college dorm room and is cur- 
rently valued at 4.27 bilhon USD. Apart 
from serving his iconic responsibilities, Zuckerberg is respon- 
sible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for 
Facebook. He also leads the development team that works on 
Facebook's core technology and infrastructure. The rest of the 
time he is busy updating his pet's Facebook profile. Lambasted 
left, right and centre for his stand on privacy and almost con- 
tinuous changes in the UI, which Facebook seems to change 
like snake's skin. But with 800 million active users across 
the globe, Zuckerberg and Facebook will be here for good. 

—-• — ^ • ^ — m-^ 


E-commerce tends to send 
you back to the good old days 
when the dot-com bubble had 
just started growing; Pepsi 
and Internet Cafes had started 
becoming a rage; like every 
one else we too are going 
retro. Though there is nothing 
retro about e-commerce, 
it is perhaps driving force 
behind the Internet today 
and most pertinent among all 
the discussions on Web. This 
is what enables companies 
that populate Internet to earn 
billions of dollars annually. 
Of course, e-commerce is not 
just about buying and selling 
products online, it is also 
about sourcing, marketing, 
supplying and providing 
post-sales support. With 
innovative new approaches 
such as group buying, and 
same day delivery (which 
Amazon plans to bring to 
India) e-commerce is all set to 
kill retail for good. 


Estimated number of people across the world that 
use the Internet 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.corT 


A synonym for 
search, its some- 
thing that has 
been embedded 
into our Zeitgeist. 
Google has come a long way 
from its early days as search 
engine, to an ever burgeoning 
producer of massively 
successful products. But it 
seems to be consolidating 
now closing down many of 
the projects that didn't quite 


catch on. It also provides B2B 
solutions - Google App Engine 
which offers Google's own 
infrastructure to run your 
websites on. Google too caught 
on the social networking bug 
starting with Orkut, then Buzz 
and culminating in Google+. 
And then there was Android, 
followed by the coup-de-etat 
of buying out Motorola for 
a cool $12 billion dollars. It's 
currently the leading smart- 
phone OS in the world with 
nearly half of the world's 
smart phones running 
Android. A company with a 
great sense of humor and keen 
idea about what exactly its 
users want, it is here to stay. 




Jeff Bezos started 
Amazon as a "regret minimisa- 
tion framework" to get over his 
regret of not taking part in the 
dot-com gold rush. He initially 
spent a lot of time on setting 
up distribu- 
tion channels 
instead of con- 
solidating his 
From a humble 
eBook store, 

it's grown to be the world's 
largest online retailer. Amazon 
handles billions of requests 
and petabytes of data daily. 
Ironically, it also hosts some 
of its competitors. His current 
plans are focused more on the 
mobility market (Kindle Fire, 
rumoured mobile, etc.) Amazon 
also bought Yap (text- to- speech), 
Siri, anyone? Exciting times 
ahead for Amazon and Bezos. 


The web as we see 
it now is a "web of documents". 
The drawback with the current 
version is that the computers 
that are processing the 
documents do not understand 
what is contained within it. 
Semantic web will change all 
this, its what Sir Tim Berners- 
Lee, calls a "web of data". The 
data is stored in such a way that 
the computers which process 
the file actually knows what is 
contained inside. So how will it 
work: say you go shopping for 
clothes to your favourite online 
store, it will populate the list 
based on your past purchases, 
fetch your preferences and 
dressing style from social 
networking sites, refine this 
based on latest trends in the 
fashion world and prioritise 
your favourite brand all this by 
the virtue of semantic web. 

•-^^ — ^ • ^ — •-»* 


Privacy involves 
rights ofa user to 
know how his data or data con- 
cerning him is stored, repur- 
posed (even for better serv- 
ices), provided to third-parties, 
and displayed to himself by a 
website in question. Say you 
searched Google for nutri- 
tional supplements for cats, 
you will find nearly all pages 
you visit next (even after a day 
or two) full of classifieds for 
cats. Then there is Facebook, 
with the massive data of its 
800 million users world wide 
including but not limited to 
their preferences, name of rela- 
tives, contact details, geograph- 
ical location. Apart from these, 
there are thousands of other 
sites, where users volunteer 
information about themselves 
and some which also track 
how user moves around the 
website. Facebook is continu- 


Do we really need to intro- 
duce YouTube to anyone 
anymore? Or even have to 
^^■^^ explain 

ously plagued with privacy 
issues on how it allow users to 
access the privacy settings. It 
is especially in the line of fire 
due to one of its service Beacon 
where your data is shared 
with 3rd parties to provide 
better ads (though you can 
select to opt out of it). Google 
also deletes your data after 
90 days. But, privacy in these 
times is of paramount impor- 
tance, and one must be very 
careful when volunteering 
information on the web. 


HTML5 is touted 
to be the next 
game changing 
technology as far as the web is 
concerned. It will convert the 
muddled mess of documents 
that the web is right now. 
HTML5 along with a 
host of new features will 
also bring uniformity 
and standards to the 
web. What sets this ver- 
sion apart is the fact that 
it also bundles in a lot 
of APIs along with new 
features like the Geolocation 
API, Web Storage API, Web 


Rick Astley never 
dreamt that his 
debut single will, 
become one of the Internets 
longest running and most 
endearing bait-and-switch 
meme. Like all famous memes, 
it started from the 4chan 
J I boards, it has something to do 
with duck on wheels, eggs and 
. . GTA IV (check out the con- 
nection at http://goo.gL/HGVc). 


The whole world 
has gone batty 
over files - from 

videos, movies, documents, 
sent for business or pleasure, 
what can you really do 
without files? We can't even 
imagine the days before file- 
sharing - not even the illegal 
type, we're talking about just 
being able to share files easily. 
Thanks to large file sharing 
services, there's pretty much 
no limit either. Another signif- 
icant change that filesharing 


Workers API, File API, Web 
Notifications, Calendar API 
and a myriad others. Of course 
who can forget the <video> and 
the <canvas> elements, which 
has got most web designers/ 
developers drooling. Many 
complain that this version is 
just a more semantically 
consistent version of 
HTML4 or XHTMLl if 
you will, but it certainly 
beats the crap out of 
previous version where 
precious time was spent 
writing Java Script codes 
and hooking it with elements 
on the page. 

After this the online world 
went crazy over rickrolling 
- Youtube, the White House, 
Michelle Obama, and more 
promised that they were never 
gonna give you up, and never 
let you down. 

brought to our lives, though 
no one really notices it, is tel- 
ecommuting, and freelancing. 
Thanks to the ability to share 
even GBs of data across the 
globe, we don't need to sit in 
offices 9 to 5 anymore. Then of 
course there's piracy of movies 
and music, but we're covering 
that in a different section... 

If all tine pages of Wikipedia, were printed in a book, this is tine 
number of pages that the book would have. And it would take 
you an estinnated 123 years to read it. 

Digit I December 2011 1 



^70.5 per cent 

w0 . Two categories - Real-Time Entertainment and Web 

Browsing, represent 70.5% of all downstream traffic 

in Asia-Pacific. Averaged over 24 hours, Real-Time 

Entertainment is the dominant downstream applica 

tion category, accounting for 43.6% of downstream 

bytes. While Web Browsing comes in Runners-Up. 




Browser Wars 

Browser wars are perhaps as old as the web itself. We 
have come a long way from the blocky protoype on NeXT 
to the current streamlined versions which use hardware 
acceleration, snappy JavaScript engines and fast re-flow engines. 
And at the same time follow standards and recommendations laid 
out by W3C (surprising for a certain browser which always made a 
point to deviate in nearly all its previous versions). With the advent 
of HTML5 and CSS3 websites now behave like desktop applications, 
all browsers in some way or other sup- 
port Web Apps. As far as market shares 
go, IE leads the pack with 39% followed 
by Firefox at 25% and Google Chrome at 
21%, rest is shared by Opera, Safari and 
mobile browsers. But Google Chrome 
wins hands down as far as performance 
is concerned followed closely by Firefox. 

•-»* — ^ • ^ — •-•-• 



How do you define something that is 
global, anarchic, amorphous, vindic- 
tive and bordering on psychopathy? 
Anonymous is each of these things and much 
more. Anonymous is centered around the philosophy of trolling, 
which means purposefully antagonizing people which according 
to Anonymous is "getting inside someone's head so they leave the 
Internet for ever". But scales and dynamics have now changed it 
has grown from bullying people on forums and imageboards; to 
compromising causing global unrest. (Check out the interactive 
timeline: They say that they do this for the lulz. 
Even Law-enforcement agencies are finding it difficult to contain 
Anonymous. Logic or the lack of logic behind these acts is difficult 
to discern - too many social and psychological factors are involved. 

Kevin Rosse 

Kevin Rosse is one inter- 
esting individual - he's like 
the Paris Hilton of the web. He started 
off as the founder of Digg, and is cur- 
rently its 'Chief Architect'. He also hosts a 
show "The Screensavers" on TechTV. Apart from this he has 
invested a lot in other successful companies. He is an example 
of a new breed of serial entrepreneurs who penetrate and 
exploit that most exclusive of social networks, the ranks of 
Silicon Valley's once and future promising personalities. 

What runs the Internet? 

First to come up are the Tier-1 networks which reside 
much closer to the backbone of the Internet and have 
peering arrangements among themselves sharing 
data among themselves, followed by Tier-2 networks which have 
peering agreements among themselves but still require transit at 
certain points in the network. It is from here that our ISPs enter 
the Internet. And then there are the root name servers, which 
convert human-readable addresses to IP addresses, there are 13 
such servers present across the United States. They are controlled 
by ICANN is the authority for domain names, and also man- 
ages the IPv4 and IPv6 name spaces. It is primarily in place to 
maintain operational stability, manage day-to-day operations and 
nurture competition. Apart from these there are the millions of 
routers, switches, proxies and servers that propel this behemoth. 

m ^. 


No Platform, No Worries 

Web runs everywhere and anywhere, from super- 
computers to hand-held devices everything can 
access web. Perhaps logical step that the Internet 
can take is become the platform itself This sounds a bit far- 
fetched and we seem to be a bit out of our depth but we kid you 
not. Ofcourse by platform here we mean a base on which some- 
thing else can be built. Work has already begun in this direction, 
there is the Boot2Gecko Project started by the Mozilla Foun- 
dation which is trying and building an OS ground up using 
open web technologies. Then there are projects like Webian, 
Chromeless, Chromium OS and Web Intents which redefine 
the manner in which we perceive and use the web. Think of 
this as your entire OS running natively inside the browser. 

•-•-• — ^ • ^ — •-»* 

Deep sea 

You don't really think of 
them until a ship's anchor 
breaks one of them, but deep 
sea cables are what keep us 
connected via the net. They 
handle a whopping 99 per cent 
of world information traffic 
(satellites are responsible 
for the remaining 1% ). Each 
cable supports a bandwidth 
of 7.1 terabits per second. 
Laying and maintaining these 
cables costs several hun- 
dred million dollars. India 
is connected to the world by 
13 such underwater cables. 


Ifyou didn't catch 
the drift by now, 
you are better off skipping this 
section. Inspite of being a taboo 
subject. Porn is considered to 
be one of the many reasons that 
has made the Internet what 
it is now. Porn sites get about 
28,258 views every second. 
The industry in its entirety is 
worth about $4.9 billion, and 
the entire world is fixated on 
getting vicarious pleasure. 
An estimated 12 per cent of 
all web sites on the Internet 
are pornographic. Currently, 
a debate rages over whether 
they should operate solely on 
the .XXX domain, thus making 
it easier to block and protect 
young children from porn. 
Whatever TLD is chosen, 
porn is not going anywhere! 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


The Berners-Lee 

The year is 1989, a brilliant 
young computer engineer 
going by the name Tim 
Berners-Lee, joins one of the 
world's most premier science 
research institute, CERN. Our 
protagonist appalled by the 
condition he witnesses there; 
data is everywhere but it is 
stored in myriad documents 
but in different ways. He 
decides to devise a system to 
let people access the document 
in the same way anywhere on 
the network. After months 
of prodding, pleading and 
toiling on the then latest 
system - NeXTSTEP, he was 
finally able to deliver the first 


LAMP is an acronym for 
Linux, Apache HTTP Server, 
MySQL and PHP (or some- 
times Perl or Python). Widely 
regarded as the most viable 
configuration as fas as servers 
go. This can be perhaps attrib- 
uted to the fact that Linux as a 
platform is more stable, secure 
and compatible 
with other server- 
oriented platforms 
like SPARC and 


tion of the basic 
LAMP stack. 

web server and web browser. 
The rest is history. In act of 
supreme madness/benevo- 
lence he gives his invention, 
the "World Wide Web" away to 
the world for free. Sir Berners- 
Lee has since setup and 
spear-heads the World Wide 
Web Consortwium(W3C), 
and continues to shape 
the future of the web. 

BSD. MySQL and PHP com- 
bined can deploy any high 
performance web applica- 
tions. Though sometimes 
they are replaced by Post- 
greSQL and Perl/Python 
depending on the application 
being deployed. What makes 
this open source web server 
architecture a favourite among 
web developers, is it's infinite 
hackability(pun not intended), 
extensibility and flexibility. No 
wonder , 65% of the websites 
on the Internet run 
on some permuta- 

This is the weight of the Internet at any one moment, 
according to Vsauce, a sci/tech YouTube channel. .1 
Vsauce arrived on the figure by calculating the 
weight of all the electrons in the electricity required 
to make the internet work - assuming 75-100 million 
servers supporting the internet, and not including 
the home PCs running web servers. 

Oscars of the 

It doesn't have ladies draped 
in sequins, traipsing down the 
aisle with shorter gentlemen 
in tag, neither the 
histrionics nor the 
scale. All the same, the 
Oscars of the Internet, 
or the Webby Awards 
as they are better 
known as perhaps 
the most prestigious 
recognition that a web 
site can get. Given out 
by the International 
Academy of Digital 
Arts & Sciences for 
excellence on the 


Internet including Websites, 
Interactive Advertising, 
Online Film & Video and 
more recently Mobile content. 
The awards are famous for the 
fact that they limit the accept- 
ance speech to 5 words though 
many have exceeded that. 
One of the more famous is Al 
Gore's speech when accepting 
a Webby Special 
Achievement Award - 
"Please don't recount 
this vote". It has also 
received some flak 
for the pay-to-attend 
(winners and nomi- 
nees also) and the 
pay-to-enter policy; 
which the manage- 
ment defends saying 
that it keeps the 
pressures subjected 
by sponsorship at bay. 



Founded by two former 
Facebook employees, Quora 
is a question-answer web 
site which is created, edited 
and maintained by the users. 
What sets it apart from a 
^ myriad other such web sites 


is exclusivity and insistence 
on the participants using 
real identities. Quora users 
can upvote or downvote an 
answer, thus determine its 
existence in the discussion. It 
was lauded by nearly all the 
major newspapers and blogs 
to be the next best thing on 
Internet. Apart from occa- 
sional ranting by users against 
the moderators who seem to 
wield god-like powers and 
egos to match, it is an excellent 
place to satiate your curiosity. 

Memes seem to come up 
when there is a combinashun 
of lots of spare time; wiiyrd 
pictures or videos and even 
moar wiiyrd coments and 
capshuns. A common thread is 
the complete and uttr anihilae- 
shun of the English language 
wii know. From photoshopped 
pictures of cyoot cats zleeping 
in bed or eating ur foodz, 
icanhascheezburger, hotdogz, 
orly! owlz, aybabtu, rage 
• comicz, pedobear, and duck- 
rolz. Memes are two numerus 
to count and more keep sur- 
facing every 
day, but who 
givez a damn j 
as long as 
there r cyoot 
catz and lulz 
with their 
ignorance and apathy. 

Digit I December 2011 1 





Anand Lai Shimpi 

This name is synonymous 
with hardware components 
reviewers. Anand Lai Shimpi 
started reviewing hard- 


ware components from an 
age of 15. How about these 
figures from a CNN profile 
on Anand Shimpi: If just 
1% of AnandTech's monthly 
visitors were guided to a 
$300 purchase, that would 
amount to more than $60 
million in yearly sales - this 
was in 1999, when he was just 
17. His web site Anandtech. 
com is a respected name in the 
hardware components circles. 


HyperTransport in the simplest 
terms is a high speed intercon- 
nection link between processors 
or processors and chipsets. 
It is a bus that was created in 
2001 by a consortium of which 
NVIDIA, AMD and Apple 
are a part. The main function 
is to provide a high bandwith 
and low latency, point-to-point 
interconnect with the ability to 
read and write at the same time. 
Back in 2001, the maximum 
bi-directional bandwidth 
was 12.8 GBps to the present 
avataar HyperTransport 3.1 
which supports 51.2 GBps. The 
HyperTransport (HT) bus has 
many interesting features in 
its present form such as Link 
splitting - which allows each 
HT link to be split into two and 
Hot Plugging - which allows 
HT devices to be installed or 
removed with the bus still 
running in the background. 

These are the number of form factors a motherboard can 
sport based on the use cases. The popular ones we know ■ 
are ATX, XL-ATX. E-ATX, MicroATX, Mini ITX, but 
there are many many other form factors such as DTX, 
NLX, BTX, LPX, etc each having a different area of use. 


From its first commercially available microproc- 
essor - the 4004 to the present day Core i7-3960X, 

Intel has raised the bar with each year, sticking religiously to 

the Moore's law. Tick-tock is a terminology popularised by Intel 

in the tech circles 

and it does not mean 

the sound of a clock. 

Apart from making 

the fastest desktop 

processors, Intel 

also has exhaustive 

research labs con- 
ducting R&D across 

various disciplines. 


If there is one event which 
both hardcore component- 
junkies as well as manufac- 
turers look for- 
ward to, it has got 
to be Computex, 
which happens 
annually in Taipei 
sometime in June. 
Here are the stats 
from this year: 
5 days, 125,000 
attendees, 1,800 
exhibitors, 5,300 




Intel's Quick Path Interface 
is a high speed point-to-point 
link between the processor 
and the chipset supporting 
a high degree of parallel 
movement of data. It was 

booths, 10,000 plus hard- 
ware ICT products!! Many 
flagship products from many 
companies are launched 
here and you also get to see 
those quirky concept designs 
such as the Danshui concept 
board that is seen above. 



L. m 


^^' Kj 

«f J 

mm ^^ 




first introduced in 2008 for 
the Intel Core -7-9xx proces- 
sors on the X58 chipset. Its 
bi-directional bandwidth 
is 25.6 GB/s. It supports 3 
channel memory and 2 xl6 
combinations for PCIe 2.0 
slots. Intel just introduced 
the QPI 1.1 this year with 
some improvements. 

kiti' QuE£l#4m ^^itsrturE 

•-»* — ^ • ^ — •-»* 


A name quite 
popular as far 
as memory goes 
Kingston is a US based 
company founded by two 
Taiwanese men 
-John Tu and 
David Sun. As far 
as pure num- 
bers go, it is the 
number 1 pro- 
ducer of DRAM 
memory modules 

and USB drives. Couple of 
years ago it got into the SSD 
market and its HyperX line 
of SSDs are super impres- 
sive. Also this is the only 
company that we have seen 
in India, that 
markets its SSDs 
on bus stands, 
about such a 
niche product to 
the masses, which 
is quite laudable. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 



Array of Inex- 
pensive Disks is 
an arrangement of attaching 
multiple drives together to 
act as one logical unit. 
RAID configuration also 
known as Striping is meant to 
improve HDD performance, as 
it combines two or more drives 
and splits data to be written to 
these drives such that each drive 
gets equal parts. Data transfer or 
data fetching is faster that that 
on a single drive, but if one HDD 
fails, then it is the end of the 
world as the (other non redun- 
dant) data on the other drive is 
useless. RAID 1 is all about data 
redundancy here at the cost of 
speed. Your data is replicated 
in each of the two drives, so that 
even if one drive fails, you have 
the other drive with all the data. 
Capacity of a RAID 1 drive will 
be as big as the smallest drive. 
There are other combi- 
nations as well such as 
RAID 5, RAID 10, etc. 


Memory Module 
also known as 
DIMM are a series of RAM 
chips mounted on a 
printed circuit board 
which together 
makes them 
memory module 
that i used in PCs. 
DIMMs use a 64-bit 
data path. Number 
of pins on the DIMM goes from i r 
72-pin to 244-pin based on the 
type of RAM. Also the notches 
on the memory modules differs 
based on the generation ie. 
DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and so on. 
One major difference between 
single inline memory modules 
and DIMM is that the latter 
has separate electrical contacts 
on each side of the DIMM 
slot unlike the former which 
is redundant on both sides. 




A very popular 
port on most mid- 
range and high 
end motherboards, the eSATA 
or external SATA port is a 
variant of the SATA port which 
allows you to exploit the speeds 
of a SATA connection without 
having to open your cabinet. As 
far as raw speeds go, eSATA is 
faster than USB 2.0, Fire Wire 
as well as slightly faster than 
USB 3.0. It was introduced in 
2004 and has been seen on 


Before this event, 
notebooks were bulky, with 
more stress laid on function 
than form. On a January day 
in 2008, Steve Jobs in his 
inimitable style stated, "There 

many external storage drives 
since. The bridge that generally 
converts the SATA and power 
ports (of the laptop HDD within 
an external drive enclosure) 
into a USB 2.0 or Fire Wire port 
tends to bottleneck the data 
transfer speeds to the USB 
2.0 or Fire Wire standards. 

is something in the Air". On 
the table nearby there was an 
envelope which had a package 
which is now popularly known 
as the MacBook Air - the 
worlds thinnest notebook. 
Apple did not compromise 
on the size of the keyboard or 
screen size or the processor. 
The bar for slim notebooks 
was raised so high, that it's 
only now that competitors are 
making such notebooks. 

•-•-• — ^ >^ ••» 

Naitoh Arimasa 

Popularly known as the 'Father 
of the ThinkPad', Naitoh 
Arimasa joined the product 
engineering team at IBM 
in 1970 and later on moved 
to Lenovo in 2005 after the 
takeover. We had the oppor- 
tunity to interact with him 
earlier this year and were told 
some fascinating stories behing 
ThinkPad's design philosophy. 
Sample this: The shock- 
absorbing feet found on the 

ThinkPad notebooks have 
been inspired by cat's feet. 
Reason being cat's feet provide 
a two-way shock absorption. 
An owl's feather structure 
inspired the tips of the blade of 
the internal fan of ThinkPad 
notebooks which results in 
quieter and cooler notebooks. 
Read the complete story 


That is the total number of characters that could be con- 
tained on the first ever hard drive which was produced in 
1956 called the IBM 350 Disk File. There were 24 plat- 
ters each of 0.61m diameter which made up this drive. 


Overclocking is a process 
which allows you to make 
your processor run at a 
faster clock rate than what 
it is rated at, so that you can 
derive more performance out 
of your processor at no extra 
cost. Overclocking does come 
with its share of risks as you 
are making it run at a faster 
speed. If done with patience 
and care, overclocking can 
boost your system's perform- 
ance quite a bit, for free. 

Also, nowadays most of the 
processors come with lots of 
fail safes. For instance, if you 
have overclocked your system 
beyond its threshold, then it 
will throw up errors or hang 
or cause artefacts to appear in 
your games. These are signs 
that you should reduce the 
, . processor clock speeds. While 
i I overclocking you need to keep 


four things in mind - the 
base clock speed, the multi- 
plier, the latency timings and 
the temperature. Base clock 
speed is the speed at which 
the processor runs and when 
multiplied with the multi- 
plier, will give you the core 
clock speed of the processor. 

You can also overclock 
your RAM memory mod- 
ules and graphics card. Easy 
overclocking of the GPU is 
possible nowadays thanks to 
utilities such as MSI After- 
burner 2 which allows you 
to change the core clocks and 
memory clocks, thus making 
the graphics card run faster. 

Digit I December 2011 1 






One half of the duo who founded 
HP from their garage in Palo 
Alto in 1939, William Helwett 
was an electrical engineer from 
Stanford university. Their 
first successful product was a 


precision audio oscillator and 
it just went on expanding from 
there. That expansion, atleast 
one division - and a major one at 
that - came to a halt this year. HP 
anonunced that it would discon- 
tinue its tablet business and sell 
off its PC division - despite being 
the #1 in 2010. 

Voltage Modding is taking 
mere overclocking to a whole 
new level, by tweaking the volt- 
ages of components. Increasing 
voltages by a miniscule amount 
and stress testing the system, 
allows you to make your 
processor or graphics card 
run at a faster speed than its 
reference speed. A side effect 
of voltage modding, is genera- 
tion of excess heat as when you 
make processors run faster, 
there are more transistors 
working faster, which generate 
more heat. Modding Graphics 
card is whole different ball- 
game, involving stuff such as 
soldering a resistor onto the 
PCB of the card. Needless to 
say, if you indulge in voltage 
modding, you automatically 
void the warranty on the card. 


That is the number of transistors that is expected to be 
housed in a space of 22 nano meter by Intel in its upcoming 
Ivy Bridge line of processors next year. To give you a perspec- 
tive, the width of the human hair is 100,000 nanometers 


Overclocking is 
a way in which you can tend 
to heat up your processor 
to very high temperatures. 
While the mere mortals stay 
content with stock coolers, 
the slightly advanced user 
go for water based cooling 
mechanism, using radiators to 
drive away the heat from the 
CPU. But then comes a class of 
enthusiasts, who are profes- 
sional overclockers, who go 
even beyond water cooling. 
Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) has a 
boiling point (yes, boiling, not 
freezing) of -195 degrees cen- 
tigrade which is way beyond 

the freezing point of water. 
This quality of LN2 makes it 
ideal for using as a coolant in 
overclocking sessions, as it 
allows you to overclock to very 
high levels as temperature the 

CPU falls below -100 degrees 
when it comes in contact 
with LN2. Recently the AMD 
8-core processor FX-8150 was 
stretched from its base clock of 
3.6GHz to over 8 GHz by over- 
clockers using LN2 cooling. 

X79 Boards 

Intel just launched 
its high end 
SAndy Bridge E 
series CPU in mid-November 
which will replace the older 
generation Intel Core i7-9xx 
extreme edition processors. 
It also brings a change of 
chipset from X58 to X79. Be 
prepared for the onslaught of 
X79 chipset based boards in 
the market, and of course a lot 
of reviews in Digit regarding 
the same. X79 boards house 


Solid state drives are 
slowly but surely gaining 
momentum thank to prices 
coming down. Their per- 
formance though faster than 
a mechanical HDD, depends 
a lot on the type of controller 
they house, as this is the 
heard of 
an SSD. 
is a name 
to reckon 
with in 

this field. Infact our Zerol 
Award went to an SSD 
sporting SandForce SF2281 
controller. Some of the top 
SSDs in the market sport 
the SandForce controller. 

the LGA2011 socket and have 
four dual channel DIMM slots, 
that is eight RAM slots. It has 
support for upto 2 xl6 PCIe 
configurations which will 
please the gaming community. 


Anyone who has 
handled moth- 
erboard will be 
familiar with those tiny little 
plastic sheaths that cover some 
protruding pins on the board, 
which help in closing the circuit 

for current flow. These are 
known as Jumpers and they 
are a very important acces- 
sory on the board. The most 
common jumper most of us 
use is the clear CMOS jumper, 
which tends to reset the BIOS to 
previous stable state. You also 
have jumpers to adjust voltages 
or adjust speed of memory, etc 
based on the motherboard. 

•-»* — ^ • ^ — •-»* 

m Bulldozer 
. with its FX series 

of processors with 
the flagship FX-8150 having 

eight physical 
I cores. The 
I codename for 
[ this line-up 
of high end 
desktop proc- 
essors is Bull- 


dozer. It is built on the 32-nm 
process. The basic building 
block called the Bulldozer 
module comprises two integer 
cores and a shared floating 
point core. Four such Bull- 
dozer modules make up the 
eight cores. You can read more 
about the architecture in our 
November 2011 issue and read 
a review on the FX-8150 in the 
Bazaar section for this month. 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 





This Taiwan headqaurt- 
ered company is the world's 
largest contract 
manufacturer of 
electronic com- 
ponents. It has 
factories based in 
Shenzen, China 
and the Czech 
Republic. With 
famous clients 
such as Apple, 
Intel, Motorola, 
Nokia, Dell, etc, one would get 
the impression that people 
working here are set for life. 
But that is far from the truth. 
The year 2010 in particular 
was marred by as many as 
eighteen suicide attempts 


Since the last 
three decades 
there had been no 
changes in the BIOS interface. 
But last year we got to see 
the first boards sporting the 
Unified Extensible Firmware 

by employees with four- 
teen resulting in death. The 
deceased were aged between 
17 to 25 years. It put a huge 
question mark on the type 
of working conditions of the 
employees and raised a huge 

Interface BIOS, popularly 
known as UEFI BIOS. 
UEFI BIOS is a complete 
overhaul of the computer's 
boot enviornment, and it sits 
between the system's firmware 
and OS. Thanks to the 
graphical user interface, you 
can use the mouse in the UEFI 
BIOS, which was just not pos- 
sible in previous BlOSes; surf 
the internet or even backup 
your drives. Most top brands 
except Gigabyte had switched 
to the UEFI BIOS this year. 

furore globally. According 
to labour activists the deaths 
have been blamed on the 
military- style management 
where employees are forced 
to work overtime, have very 
little entertainment options. 


Just this month Corsair 
announced that it had set a 
new world record with over- 
clocking memory frequency 

of 1733.8 MHz (DDR3- 

3467) using Corsair Domi- 

nator GT CMGTX6 extreme 

performance DDR3 memory 

by champion overclocker 
[ Jake 'Planet' Crimmins. 

Y cable 

Ever noticed USB 
drives having a 

single interface on one end 

which splits into two at the 

other end? These type of cables 

are called Y-cables. 

In most cases one 

ofthe two cables 

provides additional 

power. Sometimes 

its also called a 

power Y cable. 

Erjay Linux !nitiatN0 

Serving Linux 

Easy Linux Migration tm Sc'ganisations 

CDUCcessTuiiy iviigraie your urganisaiion lo Linux 

Not just servers now bring Security to your Desktops as well 

Linux Integration in Windows Domain 

Call us to know more on Integrating Linux Desktops in J 
Windows Domain 

Setting Up a Linux Primary Domain Controller to manage 
Windows Domain in environment where Windows & Linu 

Vorking with Group Policies where Windows & Linux live 

Desktop Migration to Linux 

Desktop Users at organisations usually find problems in nnigrating 
to Linux. Our Team of Expert is trained and experienced to help you 
migrate easily 

On-Site Training for Linux Desl^top Users 

Desktop users face problems while working on Alternative 
Applications in Linux desktop environment. Our Training team can 
train your users on-site 

On-Site Training for System Administrators 

Linux System & Network Environment is comparatively new for 
Windows System Administrators. Our Training team can train your 
System Administrators to independently work in Linux 

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Call us : 09376607650, 09909937650 

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h you for your customers 

Digit I December 2011 1 






Imagine this scenario: Transfer- 
ring a full HD movie in under 
30 sees. You may think that we 
are talking of the future. Just a 
minor adjustment - that future is 
here. Formerly known as Light 
Peak, the Thunderbolt is an 
interface to connect periph- 
eral devices to the computer 
by the extension bus. Intel 
developed the technology 
and it was commercially 
available in the Apple MacBook 
Pro this year. The Thunderbolt 
cable can carry data, video, audio 
and power in a single connec- 
tion. Each Thunderbolt port on 
the MacBook Pro also provides 
about 10 W of power to con- 
nected peripherals. In fact the 
MacBook Pro's only feature one 


mini display port which is also 
used as a Thunderbolt port. 
It takes data transfer speeds 
to dizzying heights. With a 
theoretical speed of lOGbps, it is 
blazing fast. Add the fact that it 
is bi-directional in nature, that 
means it can receive and send 
data simultaneously at this speed. 
That effectively means that it 
is faster than USB 3.0, eSATA, 
Fire Wire. Bottlenecking 
with present generation 
devices is a given as SATA 
3 port max out at 6 Gbps. 
Intel initially had used an 
optical interface for data 
transfers, but later on switched 
to copper wires as it reduces 
production costs and most 
vendors still use electrical con- 
nections. The optical fiber cables 
are under development, but they 
will not carry power for now and 
Intel plans to use them only for 
lengths longer than 3 metres. 

—-• — ^ • ^ ••» 

80.3 per cent 

is Intel's market share for the third quarter in 2011. Although 
this is slightly lower than its last years' share of 80.6 per cent, 
the overall shipments of processors had increased by 5 per 
cent this year. Eighty per cent is a huge number and just goes 
on to show the hold Intel has over the processor market. 


Anyone remotely 
interested in computing will 
at some point of time have 
heard of the famous Moore's 
Law which goes on to state 
that, "the number of transis- 
tors that can be placed inex- 
pensively on an integrated 
circuit doubles 
approximately every 
two years." This was 
stated by Gordon 
Moore, co-founder 
of Intel, way back in 
1965. Gordon Moore 
co-founded Intel 



-■" 1 


4 *" 

in 1968 and was named its 
Chairman emeritus in 1975. 
Just when Moore's law was 
being threatened thanks to 
difficulties in packing in 
more transistors in less space 
(at the same time keeping 
the leakage current, power 
consumption and heat issues 
at bay), Intel announced the 
Ivy Bridge platform earlier 
this year. The Ivy 
Bridge processor will 
use a tri-gate tran- 
sistor which makes 
use of a 3D fin in 
the silicon chip for 
improved switching. 

Pinnp My Case 

Case modding is a whole 
culture in itself wherein hard- 
ware enthusiasts make quirky 
aesthetic design changes to 
their chassis. At the most sim- 
plest level you can cut out the 

like a computer chassis at all. 
Some types of mods include: 
Windows mod - no this 
has got nothing to do with 
the operating system of the 
same name, but involves 
doing something with the 
side panels (most likely, 
the left hand one); 
Lighting mods involve going 
wild with lighting around 

side panel and add an acrylic 
sheet making the innards vis- 
ible. Of course, you will have 
to invest in LED lights to make 
the interiors visible. Some 
case modders are so adept at 
this art, that one glance at the 
modded case will not look 

or within your case. 
Cooling mods which have 
a more functional aspect 
than just plain aesthetics, 
most commonly indulged 
in by enthusiasts who will 
stretch their processor 
prowess to its limit. 

•-»* ^ # ^ ••! 

One Zettabyte 
= 10^21 bytes 
whereas One 
Terabyte = 10^12 bytes. We 
are already consuming 
exabytes of information. In 
fact a study done by Messrs 
George Gilder and Bret 
Swanson from the Discover 
Centre predicts that by 2015, 
US internet traffic would 
be counted in Zettabytes. 
This data will comprise of 
movie downloads, VoIP 
apps, online gaming, and 
cloud computing. Read more 

How long till we have a 1 Zet- 
tabyte drive, we would hazard 
a guess of a decade atleast;) 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


*'Ypur search for f (*atu^«-i'kh 
multimedia hub ends here." 

AilEf fuN RD VIdra .and 7.1 chinlncl Audid Id- your lfvrn<g roDm 
InJD|i' qll ^l3UrTi^i!L - iglh <JKfi-ni1i^ri -^li yuMi" li^ 

LL-r4^n tV P^w, di Arnh«|i& % r •rr\l i TV HD p^sf^ jUHl vt^uP frvejy %#i[il H 

Bring hoine fhe taJk of ih^ town^ fodfayf 



Ih^bvtlD Flaih TV HD ^pli □ in^ 


4)4idit|^ and i«"icf«d4i« -huk^ «fT«cl/ 

"Tk^ r^c^ big ^in|| crt 

of torm factor r 

Fo^lvm- LMillmHrd: ' Hotfi nlrr-c^ fill pofwihir rumiQii ■ UjiKulfii >pJD(ijni qtK^BV ^ ttH- Iml ymx TV Dani ufRporl - ImlanJ pJyif] ofid -plor Mlup 

- Su^p^fiL 4-jvl^r^l (J^B- CD.i'DVC dr^iM - fJiiJii«ng. •Kdfi Bo^i Iran^ion lit cnu^fl i-'^ ihtPriT wirti muwc - Crewlv, i4ar<B D-n^Ef ■hF> plv^ IraJi «i tffv 

fly V Mfli^ &#anch i«Qduf B faH* ^aiy ^poQou 1$ ell yo^f ^^iittiit ■ $4i^tiJi^ E^t^fTu^hai ■ Ge lo M^t ' ^sf^ Mmi» • Vjd#Q PnivM^ Moda 

Sald-ne^d ijuf^pdrlad noliaflally. Amk^rl^ Fl^ih TV Mtl m sv^itablfi ^h ell L^dii^ If Hd^J OuilaK aurij fFM^joe an^* ^^^tali ^uLh cii Fh^cirl. 
IndialimM £4iappiif^, bahUKi^. (l^iF4ihoppifi^ Tidrrlara m\c. i^t mon i^FarrriatTi^, UH^idicr L' c ' p:ar.i1o UHic d AMJtETTE hlOtl£'E, C-MM^ C^kh 
Phdu-lL Hft^ Ddihi- 1 fcO(>^ India Tal fia.t -^41 - 1 1 -3 Aai$fl7^7. 1A2^$A I ;3 i-nuhl: ikihi#afnkMttt.c»ffi 


The 101 best Chrome extensions 

A seLection of the best Chrome extensions you can 
downLoad sorted by category 

Jobs' hatred for Adobe Flash 

Read on to know the Level to which Steve Jobs hated 
Adobe Flash 

How to have a perfect Twitter account 

Ever since Twitter has become the trend in disseminating infor- 
mation every pseudo hipster on the street seems to have one and 
only one objective in life - how to increase my follower count? We 
understand that we all have an inherent need to be popular and 
meet more women as we go about our lives and the perfect place 
to do so on the web right now seems to be Twitter. There are a 
few things which makes a Twitter celebrity profile, implement the 
pointers given below and soon you'll have an account erupting 
with happy bunnies high on LSD 

Following : Follower ratio 

It's important to always keep your following 
and follower balance in check. A good ratio 
is 6 : 1. Follow one profile for every six fol- 
lowers you get. This means you're super cool 
and people need to be around you to get 
in the zone. First thing that visitors see on 
your profile is how many people follow you. 


Even if you don't do/ like certain things in 
life start doing them. Number one is to have 
a photo blog, showcase pictures of lawn 
chairs and their shadows, live tweet every 
English Premier League match (remember 
not to support any team). Also attend rock 
concerts and tweet pictures. 

Your display picture 

Having baby or cat pictures as your DP is 
so passe. Keep a picture with an attitude 
and this doesn't mean that you need to be 
a douche to do so. Keep it classy, have a 
look on your face which shows interest and 
disinterest at the same time. Pictures of tat- 
tooed skin seemed to have worked wonders. 


Tweet/ Retweet 

Tweeting random crap would only get you 
somewhere but not towards your "ultimate 
goal" Throw in intellectual tweets every 
once in a while. Quote personalities like 
Lennon and Andy Warhol. Retweet and 
reply to only a select few. If you mass reply 
you lose the charm of exclusivity. Be choosy 
when retweeting a tweet. 


^ui af 1 uiid boM. 1 «& fubd, 

Twitter Bio 

Your twitter bio is what makes or breaks 
your profile. Keep it short, funny and 
witty. If you've come on Twitter with 
an intention to stalk the neighborhood 
chick mention that. The Twitterati like 
things explicit, raw and out in the open. 


Last but not least 

A meh attitude in life won't help in the long 
run. Be compassionate during incidents like 
terror attacks and help as much as you can 
by spreading info which never reaches its 
true audience. It will get juggled around 
in the pseudo circle where you belong but 
you'll be retweeted and thanked many 
times nevertheless 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 


Networking Solution[ 

^♦^ # 

IHMIipi WIntou H UKLJ+ 

iHHHHfll nOUtef 

S4MI]p9 Vfta«lHX AIHU* 


I li 'II 

Where to Buy : 


Aditya Peripherals: 9825044306 

GOIP Global Services (P) Ltd: 9824499716 


GOIP Global Services (P) Ltd: 9900229555 


GOIP Global Services (P) Ltd: 9500083919 

Rahul Industrial Enterprises Pvt Ltd: 9380153855 


Global Systems: 9814882284 

The Computer Federate: 9855007894 


Amicus Communications: 9847643436 


Ashish Computer World: 9361070222 


Best Computers: 9837004383 


Roop Technology Pvt. Ltd.:9848027074 

GOIP Global Services (P) Ltd:9949805333 


GOIP Global Services (P) Ltd: 9163622663 

Rahul Industrial Enterprises Pvt Ltd: 98300 64573 


Arihant Infomatics: 9820072903 

Roop Technology Pvt. Ltd.: 9594962137 

Tanish Technologies: 9820293269 



New Delhi: 

Advik Compware Pvt ltd: 8800848377 

GOIP Global Services (P) Ltd: 9910506766 


Burhani 9765089452 


Hitech Solutions: 9826160789 

TP-LINK India Private Limited, Add: 12 & 13, Luthria House, Satival IVIain Road,Sativali, Vasai Road, l\/laharashtra-401 208, Email: Contact.: +91 9768012285 
Tollfree Technical Support: 1800 2094 168, Mon to Sat, 10am to 6pm, Email: 



Is Google+ dead? 

WeLL, at Least GoogLe denies it, saying "it is just getting 


Read email Terminator style 

University of Wasiiington scientists are working on 
contact Lens tecLinoLogy to use contacts Lenses as 

Top 3 comic books of all time 

Alan Moore's Watchmen 

Everything great that has to be written 
about the Watchmen has been done and 
dusted. What nnore do we say, apart fronn 
it being a nnuLti-Layered story and charac- 
ters set to a drawing and narration style 
which inspires artists till today. This is pure 
genius. The story is set in an alternate 
universe and showcases the year 1985. 
With the help of super heros America has 
emerged victorious in all of its past con- 
flicts and as a result we witness a totally 
different world in the story. 

Frank Miller's Sin City 

Setting the industry standard in making a 
panel-by-panel rendition of a comic book 
into a movie, Frank Miller set the pace in 
the graphic novel genre. Sin C/ty happens 
to be one of his most celebrated works 
which made high-contrast black and 
white style of drawing a rage. 

The Death of Superman 

In a day and age when shock value seems to 
work the best for business and media moguls 
an early 90s edition spoke of the death of 
Earth's greatest hero. This made comic book 
lovers rub hands in perspiration making the 
issue extremely popular. This issue is pre- 
served by comic books fan boys as a prized 
possession. Who would have thought that 
Superman of all super heros would die. 

Waroraft Free Download 

All of us lost sleep over Warcraft this 
past month, trying to finish one last 

game before sleep got the better of us. 
lA^arcraft sessions in early mornings 
kept us occupied as coffee and cola 
sales soared high in nearby shops. 

How we unwind 

Why this Kolaveri Di? 

We were hooked onto this song towards 
the end of closing. When we first 
watched it, its view count read 3,000 
and now it is over 6.5 million. It was 
widely covered by every leading daily, 
spoken about on 

The biggest update of the season is that our beloved Jayesh (Big Daddy) got hitched this month. Big shout out to him and his missus, 
and best wishes for their journey into the unknown - most of us are yet to get there stilL Just to keep things interesting, everyone 
started telling ghost stories, with Jayesh leading the pack. His never-ending stories were quite a thrill, but nothing so far trumps 
Raaabo's chilling supernatural experiences. Also, especially for the December issue, Raaabo also brought some mattresses for the 
team - at least we don't get backaches from sleeping in chairs now. Most of the team did end up sleeping in office for days - some 
say it's because the new mattresses are more comfy than the ones at home - either that or the regular QUI sessions... although we 
do know for sure that Vijay was so spooked by the ghost stories, there was no way he was going home alone at night. 


Digit I December 2011 1 

^■^^^^ H C OM P L EI eIt E C H NQo GY 



M + ve^^ 'music positive', a blood group strictly 
classified for music maniacs. If music is in the blood 
then it will flow through your VEIN straight to your 
heart. Get pumped with pure music, tested M + ve™. 




Contact us at: 

mnai | Delhi | Pune | Mumbai | Vadodara | Ahmedabad 
ucknow L^ J J F f JT T^^ Chennai | Delhi | Mumbai | Pune 


Bioshock Infinite 

The popular game takes inspiration from tine "Occupy 
WaLL Street" protest 

World's lightest material 

WeLL, nearly "Ligiitertiian air" 

Head over to for some of tlie best discussions, buying advice and user reviews. Of course, you'll 
meet liiie-minded (and not-so-lilie-minded) geelis, leading to some of the most constructive arguments you'll ever have. 

Clieck out tliis tliread below where two of our active members are deep in discussion about Elders Scrolls: Skyrim 

Curated by distinguished forum members such as ICO, Topgear, The Sorcerer and others, you're bound to get some accurate suggestions on 

the forum. Head over to the forum by visiting this link 


1 *m^^#^irmmmmr^ 







.^» r- *^f 1 pi^ ■ Ml |%T PpW i^b ^ 111! i %wHt fm 




Head over to for some tech gyaan distributed by our enthusiastic community. Here are 
two such excerpts where one is dealing with career guidance and the other one well just needs some buying advice 


»^ iL h in >f4iHni 

CV-lflT-WII rtUH JfeMiM I 

i4 A**v Mt mi iH! 

■ li r r- irrm r-rr r mi Trig 

■11 tf F i l l 

IP^rttf MJ^ Ww^^^tmmr^ML t^mhMJtmm-^m 

I mat i# Ub 

tf^AHP^^fll ■vMll P tool P hi- MlPifll iM 
«*BHnH h^ PPii ApM P4Pf ilm^^^iifwlpin- 

I bull 


i4olfit KuFEf^r 

which is the best android with Jess than fts 2DQ0O 
Like - Comment - YEstErday at 3:^pm ■ ^ 

/%^i Lorf Tnpo try LG optimus one p500 or defl xcd35 
i'Sff^ "L-terday at 4: STJDm ' Like 

Parttt Shati Ig optimus black 
Yesterdav at 5:39pm " Like 


Anoop Jostti galaxy s or galaxy s led 
btA' i own s led its just ausm 
Yesterday at 6:4Qpm ■ Like 

Ha shir Ahmad Xperia Ray.Xperia Neo V^Galawy S-LCDrHTC " 
SjOptimus Bladt. 
Yesterday at 6:42pm ■ Like 

Cliandan Gupta Xperia ray 
Yesterday at 8:4Lpm - Like - lib 1 

AkhH Khattar Y nt htc salsa instead of wildfire s . . ? 
19 hours ago ■ Like 

Rahul Dogra I think you guys hav conflised him. 
9 hEsurs ago ■ Like ■ li 1 

Mohit Kumar yaa they have confused 
6 hours ago ■ Like " ^ 1 

Write a comment , 


Digit I December 2011 1 www.tlninkdigit.conn 

Digit 101 

Audio jargon - demystified 

"The Latest high-impedance, Low-sensitivity headphones under review were difficuLt to drive and necessitated an amp, but the 
sound signature was devoid of any coLouration; neither bright nor warm, just neutraL. The soundstaging is phenomenaL and the 
entire frequency range is reproduced accurateLy from deep Lows to extreme highs". 

Did the preceding paragraph make sense to you? If sentences Like these have been driving you up the waLL ever since you can 
remember, read on to quickLy understand audiophiLe terminoLogy used in most reviews and write-ups. 

Impedance: Impedance is the resistance 
against eLecthcaL f Low. In tine worLd of audio gear 
too, it means tine same tiling. Measured in olims, 
it basically denotes liow difficuLt it is to move tine 
speaker's driver. By and Large, LiigLi-impedance 
systems require more power to drive tLiem, Lience 
requiring an ampLif ier to enLiance tLie signal 

Sensitivity: AnotLier often seen term in tLie 
specifications of audio systems (speal<ers or 
LieadpLiones) is sensitivity Sensitivity is the sound 
pressure LeveL measurement (Loudness) taken at 
a distance of one metre by appLying one watt of 
power TLierefore aLL otLier tLiings being constant 
a LiigLi-sensitivity audio system wiLL require Less 
power to sound as Loud. 

Frequency response: TLie entire audio signaL 
coming out of a speaker beLongs to different 
frequencies of tLie audio spectrum. The audio range 
of speaker systems (and tLie Liuman ear) Lies in the 
range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz or tLiereabouts. The 
frequency response of a speaker system denotes 
tLie range of sucLi frequencies tLiat it can reproduce 

Highs: TLiis term denotes tLie reproduction of fre- 
quencies beLonging to tLie LiigLier end of tLie audio 
spectrum. GeneraLLy, anytLiing above 5,000 Hz is 
cLassified as LiigLi frequency. Certain instruments 
and vocaLs pitcLies - sucLi as vioLins, femaLe vocaLs 
and cymbaLs - beLong to tLiis LiigLier side. If a Liead- 
pLione Lias good "LiigLis" it wiLL be abLe to reproduce 
tLiese sounds weLL. 

Lows: Bass notes or "boom" Like sounds beLong to 
tLie Lower frequencies in tLie audio spectrum. TLiese 
are frequencies measuring 20 Hz to 350 Hz. Kick 
drums, bass guitar and baritone vocaLs are Low 
frequency or Lows. 

Mids: ALL sounds in tLie range of 350 Hz to 5,000 
Hz. TLiis range brings tLie overaLL feeL of tLie audio 
track. WLiat peopLe commonLy refer to as trebLe 
starts from mids and extends into tLie LiigLis. 

Neutral: A neutraL sound signature is one tLiat 
reproduces aLL frequency ranges appropriateLy 

witLiout empLiasis on any 
particuLar range Like bass, 
mids or LiigLis. SucLi audio 
systems are considered true 
to source. 

Warm: A warm sounding 

speaker or LieadpLione is one 

tLiat is a LittLe partiaL towards 

tLie mid frequencies. TLie 

sound produced Lience is a LittLe meLLow and soft. 

Bright: A brigLit sound signature is one tLiat is 
produced by audio systems witLi a procLivity for 
LiigLi frequencies. TLie sound produced as a resuLt is 
vibrant and Lience caLLed brigLit. 

CoLouration: Any 

system in tLie audio 
cLiain tLiat adds 
particuLar frequency 
range is said to 
produce co Lou red 
sound. And tLie 
process is caLLed coL- 
ouration. CoLouration 
may sound pLeasing 
but it's a deviation 
from accuracy. 


TLiis is a pure Lis- 
tening term andtLie 
efficacy of it can be 
debated. BasicaLLy, 
it denotes tLie 
perception of deptLi 
and positioning of 
particuLar sources 
of sounds sucLi as 
instruments and 
vocaLists. Some 
LieadpLiones and 
speaker systems 
reproduce or 
create tLie iLLusion 

FiddLe around with various frequencies in your media 
pLayer's EquaLiserto understand Lows, mids and highs 

of distinct positions of sources witLiin tLie spaciaL 

Dynamic range: Defined as tLie ratio of tLie 
Loudest and softest sound tLiat an audio system 
can reproduce witLiout distortion. Again tLie ratio is 
measured in decibeLs. El 

Net Protector 

antivirusO UifAV) 

Net Protector 

Total PC Protection 

Total internet Security • 

Parental Control • 

Privacy Control • 

Cloud Protection • 

Anti-Malware • 

OS Firewall • 

^ ^ 

Admin Console WgII 

for LAN secure PC Optimizer Laptop Tracl<er 


(0) 9272707050 

(0) 9822882566 

Toll Free: 1800-209-5550 
Biz Secure Labs Pvt. Ltd. 

Digit I December 2011 1 


Portable Hi-Fi Speaker 

Built-in battery(12V,4.5AH);6.5" driver uTTIT; 


Power:RMS 60w;USB/SD port, ' 

FM function,guitar input,single wireless 

Mircophone Speaker and Remote Control, 


2.0 Active speaker 

Power: 50*2 W RMS 

With USB/SD port - FM function 

Remote contol - Karaoke function 

Bass/treble/echo adjustment 

Frequency range:20Hz~20Khz 


Plot no. 6 Unit No. 2 Flat No.1,Sadguru Jangali Maharaj Society 
0pp. Rohan Garima, Behind ICC Tower, Senapati Bapat Road, 
ShivajiNagar Rune, Maharashtra - INDIA 

Tel : +91-20-25630450 Fax : +01-20-25630451 

■ ciNa 










1 93025 






Mob: 93722 50977 

Punjjb: ?d7B&79]Ci^. Hir^ru: ^1&^gj]%J. Dtffhl! 0"?17»$4«'a'?, RajJJthm! BE7&2-&3JS1, UP: ^U^RLI^i], G^irvL 99J4L3B^&& WH^rih^i "^ll^S^l^I, 
Pun^rf T^ZD^^qi , iftili^i^ $3^G#iSi^l, (tilfi^. 0004777^7?. Apr^lor*: 43'11^'^SIT, HYdWAfei*!]; IpQDM? ?B^, O^HUifeJ! WJ^Sq4jg^, Ki^kyu: ^^^gJ ! 3ia, 

WE CAm % Tf>a f ■'i?^]- Np: ISlXMl^'SMi E'FMIt aiACgrnrri^rir$^LvrirKlia.i^gm URL wwwrrfkdjindii^xxim 

AP series 

Asia Power 


Upto 3 hours' 


with surprisingly 

compact UPS 

Now stay connected with your world 
without the hassles of additional battery space 

AP 1 026 

3 hrs' backup 


2 hrs' backup 


1 hr backup 

. 1 KvA line interactive UPS 

■ Designed for Single PC load 

■ Fully digitized microprocessor controlled 
. AVR input voltage Range 145V- 275V 

■ Battery charging in UPS off mode 

• Boost & buck Auto Voltage Regulation 

■ Cold start function (DC power on) 

■ Short circuit and overload protection 

■ Advanced Battery Management (ABM technology) 
. Automatically charging when UPS off 


Asia Powercom, 

keeping your technology alive Pvt. Ltd. 

H.O. 7A/4, New Sion CHS, Sion (W), Mumbai 400022. Tel: 91-22-43332222. 
Fax: 91-22-24012277. Email: 
Pan India Sales & Service available 


Now I can 

chat with 
20 people 

at a time! 

Stay in touch with Windows Live Messenger 

f^ Wore ihari just dicitting. HD video chgl, ?1ida ^hows^ waich onRne vidNS and mof f 

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\^ Be in touch: on the go. Oiofl" witfi ffPofifds^ chedf social updates usJng Messenger on your n>obile 

E;?pfif5enoe fbe exciting world ot Wii^idowi Live on your Chirog Gre&nputen pre-looded w]^ Wlndov^s*?. 
Stay in touch & shor€ your work!. 






1800 345 e^es I i inKjrgjiKhirflj.ijgm 

R P IrvlQB ystams Ltd. lAn ISO Q0Q1 : 200S, 1 4001 :20D4 & 1 BOQI :20a7 C^fHd Company 

RNI REGN. No. MAH ENG/2001/3791 


An internet and PC experience tliat is truly secure and fast witli security solutions that 
identify and block out threats even as you surf. Making your PC safe online and offline. 

KIS 2012 - Hybrid protection combining in-the-cloud updates with resident protection on PCs 

• URLAdvisor- indicates tine safety level of the websites you are browsing 

• System Watcher- monitors suspicious application activities allowing you 
to roll back changes made by malware 

• Application Controi ■ restricts program access to personal data and system 

• Safe Run Mode ■ launches suspicious applications and websites in an 
isolated environment where they cannot harm your computer 

• Two-way personal firewail - protects you against hacker attacks 

• Parental Control - provides flexible and effective settings to keep your 
children extra-safe when they use the Internet 

KAV 2012 - Real-time protection from maiware and viruses that doesn't 
siow you down 

• Real-time protection against viruses and spyware 

• Scans websites and emails for malicious code 

• Protects your digital identity at all times 

• Vulnerability scan and treatment advice 

• Easy-access Desktop gadget 

SMS KAV to 56263 to get ultimate PC protection 


IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 

National Distributor 

C-l/5, Rakshak Nagar, Phase II, Next to Shell Petrol Pump Kharadi, Pune - 411 014, India, Tel: +91 20 65111017, 65111015, email: